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Make your websites more accessible and ADA compliant (ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act) in just a few minutes. It is therefore accessible to the blind, deaf and those who need to navigate using voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies. Easily set up and forget about WordPress and HTML websites.
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Make your website “ADA compliant” and more accessible to people with disabilities

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What is ADA Comply?

ADA Comply is a simple and easy to set up tool Make all your websites more accessible and “ADA compliant”,

This tool is especially important and a must if you have a website and customers or website visitors in the United States.

But even if you don't have website visitors from the U.S., it’s a good idea to improve your website’s accessibility for people with disabilities.

The Disabled Americans Act (ADA)

The Disabled Americans Act (ADA) Businesses need to create accommodations for people with disabilities. For this reason, web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who need to navigate using speech, screen readers, or other assistive technology.

So how can you ensure that your website is “ADA compliant”?

Well, the ADA Comply tool consists of 2 parts

1) A minor widget

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This accessibility widget adds features to your website that make it easier for people with disabilities.

  • Text to speech (TTS). Let your viewers choose the text content and the app converts the text into speech.
  • Display in dark mode. Allow users to set the coloring to more legible colors or black and white for better contrast.
  • Enlarge (Enlarge). Enlarge your content for viewers who have eye problems or just want to see the content in more detail.
  • Padding. How to increase the space between characters.
  • Mark links. To see the hyperlinks better.
  • Cursor. To enlarge the cursor.
  • Readable script. How to change the font.
  • Headlines. Highlight the headings (with black subtitles).

With ADA Comply, you can easily add this widget to all of your websites. Simply select the desired functions on your website, copy the automatically generated short script code and paste it into the header of your website. That's it!

2) ADA policy statement

In this statement, you explain what your ADA policy is, what level you want to reach (A, AA, AAA) and how you can improve your website's accessibility in the future.

ADA Comply helps you easily create this policy statement using a checklist and ask several questions (whether your website has these options Y / N).

” alt=”Example of a checklist with a policy statement on ADA compliance” width=”640″ height=”379″ data-src=”” />

You just answer this question once …

If you answer “yes”, this function will be included in the policy statement.

If you selected “No”, enter a short explanation with the required action. This action is also mentioned in the policy statement.

Now all you have to do is copy the text of the policy statement and place it on your website (e.g. in the footer).

Therefore, ADA Comply essentially ensures that your website has taken all necessary measures to make your website (s) “ADA compliant”.

Watch the short demo video below …

What is the bottom line?

Every website you add in the app (and where you selected the widget items and entered / answered the policy statement questions) will have a small “Disability Symbol“In the left corner of your website …

After clicking the icon, a visitor can use the page widget and convert text to speech, increase size (enlarge) or use dark mode.

Would you like to see it in action?

Just click this link to sales page and click on the disability icon in the top left corner …

Are there any shortcomings?

Well, all functions work as described or shown in the demo video.

However, to fully comply with ADA, copying and pasting the widget code on your website is not enough.

ADA includes some other regulations. For example, you need to clearly state / explain what level (A, AA, AAA) you need to achieve and what procedures you use to ensure that your website will be ADA compliant in the (near) future.

However, the checklist and the automatically created ADA policy statement are an excellent start.

Therefore, you will likely need to analyze (and record) your ADA procedures and create / update your ADA policy statement.

In addition, it all depends on how far you want to go and what level you can reach. You have your own responsibility and cannot hide behind external suppliers.

In particular, if you have injured or injured part of the ADA, companies can be fined.

So I advise you to do your “homework” and take the ADA requirements seriously.

Regarding the main front-end offering, you can add 10 websites to your dashboard. Therefore, you can use ADA Comply on 10 websites that you own or manage (on behalf of customers).

In addition, the front-end version is equipped with “Powered by Branding”.

If you want the unbranded version or need an unlimited number of websites …

As a first upsell, you can upgrade to ADA Comply Pro ($ 47.00).

Why should you buy ADA Comply?

Because it is an easy-to-use tool and is well suited to “repair” ADA requirements. Use the tool to create the accessibility widget that you can place on all of your websites / pages. Use the checklist to easily create your ADA policy statement.

This cloud-based app is very easy to use and available at a reasonable price.

Prices & vouchers

You can get Comply with ADA with usage rights for on 10 websites for $ 69.00,

If you're lucky, you can use this Coupon code “ada20” Get $ 20.00 off.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

Note: You have to buy the main frontend first before you can buy upsells.

The first OTO is the opportunity to get ADA Comply Pro ($ 47.00). With the Pro version, you have unlimited websites and no branding.

The second upsell is ADA Comply Agency ($ 67.00). This option is particularly suitable for you if you want to sell your ADA-compliant services to other companies. Now you get your own agency dashboard for managing your customers and a DFY kit for prospecting (with offers, agency website, ads, graphics and more).

As a third upsell, you can get one ADA Comply Reseller ($ 97.00 to $ 127.00). Now you get resale rights (30 or 100 licenses) to create and sell ADA Comply accounts as your own and keep all the money yourself. It comes with a reseller panel where you can add / manage your customers yourself and with DFY marketing materials!

A lot to sell to local businesses without a lot of work and a tool every business owner needs!

As a final upsell, you can get that ADA Comply Extra Agency Kits ($ 67.00). Now you get 8 additional tools that you can offer / sell to local customers:

  1. DFY Video Agency Kit
  2. DFY Mobile App Kit
  3. DFY Messenger Bot Agency Kit
  4. DFY FB Ads Business Agency kit
  5. DFY kit for social media marketing agencies
  6. DFY SEO Audit Agency Business Kit
  7. Graphic agency business kit
  8. Website design agency business kit


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