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product: AdvertSuite
kind: Cloud-based app
price: $ 67.00
Creator: Luke Maguire
With AdvertSuite you can easily find and analyze running, proven Facebook ads and corresponding landing pages for every product, keyword, competitor or domain in every niche. Filter below by demographics, GEO location, engagement, ad type (image / video), button type (CTA) and / or placement (news feed, sidebar). Save a lot of testing time and only win “exemplary” ads. Highly recommended (and take a look at the first upsell that you can even use to analyze Instagram, YouTube and Google Adwords).
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Spy on other Facebook advertising campaigns

What is AdvertSuite?

AdvertSuite is a cloud-based app for Find and research ongoing Facebook ads and corresponding landing pages for every product, keyword, competitor or domain in every niche. You can even filter below by demographic characteristics (gender, age, marital status), GEO location, engagement (likes, comments, approvals), ad type (image / video), button type (CTA) and / or placement (news feed), right Page).

With AdvertSuite you can examine the proven conversions of your competitors, find ideas for your own ads, “model” successful ads and save a lot of testing time and the associated costs.

And if you buy that First upsell… you can even research ads on Instagram. Youtube, and Google advertising,

How does AdvertSuite work?

Simply start in the main dashboard and enter / select your filters:

  • Domain, competitor or keywords (keyword type, ad text, comments, landing page text)
  • Sort by (Latest, Longest, Likes, Comments, Shares, Views)
  • Date (display between seen, post date between)
  • Country (selected countries)
  • gender
  • Age
  • language
  • Ad type (image, video)
  • Button CTA (register, send message, buy / book now, call, learn more)
  • Ad position (news feed, sidebar)
  • Funnel type (ClickFunnels, Leadpages, E-Commerce, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce)

And click the “Find Ads” button.

The software now automatically shows all relevant sponsored posts and ads in a grid and shows the added creatives with the number of likes, comments and shares as well as the publication date.

If you want to see all the details of a single ad, simply click on the question mark highlighted in red in the following example image.

On the details page you will find all targeting details such as “Demography” / “Location”, “Booking period” and a link to the landing page.

You can also save your favorite ad (s) by marking the star.

The software is 100% compatible with Facebook TOS and full white hat. No scratching, chopping or dragging skulls.

However, you will not receive all current running ads in real time. No, instead the software uses a huge database with more than 40 million ads Over 10,000 new ads are added every day.

How can you use AdvertSuite?

Some examples of what you can do:

  • Discover profitable advertising campaigns and their landing pages.
  • Get new ideas for campaigns that are hidden from search engines and / or other spy software.
  • Find content (e.g. competitions and freebies) that is subject to massive virus exposure.
  • Reverse engineer individual physical product offerings (e.g. free shipping) on ​​major e-commerce platforms or CPA campaigns that prevent this from happening on Facebook.
  • Get a real-time impulse on what works NOW and secure a huge market advantage.

AdvertSuite also helps you with “basic” questions such as:

-How do I create a Facebook ad at all?
– Where do I send traffic to? Register page? Sales page? Webinar?
-How can I monetize a Facebook ad?
-How do I know which target groups, interests and countries should I address?
-What kind of advertising do I do? Video, image, sidebar?
-How do I create a profitable ad instead of wasting money on ads that don't work?

All questions can be answered by modeling successful advertising campaigns!

Watch the demo video below …

(Note that this video was created by Luke Maguire, the manufacturer / creator himself, to show his JV partners the key features and explain the other elements in the funnel.)

Are there any other shortcomings?

There are no usage restrictions. So you can search indefinitely, use unlimited filters and bookmarks and use the software as often as you want. You can even use your results as an agency and sell the data found to your customers.

The only thing you need to know is that AdvertSuite uses a library of over 40 million ads that is updated daily. So you won't find all the ads, but you can browse a wide selection of the best performing ads. And if you think about it …

What do you prefer … to find a possible ad (without likes etc.) or … to analyze only the top-rated job ads?

Why should you buy AdvertSuite?

Because there is no other inexpensive way to research ads on Facebook. It's the perfect espionage and brainstorming tool to improve your ROI on Facebook advertising.

Especially if you take into account the one-off and low (introductory discount) …


You can get access AdvertSuite for a one time payment of $ 67.00,

The offer has a 14-day return guarantee with no questions asked.

Upsell or OTO?

The first upsell is AdvertSuite – Syndication ($ 67.00). Now you get the same features to search ads on Instagram, YouTube and the Google Ads Library.

The second upsell is the AdvertSuite – Success training ($ 57.00). This is an over-the-shoulder video course in which Luke shows you his winning process and campaigns and leads you to 5 numbers a week.

As a final upsell, you can get that AdvertSuite – Reseller & Customization ($ 197.00) deal. Now you can become a reseller and sell AdvertSuite under your own label and charge anything you want (20 licenses).

Buy AdvertSuite now ====>

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