AmaSuite 5 Review and Bonus


product: AmaSuite 5
kind: Desktop software (PC and Mac)
price: 197.00 USD
Creator: Dave Guindon & Chris Guthrie
AmaSuite 5 is a complete package for Amazon Research and Training. You get all the apps you need to explore niches and products, find the best product to advertise or sell as your own, find the best places to get your products through AliExpress, and all the information (as reviews / Feedback) you need Create and sell your own products under private label or as a dropshipping product. And you get not only the apps, but all the video training you need to become a successful Amazon partner or product seller.

Master Amazon today with Amasuite 5

AmaSuite 5 Review and Bonus

What is AmaSuite 5?

AmaSuite 5 is the completely reinvented version of AmaSuite with more powerful features than ever before!

Version 5 includes 5 newly developed Amasuite Research desktop apps that work on both Mac and PC:

  • Ama top product analyzer, Easily extract and analyze all of the top 100 categories of Amazon websites in the U.S. and UK.
  • Ama Search Analyzer, Extract and analyze Amazon products for a specific search term.
  • Ama Keyword Generator, Easily extract the exact search terms users are looking for using four of the world's top online ecommerce websites – Amazon US / UK, Ebay US / UK, WalMart and Target.
  • Ama Review Analyzer, Easily extract product reviews and analyze the benefits and problems of your "competitor" products to find the best products you can sell as an Amazon seller under your own brand.
  • Ali Inspector software, This powerful 3-in-1 AliExpress product research software generates niche keywords, analyzes bestsellers and reveals the most powerful dropship products for your e-commerce shop in just a few minutes. You get these 3 tools:

    1. Keyword generator tool to instantly generate thousands of targeted niche keywords.
    2. Bestsellers tool Analyze all bestsellers on AliExpress in any category to instantly find the best-selling products for your own e-commerce store.
    3. Download assets either Download AliExpress products (Product images, product details and description with just one click on your computer to use for your own products) or Download ratings for Shopify into a specially formatted import file for Shopify Shops.

These apps are not just for partners to find the best products that can be advertised as partners on Amazon, but especially for physical product sellers who uses Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Drop shipping products or sell AliExpress products in their own e-commerce store.

With AmaSuite 5 you have all the tools to explore niches and products and to easily find the best products that you can advertise or use as a basis for selling highly profitable comparable products.

These tools are great as standalone products. But you also need to know how to use them.

That's why you get these great extra bonuses …

Extra Bonuses AmaSuite 5

  • Amazon affiliate training, Detailed videos on how to explore an Amazon niche, choose products, set up your (review) website, write content, automatically fill your WordPress website with AmaSync, get traffic and make money.
  • Amazon Sellers training course, Detailed videos showing how you can sell private label products on Amazon quickly and from start to finish. Find the right products and suppliers, get sales and ratings on Amazon, and scale your business.
  • Free access to the AmaGroup Facebook community, With over 6,200 active members, this Facebook group is dedicated to learning methods to earn money as an Amazon partner or as an Amazon product seller. You can participate in the discussion and share your experience with everyone.

Main functions of AmaSuite 5

Since all product features and benefits for all 5 apps are clearly explained with demo video on the sales pageI will not repeat them here.

If you go through the sales page, you will be overwhelmed by all the options available to you.

Are there any defects?

This is the fifth completely renewed version of this software suite and the training videos. So you will not find any errors or shortcomings when you first start.

Creators / Vendors Dave Guindon and Chris Guthrie are well-known and respected product creators with a proven track record and an excellent support team.

The tools and video training are of course only useful if you take the necessary measures and see this as real business. Success won't come overnight. It will take some time before you know all the techniques and how to use the apps correctly.

But if you're serious and have always wanted to start selling your own physical products (or wanted to become an Amazon Associate), this amazing suite is the perfect place to start.

Why should you buy AmaSuite 5?

Because it is a complete package. You get all the apps you need to explore niches and products, find the best product for your advertising or sale, find the best sources for your products, and sell all the information (like reviews / feedback) you create and need Your own products under private label or as a dropshipping product. And you get not only the apps, but all the video training you need to become a successful Amazon partner or product seller.

Especially if you …


For a limited time, you can get a $ 100 discount AmaSuite 5 for a one-time payment of only 197.00 USD, Or if you prefer, you can get it for 4 payments of $ 67.00.

Upsells and OTOs

AmaSuite 5 funnels

The first upsell is the one Outsource license upgrade (47.00 USD). Now you can grant your VAs access to this suite (you get 10 additional installations).

The second OTO is the opportunity to get 4 additional software tools for only $ 67.00. You get these 4 tools:

  • Fresh title, Fresh Title is a desktop tool (for PC and Mac) that makes it easy to create irresistible, proven titles for every imaginable content. Read my review to see all the details. This software is typically sold for $ 37.00.
  • Title Analyzer, With the Title Analyzer you can optimize your headlines. Simply enter several different headings (found or created with Fresh Title) and analyze which headline has the best change in success. (You cannot buy this software as a standalone product, it is a bonus for purchasing Fresh Title.)
  • Interested architect, An extremely powerful Mac / PC software tool that lets you save hundreds of hours of research time by uncovering thousands of profitable keyword phrases for Facebook advertising campaigns. This software is typically sold for $ 147.00.
  • Social Post Browser, A tool that allows you to spy on others' Facebook posts and ads to discover up-converting sales funnels and products. (You can't buy this software as a standalone product, it's a bonus for buying Interest Architect.)

A great package deal because the regular price for these 4 tools is $ 184.00! Now you can get it for only $ 67.00.

My AmaSuite 5 bonus

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