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Perhaps you have read my previous two reviews of ODI Productions partner marketing courses in the not so distant past. First, there was Affiliate Marketing Champ, followed by Passive Income Lifestyle. His third and latest course – Affiliate Marketing Evolution – is at the heart of our review today.

How does he differentiate these courses, as this is his third course on the same topic, so they do not look like a rebrand? His first course was very thin, not many videos and basically just a basic affiliate marketing course with the caliber of free stuff you find online.

His second course was a little better and more expensive, but the difference was that he made himself better available to his students. This was probably the reason for the higher price, as he had to take the time to perform the interactive live webinars.

How is Affiliate Marketing Evolution different?

This course focuses on paid advertising rather than free methods and SEO. If you're already losing $ 997 on the price, you still need to spend more money on ads. You also need to invest in an autoresponder and write emails for your sequences. If you outsource this too, it will cost you even more.

$ 997 seems to be a popular price today for some marketers, both for obscure and Odi and more famous ones like John Crestani. I also talked about John Crestani's super-affiliate system, and the concept between them is the same. But if you choose one of them, you get a hell of a lot more content from the latter if you decide to invest $ 997.

Affiliate Evolution Content

In this course you will receive 2 case studies. The first one shows you how to get from zero to four thousand dollars a month with an affiliate marketing product.

Apparently this was done in a month, which is pretty impressive in every way. However, if you have a large budget, as Odi seems to have with his 911 and his Lambo, home and condo in Chicago (if he still has it, it's not safe), it's pretty easy to get into many different campaigns too invest and then use the one that works in a course as a case study.

So you would ask yourself how many failed attempts he made with other products, which is most likely. Of course, not all winners are, but the impression you get is that you will succeed if you try this only once. The other mistakes are not mentioned.

However, in this case study # 1 you will learn the sales funnel and the exact strategy that he used. The templates are also available for download and everything is revealed. However, do not try to replicate as the campaign is probably already dead, otherwise no marketer would reveal his breadwinner.

If you're a fan of his channel, you probably know his "Recordingnow" website. Odi likes to play music, so obviously he has a lot of headphones, which is his passion. The second case study shows you how he built his headphone sales business. The thing is, he's revealing some information in his first class and also on his Youtube channel. Nothing is new here.

Also, the partner commissions at Amazon for headphones are only 6%. You'll have to sell a damn lot of headphones to make good money. The return on your paid ad investment may not work that well.

Is this course for you?

It depends on whether. Do you already earn money as a digital marketer and have not yet dealt with paid access? Would a case study show how you can tackle this work for you? If so, you may want to pick it up at your own risk.

However, if you are new to affiliate marketing, please do me a favor and stay away to hell, I hate to see people wasting money for something that probably would not work for them.

Do not get me wrong, I really like it Odi ProductionsHe's a cool guy and has an interesting story and an interesting channel. Watch him for inspiration and watch his cool cars. I really like his 911 Turbo – I do not think he should have packed it. What do you think? Maybe you like his Lambo better. I do not know 😛

Anyway, take my advice and find the course you should really get, where you have a better chance of earning money with affiliate marketing and ending your job for good. Or you pay off the students' debts or give your finger to your employer and travel the world with your laptop like me.

My recommendation

This course is Savage Affiliates. I recommend this course for a reason and quite often in my blog – it's the best for noobs.

Most of my readers are new to affiliate marketing and looking to get started. Odi's course will not help you. You need a teacher who offers you many different options, from paid traffic to organic traffic (SEO) to free traffic methods.

You'll also learn how to find products, platforms, and not just clickbank, but also get to know others, build funnels, and grow exponentially with e-mail marketing. All this and more is available from Savage Affiliates, It has a ton of content and will do you a lot more good.

So, if you have failed in the past with affiliate marketing, it is not your fault. The course you bought or the training went through was probably shit. I'll be dull about it.

My recommendation is Savage Affiliates and you can read my review here. I'm also doing a video course of the class as I'm a real member so you can actually see what's in it too. Best part – It's only $ 197 and far too expensive. You will see in my review why.

If you want to focus more on creating a website for government agencies and ranking them on the search engines, you should review the review of my site system for government agencies. It is also an excellent course that focuses on one thing.

There I have just given you two highly recommended options that are less expensive and simply better in the long run.

If you have any questions, just give me a call on my contact page. Like this page and comment below – I answer all the questions!


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