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Ali Inspector v2 logoproduct: Ali Inspector v2
kind: Desktop software (PC and Mac)
price: $ 47.00- $ 67.00
Creator: Dave Guindon
Ali Inspector v2 is a unique AliExpress research and procurement tool. Easily discover niches and products and find the best products you can sell yourself (under a trademark or as dropshipping). With WooCommerce / Shopify's easy import feature, all relevant information (such as product details, product images and even customer reviews / feedback) can be imported.

All-in-one AliExpress Research & Sourcing Tool

Ali Inspector 2

What is Ali Inspector v2?

New completely reinvented version of the first release with more powerful features than ever!

Ali Inspector v2 is a desktop app (for PC and Mac) that makes it easy to find and find the best-selling ecommerce products offered through, as well as select products (with all the details, images and ratings) quickly into your own Shopify – or WooCommerce e-commerce can import business.

It was developed by Dave Guindon, the same creator as that AmaSuite and Wish Inspector Software.

Instead of using a research tool to explore products on Amazon and / or, Ali Inspector has been developed for products that are being offered, is an e-commerce platform where you can buy all kinds of products at wholesale prices (just like

So you can sell all of the products listed on in your own store and send them directly to your customers after the sale.

With Ali Inspector you have all the tools to explore niches and products, and easily find the best products you can promote or use as a basis for selling highly profitable, comparable products.

These tools have been designed specifically for physical product sellers who uses Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Drop shipping products or sell AliExpress products in their own e-commerce store. And especially for sellers who use either Shopify or WooCommerce.

Main features of Ali Inspector v2

1. Product research features:

Research features of Ali Inspector

Just enter your search term, select your filters and click on "Search".

With Ali Inspector, you can search using the AliExpress search engine or the Bing search engine or enter your own list of AliExpress product links!

Ali Inspector extracts 33 data fields for each product it finds based on a search term you choose:

  • Product details:
    • Product name.
    • Product ID.
    • Category.
    • Device type.
    • Product weight.
    • Product dimensions.
    • Number of product variations.
    • Keywords & Tags.
    • Product video available J / N.
  • Price information (cost price, ePacket price, retail price (with surcharge), profit price, cashback)
  • Sales details (number of product orders, estimated sales / revenue per month)
  • Shipping Details:
    • Ship from land / ship to land
    • Free shipping provider
    • Delivery time of the supplier for free shipping in days
    • ePacket available
    • ePacket rate
    • ePacket delivery time in days
  • Rating & Ratings:
    • Product evaluation.
    • Number of product reviews
    • Number of user requests.
  • Store details:
    • Store Name & Link
    • Top Brand
    • Save age in years
    • Shop feedback link
    • Stock Available

To analyze your data, you can apply (custom) filters to all columns and / or use the search filters from the left menu.

Each column has its own intelligent filter and own selection criteria.

However, you can also create any custom filter for any column you want. In addition, you can save your preferred filter combination in a file that you can reuse in just a few clicks. This will save you hours of searching.

When you are satisfied with your choice, click the preview button and the app will open Page reports-preview.html with clickable hyperlinks.

You can open this page in any browser and even share this page with your team or customers!

You can also save your results and add them to your favorites list.

2. Keyword Generator:

Ali Inspector Keyword Generator Tool

With this tool, you can generate thousands of targeted niche keywords in seconds.

Or you can use this tool to find profitable niches and products using the Deep Search option.

3. Best Selling Products & Product Transaction History:

Ali Inspector bestselling tool

With this tool you can analyze all bestsellers on AliExpress in all major categories and subcategories (over 380 categories).

And with that Product Transaction history Tab, you can analyze the last 1,000 transactions for each product on AliExpress

Get instant sales per country, sales per day, sales per day of the week and sales per hour of the day.

4. Import functions:

With Ali Inspector you can create a product import file for Shopify or WooCommerce.

The built-in product automatically imports all product data as:

  • Product description.
  • Product images.
  • Product price. You can generate the sales price automatically by entering a markup percentage. And automatically generate a regular price from the predefined discount percentage.
  • Automatically generated SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) for each imported product variant. In addition, all image variations, color variations, and size variations are imported properly.
  • Product Reviews.

In particular, the import of product reviews has been significantly improved …

Now you can Approve or reject reviews for the import quickly, And you can even Translate reviews in any language!

Another great feature is that you can easily set / select your (calculated) markup product prices to any decimal!

Currently, the Ali Inspector software generates CSV import files that are specially formatted for importing products and / or reviews into Shopify and / or WooCommerce.

You can also Insert products manually very fast!

Just right-click on a product in the app, select "Product Details" and click the "Copy" button. This will give you all the product details (such as product title, description, colors, sizes, and images) that you can easily include in your eCommerce product page.

5. Features of favorites:

Ali Inspector favorites feature

You can save all your favorite products in a clear favorites area. You can also create "Groups" of Favorites, so you can easily organize your products into multiple categories as well as different e-commerce stores.

Watch the full demo video with all the important features.

Are there any defects?

The creator, Dave Guindon, is a well-known and respected product creator with a proven track record and excellent support.

So I found no major flaws or mistakes. The software just works (I tested the PC version).

Of course, this app is only useful if you want to sell products listed on and include them in your own Shopify or WooCommerce store.

Ali Inspector is very easy to use, displays results quickly and it does not matter if you are an advanced ecommerce provider or a complete novice. Both can benefit …

With Ali Inspector v2, you have all the tools to search for and procure profitable products on AliExpress.

Why should you buy Ali Inspector v2?

Because it's a great collection of tools that allow you to explore and research AliExpress niches and products, find the best product you can sell, and easily import all product details with images and (pre-selected) ratings. Perfect for those who simply want to fill their Woocommerce / Shopify shop with private labels or dropshipping products.

Especially if you consider the incredible low …

Price & n coupon

For a limited time, you can use a $ 19.00 discount Coupon code SAVENOW) and get Ali Inspector v2 for a one-time payment of only 48.00 USD, After the end of this special startup deal, the price rises to $ 67.00 (and later probably higher).

Upsells and OTOs

Ali Inspector OTO1

The first upsell is the one ECom Software Bundle (77.00 USD). Now you get access to 5 software apps:

  • Wish Inspector (regular price $ 67.00). Research Tool for (Click the link for my full review.)
  • Social Page Analyzer (regular price $ 67.00). Researcher to analyze Facebook fan pages, posts and comments (click the link to read my full review)
  • Social Ad Creator.
  • Audience Analyzer (regular price $ 67.00). Facebook Targeting Tool (Click the link for my full review).
  • Social Post Browser.

So that's a great deal. You get 5 apps for the price of one!

As second / third upselling, you will either have access to AppBreed Dropship Academy for Shopify ($ 67.00) or AppBreed Dropship Academy for WooCommerce ($ 37.00).

My Ali Inspector v2 bonus

Sorry, there are no cash discounts for this offer.

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