A Good Alternative to Clickfunnels?


Hey, Drew here with another review. This time we'll take a look Interfunnels, This test describes how it works, what features it offers, what advantages and disadvantages it has and how it compares to Clickfunnels.

It is no secret that the king of the funnel manufacturer is Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels took the world by storm shortly after launch, and it's no wonder many people have become rich, not just Russel Brunson – co-founder of Clickfunnels.

Enter Interfunnels, a new funnel tool that works just like clickfunnels, just another layout, different landing pages, graphics, and so on. An advantage that most people immediately appreciate is the price. It is much cheaper than Clickfunnels with the Lite version starting at $ 37 per month. You also receive a 14-day trial for each $ 1 package.

Why do you need a sales funnel?

If you understand the concept of a sales funnel, just skip that part. Essentially, a sales funnel consists of a variety of steps that a customer will take to achieve a bottom line – the transformation.

This can be achieved by offering them an offer for free download or something else to entice them in exchange for their email. You would present them with a sales page and your offer. Depending on their next action, they will either receive another offer, an up- or downsell. This can be set as you wish. The goal is to maximize the number of conversions.

Let's check Interfunnels to see if this is for you

I had access to a demo account of Interfunnels before it was broadcast live by the people of Interfunnels. Let's see how this bad boy works and if you are a Clickfunnels user, you will probably notice some similarities and differences.

Log in:

Once you have logged in, you will see a statistics page that looks like this. You simply pick the funnel for which you want to generate statistics, and you receive data such as visitors, leads, impressions, sales, and repeat sales. It looks a bit cheesy, but who cares, it's the data that counts.

To create a funnel, just click on "Create New Funnel". You can choose between an Optin Funnel, a Sales Funnel, a Membership Funnel, or even a Custom Funnel.

Let's choose the optin funnel. When you click the button, you will see:

Next, just name your funnel. You can see that this simple funnel begins with a squeeze page, where you will receive an e-mail address. The next phase of the funnel is an OTO or upsell, followed by the thank-you page and finally a pop-up. Let's start with the squeeze page.

There were about 17 templates available for the Sqeeze page for the Optin funnel. As far as I know, more templates are added here. The templates are of decent quality with a good mix of modern and classic look options.

Here's an example squeeze page created by Interfunnels – http://demo.interfunnels.net/demo-test/page/0/squeeze

After you have selected your login template, you will next choose an OTO template:

There were only 5 OTO / Upsell templates to choose from. Everyone was "modern". They are not quite as good as Clickfunnels OTOs, but remember that you can edit them. This applies to all templates, as they are all updated with the editor, so you can customize them to your liking.

This is what the "thank you" templates look like:

You can choose from 6 thank-you templates, all of which are of good quality. You can not really mess up a thank you page! These can also be edited. I suggest adding a video here to tell your new member what to expect from your newsletter / offer, or even use it as upselling – just an option!

Next, choose a "popup" template:

They have 10 to choose from and they are all pretty easy. Even an "old school" popup is an option. These are customizable as well.

Once you have selected your templates, you can edit one of the templates by clicking Edit Page to the right of the funnel. The URL can be hosted by Interfunnels (similar to clickfunnels) or you can use your own domain / hosting. It is strongly recommended to use your own domain and hosting, especially if you want to brand your pages. For simple campaigns, using standard hosting is fine.

Interfunnel's editor

The editor (for each page you create) is similar to Clickfunnels and quite easy to use. Functions of the editor:

  • Complete drag and drop
  • Delete, add, duplicate sections
  • Each section has its own elements
  • Choose fonts, colors, etc.
  • Possibility to add new elements (many options)
  • Add Optins, Testimonials etc.

Here are some of the elements that you can add to any page:

Add media

Interfunnels will provide you with an Amazon S3 account to upload your images. It is not necessary to create your own account as they will take care of it for you.

actions button

Within any button in Interfunnels, you can do one of the following:

  • Link to another page
  • Link to the next step in the funnel
  • OTO accepted
  • OTO rejected
  • Attach payment package
  • Attache popup
  • Attach to membership login
  • Form action

payment integrations

Interfunnels are fully integrable in Paypal and Stripe. There are also several other payment options that are popular in other countries and from which you can choose. Setting up payments on your pages is easy with the built-in features.

Autoresponder integrations:

Interfunnels can be fully integrated into the following autoresponders:

  • awe
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Get answer
  • I contact you
  • Constant contact
  • MailChimp
  • Bulkantwort

If it is not in the list, you should still be able to use your autoreponder. All you need is the code from your form.


The Interfunnelseiten seem to be suitable for my tests for mobile phones. They claim it is as it was confirmed. Mobile gets more searches, so it's better!

Training and Support

Video tutorials are available in the Members Area Dashboard. You can also contact the support. I am not sure when the transition will be completed, as the actual test will take place in the launch week to see if support can handle the requests.

Interfunnels prices

Interfunnels has 3 options. Lite, Pro and Agency.

  • Lite – $ 37 / month
  • Pro – 47 USD / month
  • Agency $ 67 / month

Details of the different packages Look at the sales page here,

Last thoughts about Interfunnels

At first, I was skeptical because it seems everyone is trying to imitate Clickfunnels nowadays. However, after trying the product, I am pleasantly impressed. It seems to be a good, cheaper option for clickfunnels and has a similar "feel".

If I choose between them and have no price as a problem, I would still choose clickfunnels because I am much better acquainted with them. Interfunnels are very new, so I imagine it only gets better from here.

They say they will add new templates to their product, which is a plus.

For those who want to buy clickfunnels but are put off by the price, Interfunnels is a good option. For those who already use and want to switch clickfunnels – you could, but you will have some learning curve with the new software. It's similar, so it should not be a problem.

If you can afford Clickfunnels, I would suggest going with them instead. Keep in mind that this product is really just a copy of clickfunnels and although they have not done a bad job, it is still not at the same level. Fortunately, you are not bound by any contracts, so you can try and quit if it is not for you.

Click here for a 14-day trial for just $ 1

To make the transition easier, you have to

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