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Hey, old buddy, old buddy – to coin a sentence that Alex Becker likes to say. Welcome to my H-Com 2020 test.

This course has been around for some time, but some attention is still being paid and I thought I would look back on it. Finally, I respect Alex Becker and have in the past bought some products, including this one.

What is H-COM 2020?

H COM 2020 is an ecommerce drop shipping course developed by Alex Becker. Here's how to set up an ecommerce store on Shopify. Learn how to do branding, Facebook ads, email marketing, print on demand, and more. The course is designed for newbies, so learning the right set up of an ecommerce business from A to Z is not a challenge.

The course costs 1997 USD or 5 payments of 597 USD. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative that I highly recommend, just scroll down.

Who is Alex Becker?

Chances are, you already know, but for those who do not know Alex Becker is a very successful online entrepreneur. His main focus now is on developing software for internet marketers, but he also teaches a lot with free content on Youtube and with courses you can buy. He has a unique, direct way of teaching, mixed with occasional swear words that make me laugh. Its entertaining teaching style makes learning easier.

I had the pleasure to hear him speak at a live event. Here's a picture I made when he was on stage.

H-Com 2020 Review

Let's talk about H-Com 2020.

I'll take you into the class so you can see what you get for 1997 dollars or five payments of $ 597 – that's pretty steep. Partnering with Alex Becker are Devin Zander and Matt Schmidt – two well-known marketers in the industry. Matt is very successful with drop-shipping and print-on-demand products, while Devin is the founder of Smar7, a company that produces apps for the Shopify platform.

The course is divided into a 10-week training program. In the first two weeksThe focus is on diving in and taking action.

You will then receive an overview of the course and videos about Shopify, the registration of your shop, the setup of your shop and the store design.

You also get videos about:

  • Essential apps
  • Getting started with Smar7 Apps
  • Find and import products
  • Shopify Product Optimization
  • Create your Facebook page

This first section is called “Quick Start” and basically allows you to bypass everything else in the course and get your first product up for sale immediately. It's a different way of doing things, and it's all Alex Becker's style.

You can record this information and take action or simply continue with the course material, the choice and pace you want.

Selection of the perfect products

See the Products section to learn how to find what to look for, how to make a video about Print on Demand versus Drop Shipping and POD types.

They refer not only to Ali-Express to find products, but also to others. You will also learn how to scale your products once you have found the winners. It also teaches to recognize trends, which is good to know, so you can catch products in their infancy.

Store design

This week, it's all about setting up your store to maximize conversions. Ugly stores will not make it! Here you will learn:

  • How to create your logo
  • Select the correct color scheme
  • Product page optimization
  • Edit your homepage
  • Create pages & more

There's a lot to do in this section, and while it's good, it's probably better to have a premium theme that's already optimized for speed and conversion. Again, apps are pushed, and a good premium theme has the same features that you look for in an app that comes with the theme.

You can check my Top recommendations for drop shipping topics here,


Find out what types of offers you should sell and how to present them for maximum conversions. It's a pretty small section, but it's worth listening to anyway.

Print On Demand

There is a separate section on print-on-demand. If this interests you, follow this section that Matt teaches.

Do you want to spend less on a dropshipping price?

Get first-class training for MUCH less.


If you want to start a drop shipping business, you really need to focus on your brand. I do not care what you sell. If people do not recognize your brand, they probably will not buy it from you.

That's why retargeting is so important, but hey – that's another time. In this section of the course you will learn:

  • How to create logos
  • How to create sales documents
  • Learn how to instantly build trust
  • Learn how to get conversions with your brand

display orientation

Here you can learn Facebook Ads by Matt Schmidt. Some of the videos include topics such as finding your audience, searching for information, power editor goals, scaling targeting, understanding ads, ad copy, and Facebook pixels.

The Facebook training is alright, but for what you pay for this course, I would have expected much more. It is not nearly as intense as in Ecom lifestyle that goes much more detailed with Facebook Ads.


Learn about the basics of Google Analytics, reporting, tracking Facebook ads, analyzing and scaling data, setting up goals and funnels, and tracking product performance.

All the videos in this section have a total duration of less than 2 hours and give you a good idea of ​​how to analyze your data, which is so important to ecom. If you ignore this, you end up losing money and missing opportunities.

Email Marketing

In this module Alex throws his own autoresponder – Market Hero. It gives a brief introduction to why you need to use ecom ecom, explains the relationship between you and your customer, what you should sell to your Shopify list, and much more. I have one too Review of Market Hero You should also check out.

You get a free trial of Market Hero (along with training) if you buy H-Com 2020 but want to use an autoresponder of your choice Get response You can, but the training here is with Market Hero – not surprising.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Five videos in this section, each with an average of five minutes, teach you the strategies for influencing Instagram.

Many marketers choose this form of advertising and if you know what you are doing, you can make a good profit out of it. It's a small section, but you'll still take some if you've never looked at it before.

Advanced selling

Learn how to make a perfect sales video, analyze a sales video, create webinars, webinar pitches, and more in this section.

Not many of you will use this tactic, but it is included if you decide to look for other sales methods that differ from those you are used to.

Youtube videos

There's also a section on Youtube where you'll learn how to set up and create ads on Youtube.

Last thoughts on H-Com 2020

I hate to say, as much as I like Alex Becker, I can not recommend this product for just one reason – the price tag. I think it's too expensive for what you get.

Do not get me wrong, it's not a bad course and H-COM 2020 is not a scam, as some people say, I would just expect more from a course at that price.

Alternative option to HCOM-2020

If you are in eCom and do not want to spend a fortune on a course, Go with eCom lifestyle – It's my first choice right now and it's a breeze for just $ 10 for the standard version or $ 997 for Full University.

You will also get more content – the Facebook area alone is huge. Ecom Elites covers everything in Alex Becker's course, including additional training in SEO, Chatbot training, Google Shopping Ads, a full-funnel for you and more.

There are many, many positive success stories with students of this course. I am a member myself and have increased my sales in the stores by implementing some of the learned strategies.

To make the transition easier, you have to

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