Affiliate Marketing Champ Review: ODI Productions Course


Welcome to my review at ODI productionsAffiliate Marketing Champion, Well, this course is not new, but I was very interested in my readers to write a review. I finally gave in.

In this review (I promise not to last long) I will summarize his course and tell you whether it's worth it or not. I'll tell you right away that it's not a scam. However, there are some things I have to tell you. And spoiler alert – I'll give you a better option at a much lower price.

This is ODI's first course, its last is called “Passive Income Lifestyle” and costs 1997 US Dollars. Currently, Affiliate Marketing Champ is $ 997.

I do not have to tell you anything about ODI and who he is, how much he loves his cars and his dog, you know – so let's just dive into it.

Affiliate Marketing Champ Review – Course Content

Here's a snapshot of the course content and what you get.

I apologize if it's a little blurry, so I'll break that down. In total there are 10 modules with 2 further sections to join the Facebook group and to apply for a partner for their course. Each module has only one video with an average length of 20 minutes. Hmmm … That's not much content, right?

Module 1: My Story: From UCLA dropouts to dream life in just 2 years

  • 1 video, 25:55 minutes long
  • Here you do not learn anything, he only talks about himself.

Module 2: What is affiliate marketing and why is it the BEST online business today?

  • 1 video – 6:32 minutes long
  • Explains what Affilaite marketing is and how it works

Module 3: The Best Examples of Affiliate Marketing in the Real World

  • 1 video – 21:25 minutes long
  • shows the different ways people make money online
  • It's about making money with Youtube, Amazon, Instagram, creating government websites and personal blogs

Module 4: Step by Step Plan how to build a successful affiliate marketing business

  • 1 video – 42:56 minutes long
  • choose a niche
  • to create a brand
  • Start a Youtube Channel
  • Create a simple website
  • Apply for affiliate networks
  • Find / research products for sale
  • Create promotional content for these products

Everything in this module was not groundbreaking and can be found online in free videos. Very elemental stuff.

Module 5: The most profitable niches uncovered in affiliate marketing

  • Big Ticket Items (think of TV's)
  • blogs
  • hosting
  • Evergreen markets like health, fitness, wellness etc.
  • Food and cooking
  • Travel / Lifestyle
  • 1 video – 29:28 minutes long

Again, nothing groundbreaking, you can probably search online for these niches, though I have not listed them all here.

Module 6: Ranked First on YouTube and Google “TOP SECRET”

  • 1 video, 23:12 minutes
  • Some SEO tips given, but definitely not a complete guide
  • The rank is a lot higher than in a 23-minute video
  • SEO in itself is a course that should be taught alone (I should do one)

Module 7: This paid traffic source will boost your results

  • To create a paid Youtube ad
  • Set up Google Adwords
  • Set up Facebook ads
  • 1 video, 23:16 minutes long

Module 8: Creating an Affiliate Marketing Website from the Ground up in 1 Hour

  • Guides you through the setup from domain purchase to live hosting

Module 9: How to Create a Facebook Ad for Affiliate Marketing

  • 1 video, 17:44 min
  • Odi prefers Youtube ads, but gives a good overview of setting up a Facebook ad.

Module 10: My top 5 mistakes with affiliate marketing, which I would have liked to know before

  • 1 video, 16:45 minutes long
  • It's about avoiding the Shiny Object syndrome, avoiding paid ads, and researching too much

He also has a video about joining the Facebook group and the opportunity to become a partner of Affiliate Marketing Champ.

Final thoughts

For me, this course is something like a free e-book download, which you will receive against your e-mail address. They would then be warmed up in a series of e-mails to get a REAL course on affiliate marketing. Oh and Odi does not offer a refund.

I am not saying that the course is bad because it is not. It's just a lot of theory and motivation.

With only 1 video per section, it's very watered down and you're almost alone and wondering what to do next.

The course costs an unbelievable $ 997. I suspect that the price is so high that nobody will buy it and decide on its last price to be sold for 1997 dollars.

Look, if you want a complete class kicking ass with over 100 videos, look no further than 12 Minutes Affiliate,

It's superior in many ways, not only more affordable, provides community support and more updated.

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