Animatio Review and Bonus


Animatio Logo Smallproduct: Animatio
kind: WordPress plugin
price: $ 37.00- $ 47.00
Creator: Zeeshan Ahmed, Mark Bishop and Venkata Ramana

Animatio is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add attention-grabbing animations to your websites. You can add all types of animations (over 50 types), voice prompts and sounds to any desired page / contribution object, e.g. Images, text blocks, buttons, videos, login forms, etc. It works with any WP topic and can be used in combination with all Page Builders.

Bring new life to your websites …
Animations, scrolling in, sound effects, voice prompts.

Animatio Review and Bonus

What is animatio?

Animatio is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add engaging 3D animations, male and female voice prompts (hover effects) and sounds for every element on your website with just a few clicks. It works with any WP topic and is compatible with every page creator. Now you can turn your boring static websites into professional animated websites in minutes.

What makes Animatio so special?

A regular WordPress page / Regular WordPress post is static. With Animatio you can add all kinds of animations (over 50 types), (recorded) voice announcements and sounds to all desired page objects, such as images, text blocks, buttons, registration forms etc.

You can even decide when, how long and how often an animation should take place.

Animatio example

How do I add my animations?

Animatio steps

  • Go to single page or post. Click the Animate button at the top of your WordPress editor and select the object you want to animate.
  • Select the animation effect or voice prompt to use, and specify whether you want a hover effect or an animation.
  • Set the animation type (once or repeatedly), the offset (in px) and the delay time (in ms). If you want to repeat the animation, select the number of repetitions and the repetition delay time.
  • Repeat the process for additional animations.

The plugin is very easy to use. Anyone with no technical experience can add animations on the fly.

Watch this short demo video:

Or just visit the sales page where all sorts of animations are used.

Other features of Animatio:

  • WordPress plugin that can be used with any WordPress theme or page builder.
  • Preview of the frontend editor, Add animations with just one click and see how they look right in preview mode.
  • Over 50 animations choose from.
  • 20 female and 20 mail announcements (Hover effects) to choose from.
  • 30 sound effects that you can use for both animated elements and hover effects.
  • Use for any page element you want. Use the animation effects for text (blocks), images, buttons, selection forms and more …
  • Define the occurrence (once or repeatedly) as well as the animation delay and the offset for every animation.
  • Use on any WordPress site or post,
  • Fully mobile addressable, Animations also work on mobile devices. Animatio uses different animations for different resolutions.

Are there any defects?

This plugin is brand new and I really love it. Especially because it's very easy to use, offers a variety of cool and eye-catching effects and you can use it with any WordPress theme you want.

Of course, if you already have a page creation plugin WP Profit Builder 2.0. InstaBuilder 2.0 or OptimizePress, you can use them for your animations.

However, you may not have these page builders, or you may not use them for your regular WP blogs (and you will only use these page builders for your marketing pages). You can now use Animatio to highlight banners, registration forms, or links in the widget area (or elsewhere in a regular WP post / page).

And even if you use this Page Builder, you can easily add one (or more) animations to a page element using WP animations. For example, on your logo or registration form that will appear on all your pages. In fact, this is easier with animatio than with these page builders.

I also like the fact that you can easily change your animation delays and offset settings (so order).

The main front-end license gives you 20 male and 20 female language scripts for general actions on your site, as shown in the image below:

Animatio female voice messages

However, you cannot add your own voice or language scripts. Therefore, you must (first upsell) upgrade to that Per upgrade,

I have not found any major errors or defects with this plugin.

Why should you buy animatio?

Because Animatio is a great WP plugin that lets you easily add over 50 animation effects, voice scripts (hover effects), and sounds to any page element on your WordPress site / post / website. It can be used with any WordPress theme and any other WordPress page builder you want. If you buy the Unlimited Site License, you can use it on as many WordPress sites as you want.

Especially when you consider the low one-off costs …


You can buy this Animatio Unlimited Sites License for $ 67.00.

However, since I have the resale rights, you can buy Animatio directly from me by clicking here sales page,

Choose either the 10-site license for $ 37.00 or the unlimited site license for $ 47.00. Therefore you get a discount of 20.00 USD!

(Note: if you use my discount link, the upsells will not be displayed.) If you want any of the upgrades, please use the regular link without my discount.)

The licenses contain all the functions described above for a one-time payment. No monthly fees.

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the one Per upgrade (77.00 USD). Now you get additional app features, including:

  • 30 male and 30 female voice prompts and sound templates,
  • Add unlimited MP3 sound effects, voice or music, Add your own MP3 voice prompts, sounds, and templates to highlight your call-to-action for really cool (unexpected) responsive effects.
  • Extra PDF & case studies to optimally use Animatio.

The second upsell is Animatio developer license ($ 37.00). Now you can use Animatio on client sites and bring their static sites to life. You can also sell (flip) your website if Animatio is installed on it.

The final upsell is that Animatio Agency / Reseller License ($ 167.00- $ 197.00). Now you can sell Animatio and keep 100% of the profits yourself.

My Animatio Bonus

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