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" data-src="" alt="AdSightPro logo" width="244" height="54" class="lazyload alignright size-full wp-image-24830">product: AdSight Pro
kind: Cloud-based software
price: $ 24.95 – $ 37.00
Creator: Sam Bakker & Neil Shah
AdSight Pro is a new cloud-based platform that helps you identify the best (hidden) interests and behaviors for your Facebook advertising campaigns. A great tool for any serious Facebook advertiser who wants to increase conversions and lower advertising costs with laser-controlled Facebook ads.

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New tool for targeting Facebook interests

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What is AdSight Pro?

AdSight Pro is a new cloud-based platform to find the best (hidden) Facebook interests and behaviors that you are targeting for your Facebook advertising campaigns,

With AdSight Pro, you can:

  1. Search, filter and select "hidden" interests and behavior (based on a keyword you entered and in many different languages).
  2. Facebook and Google Explorer, For each target group you have found, you can search for additional options by searching Facebook and Google and familiarize yourself with the data you have found.
  3. Export interests and behaviors to a CSV file that you can import into your Facebook ad manager with one click.
  4. (Platinum upgrade) Ad Manager Integration, Automatically add interests directly to your ad manager with one click.
  5. (Platinum upgrade) Interests Layering & Buckets, Refine your audience to quickly find a more motivated audience.
  6. (Platinum upgrade) Automated keyword suggestions, Discover more keywords that are automatically selected as the target when searching.
  7. (Platinum upgrade) Powerful additional search filters, Filter your keywords to make sure you're only using the more similar audiences.
  8. (Platinum upgrade) Save target groups for later, Save your best keywords and audiences for future use.

Hence, as can be shown in the picture above: Detect, Filter, Apply …

Improve your Facebook advertising campaigns with a more targeted audience …

This leads to more clicks, lower ad costs and a higher ROI.

AdSight Pro vs AdSight Pro Platinum

To take full advantage of AdSight Pro, I recommend that you buy it Platinum upgrade

As you can see in the list above, the Platinum Upgrade has some additional features that you really need to save a lot of time and take full advantage of it.

I mean … why should you export, save and later import your list of interests and / or behaviors when you can do it in one click?

And of course you want to use layers and buckets and use additional keyword suggestions and filtering options to really reach the best audience for the conversion. Not to mention that you want to save your target groups for later use or improvement.

In the following I will go into AdSight Pro Platinum.

And compare it to my favorite ConnectExplore app.

AdSight Pro Platinum vs. ConnectExplore

I have created a separate one Rating for ConnectExplore,

But how does AdSight Pro Platinum compare to ConnectExplore?

Start pricing first …

AdSight Pro Platinum with commercial / developer rights costs $ 114.00 ($ 37.00 for front-end and $ 67.00 for upsell). While ConnectExplore costs $ 197.00.

Are the additional costs for ConnectExplore worth the additional investment?

ConnectExplore essentially has advanced functions (see below) …

With the exception of Facebook and Google Seacher, ConnectExploere offers the same functions as AdSightPro Platinum.

To be pragmatic, I prefer to only use the keyword suggestion tool to find interests that you can really target.

Why would you want to explore Facebook or Google and find all sorts of "related" keywords, but also the keywords for interests that you can't target? It’s just frustrating.

Note: Both apps can be fully integrated into the Facebook ad API. Only a handful of companies get this privilege from Facebook after they meet stringent requirements. This means that both apps can access data that others cannot access. This allows you to perform more detailed searches and get more detailed analysis.

And you only get results that matter. No "wrong" interests. All interests and behaviors can be targeted (if you've used other Facebook Interest Targeting software, you've found that many Facebook pages or interests found couldn't be used in Facebook's ad manager).

Nevertheless, ConnectExplore is easier and faster to use and offers some additional functions that AdSight Pro Platinum does not offer.

  • Use multiple keywords at the same time.
  • Filter by search extensions and audience size.
  • Measure performance and ROI per interest (even if you have combined multiple interests in one promotional set or campaign)
  • Remove underperforming interests with one click.

With ConnectExplore, you don't need external tracking tools to measure results.

Most importantly, you don’t need to set up different sets of ads for each interest (for split testing purposes).

You can combine all interests in one ad set. The software shows you (afterwards) which interest brought you the best results.

With ConnectExplore, you not only save time, but also money, as you don't have to set your minimum budget ($ 5.00) for each ad set.

(Imagine trying 20 different interests. Instead of using a budget of $ 100.00 a day to test, you can set your maximum to just $ 5.00 and still test all interests within a campaign.)

ConnectExplore is the clear winner, but has a higher price.

AdSight Pro or AdSight Pro Platinum may not be the right choice if you don't need the additional features or have a limited budget.


You can get access AdSight Pro with commercial rights for a one-time fee of $ 37.00.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

As a first upselling (highly recommended) you can upgrade to AdSightPro Platinum ($ 67.00). Now you get access to 5 additional functions:

  • Automatically add interests directly to your ad manager with one click.
  • Interests Layering & Buckets. Refine your audience to quickly find a more motivated audience.
  • Automated keyword suggestions. Discover more keywords that are automatically selected as the target when searching.
  • Powerful additional search filters. Filter your keywords to make sure you're only using the more similar audiences.
  • Save target groups for later. Save your best keywords and audiences for future use.

As a second upselling, you will receive an upgrade to AdSightPro Agency Version ($ 67.00). This package includes an agency package and you can add 5 additional users to your account. With the agency package, you can automatically manage and manage your customers' ad campaigns via a central dashboard. You'll also get an automated sales funnel, DFY sales scripts, access to the Facebook group, and two webinars to help you build your agency business.

As a final upsell, you can get that AdSightPro reseller licenses ($ 197.00, 1 year license). You can now sell AdSight Pro and keep 100% of your income. You can use all sales pages and marketing materials created by the supplier.

My AdSight Pro bonuses

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Buy AdSight Pro now ====>
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