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Great elements for video creation

Video Backgrounds Movements & Effects Audio Soundtracks

As a video marketer, you can create your own videos using tools like Easy Sketch Pro 3.0. VideoMakerFX or Explaindio, you probably need:

  1. Scalable vector graphics (SVG) for hand-drawn images.
  2. Finished animations.
  3. Royalty Free Audio (music, sounds and tracks).
  4. Video backgrounds or movements (green screen backgrounds).

I wrote a separate post about great package deals for vector images for use in your Sketch / Doodle style videos.

This post is about package deals that include animations, characters, backgrounds, movements and effects, as well as royalty-free audio and music.

So, look at it.

Power Animate Vol 3

Power Animate Vol3

Power Animate Volume 3 ($ 27.00) is a huge package for creating videos. It contains:

  • 500 animated explanatory videos / templates.
  • 228 animated characters.
  • PowerPoint video templates.
  • Over 100 motion video wallpapers.
  • Video recordings in stock.
  • Royalty Free Music Backgrounds.
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating videos in a short time!

You can buy this as the first upsell Platinum upgrade with even more templates plus the Commercial License ($ 39.00 +).

Power Bundle

The second upsell is really great. You can buy these 8 products above in just one
Super Bundle (77.00 USD +).





VIDIBEE v2 (24.95 USD +) is a full package of Done-For-You PowerPoint slides in PPTX format with templates for:

  • Video templates for cinema, parallax and dynamic style.
  • Explainer Promo Video Templates.
  • Opener video templates.
  • YouTube Ending Video Templates.
  • Business presentation video templates.
  • Price List Product Promo Video Templates.
  • ‘Typokynetic' animation video templates.
  • Logo opener video templates.
  • YouTube Suggestions for Video Templates.

Great quality and easily customizable templates. No technical knowledge required.


Envideo templates

Envidio templates

Envidio templates (Starting at $ 17.95) is a massive package of PowerPoint and Keynote templates that includes studio-quality intros and logo stings, movie filters, animation templates, professional bottom thirds, seamless transitions, social media animations, motion titles, and more ,

Envidio PRO Deluxe Mega Pack + Developer License + Mega Bonuses (37,00 USD)
(VIDINSTANT) Best Bundle Library Templates (67,00 USD)




VidSlideZ ($ 27.00) is a complete package of over 130 Done For You PowerPoint slides in PPTX format, allowing you to edit, save and publish your own video or presentation in just a few clicks. Create stunning studio-quality videos with PowerPoint only.

NO additional software like Adobe After Effects and NO graphic design skills required! Unique, original and different slides with special effects and even animated 3D characters that you will not find anywhere else.


Video Maker Toolkit v1

Video Maker Toolkit v1

What is included? Video Maker Toolkit v1 ($ 37.00):

  • Hand drawn black and white SVG graphics.
  • Animated video backgrounds with HD resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (in MP4 and SWF).
  • Live footage videos with HD resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (in MP4 format).
  • Cartoon characters (in SVG and PNG).
  • Wallpapers.
  • High resolution photos (4,256 × 2,832 pixels).
  • Color SVGs.
  • HD Background Maker (1920×1080).
  • PowerPoint tools (video templates, talking characters, animated slides with effects)
  • 50 professional songs.

Video Maker Toolkit v2

Video Maker Toolkit v2

What is included? Video Maker Toolkit v2 ($ 37.00):

  • 100 HD animated video backgrounds.
  • Dozens of live footage videos.
  • Hundreds of whiteboard SVG graphics.
  • 100 cartoon characters Mascot.
  • Dozens of 100-slide PPT templates.
  • 100 cutting people photos.
  • Over 100 wallpapers.
  • 100 audio files (music, sound effects and voices).
  • And more…

Video Maker Toolkit v3

Video Maker Toolkit v3

What is included? Video Maker Toolkit v3 ($ 37.00):

  • 100 HD animated video backgrounds.
  • 100 HD live footage videos.
  • 100 animated icons / objects.
  • Over 100 whiteboard SVG graphics.
  • 100+ cartoon characters Mascot.
  • Dozens of explanatory backgrounds.
  • Dozens of virtual studio backgrounds.
  • Dozens of 100-slide PPT templates.
  • And more…

Video Maker Toolkit v4

Video Maker Toolkit V4

Video Maker Toolkit v4 ($ 37.00) is a great package of 15 different movies, including animated 3D objects, explanatory objects, social networking 3D icons, marketing badges, clear backgrounds, fancy backgrounds, characters, transitions (explainer, clean, broadcast), whiteboard Characters (Emotional) and Graphics, and more …


Green Screen Actors v2 & v3

Green Screen Actors v3Green Screen Actors v3 ($ 17.00- $ 37.00)

Add real actors to your videos. Get over 200 Green Screen videos with 17 new real actors in different categories / themes that will grab your audience's attention with all kinds of presentations / actions (like singing, dancing, shouting, happiness, negative attitudes / movements and more ). You also get a free video editor that lets you edit all green screen videos.

Green Screen Actors v3 OTO1 (47,00 USD)
Green Screen Actors v3 OTO2 (47,00 USD)


Green Screen Actors v2Green Screen Actors v2 (37,00 USD)

Add real actors to your videos to get more likes and positive comments and improve your conversions. Get these over 200 green screen videos featuring real actors in 20 different categories that will provide your viewers with greetings, presentations, actions (such as pointing, clapping, phoning, shopping, fitness, camera recording, music playing), CTAs (by subscription, signing up) ) and more … Get HD live footage videos, cinematic wallpapers, HD animated wallpapers, 3D animated comics, balloons and special effects to complete your videos for maximum engagement.

OTO1: Developer License + More Green Screen Actors & Video Graphics Assets (47,00 USD)
OTO2: Green Screen Actors v1 + Developer Mega Bundle (47,00 USD)
OTO3: Graphic white label package (97,00 USD)


Video Backdrops Pro

 Video BackdropsVideo Backdrops Pro (27,00 USD)

(Video Backgrounds Bundle) Package of video backgrounds (pictures and videos) with real indoor environments like living room, office, reception desk and much more. How to move yourself or another green screen speaker into an environment that you like Video viewers can refer to.

Video Backdrops Pro – Developer Mega Bundle (47,00 USD)
Video Assets Vault ($ 27.00 per month)


Lets Animate Vol. 1

LetsAnimate LetsAnimate! Platinum animation collection (27,00 USD)

Excellent source of character animation in flexible format (SWF, FLA, GIF) for use in your video presentations. 30 different movements per character! Business, casual and story characters as a businessman in a suit, estate agent (M / F), mechanic at work (M), car washer (M), psychiatrist (M / F), casual man, hijab woman, boxer, fighter and Ninja.

Lets Animate Vol. 2 + 3

Lets Animate Vol.2Lets Animate Vol. 2 (27,00 USD)

Great new package with character animations and background illustrations for your videos or other promotional material.

Lets Animate Vol.2 Developer + Extended Content (47,00 USD)
Mascot Creator Toolkit Complete collection (67.75 – 97.75 US dollars)

Lets Animate Vol.3 (27,00 USD)

Latest package with character animations and background illustrations.

Lets Animate Vol.3 Developer + Extended Content ($ 47.00)
Mascot Creator Toolkit Complete collection (67.75 – 97.75 US dollars)



Are you looking for other mascot software or tools to create mascots yourself?
check-Out Avatar of Genie Pro ($ 37.00) or Female mascot maker (17,00 USD)

Motion Clip Arts

Motion Clip Arts

New, huge collection of 900 high-definition animated motion clipart in different categories. All the files in the Motion Clip Arts collection include MOV (encoded with transparent alpha channel background), MP4 (with chroma key that you can easily key out), and animated GIF (transparent background) for complete flexibility. You can copy these files into almost any popular video, presentation, or graphics program, turning your boring project into insanity!

Example of motion clip arts

For now, Motion Clip Arts is on sale and starts at $ 16.50.

As an upsell you can get that Motion Clip Arts OTO ($ 27.00 to $ 37.00). Now you get over 1,000 additional clip arts with developer rights.


Powervideos Express

PowerVideos ExpressPowerVideos Express ($ 27.00, 50 bonus points) is comprised of 10 high-quality animated ready-made video templates that allow you to convert fantastic-looking and up-to-the-minute marketing videos in just minutes without expensive, complicated software. Contains all graphics in HQ Photoshop format that you are allowed to use in your other videos, websites, or media.

PowerVideos Express – Jetpack (47.00 USD). 12 more templates and all resource images.

PowerVideos Express – Business In A Box PLR (67.00 USD). Opportunity to obtain the White Label rights to sell this product yourself.

Resale of Guru Megabundle (197.00 USD). Super package with 11 complete graphics products that you can (use or sell) as your own product and that you keep 100% yourself.


Disruptive Design: Origin Collection

Disruptive design animations for self-drawing

The Origin Collection ($ 37.00) is made up of unique, eye-catching animations (GIFs) that you can use in your videos or banners.

Import / use these animations in any video authoring tool. No need for Sketch Video Creation software. Take a look at the demos.

There are 2 upsells:


Disruptive Design 2

Disruptive Design v2 ($ 37.00) comes with new unique and cool “self-drawing” animations for cats and dogs (with humans), professions (as dentists, security forces, teachers, craftsmen), people with devices, children, backgrounds and more.

There are 2 upsells:


VideoStickers Pro

VidStickers Pro

VidStickers Pro ($ 25.00 +) is a fantastic bundle of animations, animated expressions for creating faces, video tots, and holiday / winter backgrounds and symbols.


Backtoons comic collection

Backtoons comic collection

This Comic kit (29.97 $) is perfect for creating cartoon-style videos.

Stock Media Rush

media noise

Stock media rush ($ 26.95) is a huge royalty free collection of:

  • 200 wallpapers.
  • 100 Stock Video Footages.
  • 180 whiteboard vectors.
  • 500 stock photos.
  • 100 audio files.
  • Plus some extra bonuses.


Video Graphics Bonanza

Video Graphics Bonanza V2

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 ($ 27.00) includes a video editor and a huge graphics pack with templates, addons, and training. Add to that 100 brand new HD stock videos and 20 modules with hundreds of video graphics.

Stock nation

 stock nation

stock nation is a cloud-based membership with a collection of over 25,000 HD stock videos (easily searchable through the category) and over 500 motion backgrounds for use in unlimited video projects with personal ($ 27.00 +) or commercial (37 , 00 USD +).

The app is super easy to use … Just search -> download -> use. 280 GB of data files do not need to be stored on your hard drive!



vidgrafiX ($ 27.00) is a huge online library of royalty-free, high-quality video assets that you can use in unlimited video projects for yourself or your customers.


Stockocity 2

Stockocity 2

Stockocity 2 ($ 67.00, One Time Payment) is a cloud-based membership that gives you access to a video footage package with more than 6,000 Full HD videos in four formats. In addition, you will receive 75 new videos every month for a period of 24 months. Use these videos in your own work or involve them in projects for your clients. Comes with a very large bonus package.


DigiProduct Video Premium HD Stock Footage


The DigiProduct volumes are huge Royalty Free Stock collections, each with over 2,000 video tracks that you can use for any purpose.

There are 4 volumes:

DigiProduct also created some other packages than:

If you buy offers / volumes for DigiProduct packages through my links, you will receive Epic video package as a bonus. You also receive 60 bonus points (plus an extra 60/50 points if you buy the Upsells as well).

Total length in stock Monster v2

Total length in stock Monster v2

Total stock in stock Monster V2 ($ 37.00) is a huge royalty-free collection of over 550 HD footage you can use for any purpose.


Stock Footage Ultimate v2

StockFootage Ultimate v2

Stock Footage Ultimate V2 ($ 30.00 +) is a mammoth bundle of 5,140 royalty-free HD stock videos, motion wallpapers and green-screen videos in hundreds of niches.


Stock Media Monster v1

Stock Media Monster v1With Media Monster V1 ($ 97.00) Get instant access to 6,000 (70+ gig) high definition 2015 designed stick videos, video motion backgrounds, stock photos, web images, marketing graphics, background graphics, social media header graphics templates, audio files, royalty-free images and more … (100 bonus points + 1 product for free George deals)

As an Upseller you can buy Media Storage Monster V1 OTO1 (27.00 USD) or Media Monster V1 OTO2 ($ 27.00) (both 70 bonus points).

Video Resource Club

Video Resource Club

(Cloud-based membership) Video Resource Club Silver (Agency) ($ 57.00- $ 67.00) is a massive collection of over 8500 ever-expanding video resources such as stock videos, video from speakers, local niche video templates, motion backgrounds, video scripts, voice-overs, and more. Great offer!

Video Resource Club Platinum (97,00 USD)
Motion animation Bundle (57,00 USD)
SuperPowerPPT membership ($ 17.00 p / m or $ 197.00 once)


Ultimate Video Toolkit

Ultimate Video Toolkit Features

The Ultimate Video Toolkit ($ 27.00) is a stunning collection of video assets that lets you create stunning videos or rich media projects. Includes seductive HD motion backgrounds, great footage, new ultra-creative animated slides, stunning HD motion elements, mascot character collection, and more … (Bonus: Special bonus page + 60/70/80/75 bonus points)

Ultimate Video Toolkit OTO1 (37,00 USD)
Ultimate video toolkit OTO2 (57,00 USD)
Ultimate video toolkit OTO3 (47,00 USD)

Jumbo Video Blowout v1


What is included? Jumbo Video Blowout v1 ($ 27.00):

  • Ultimate PowerPoint animated slides. A huge collection of more than 120 stunning and engaging animated slides.
  • Ultimate PowerPoint Video templates. 1O finished stunning video templates in different niches.
  • 21 offline videos in different niches. Any video with professional voice output.
  • 16 appealing action videos.
  • 800 whiteboard icons in more than 25 different modules.
  • 828 Sketch whiteboard graphics.
  • A monster collection of 1500 whiteboard icons.
  • Stunning collection of over 700 sketchy whiteboard graphics in more than 30 modules.


DealFuel Graphics

DealFuel Graphics

A good source for offers and packages is DealFuel, There are hundreds of offers and you definitely have a good chance to find and get all the graphics you need!

Green Screen Lab

Green Screen Lab

Green Screen Lab ($ 67.00) consists of 3 essential elements to create green screen videos:

  1. Education. Learn how to set up your home studio, shoot and edit green screen videos for the best results.
  2. Backgrounds. 60 professional virtual sets. Each has movement elements to make it look very realistic.
  3. Free editing software and tutorials for use.

Fantastic toolkit, with which every video looks professional and immediately attracts the attention of the audience.


Easy Animator Pro

Easy Animator Pro

Easy Animator Pro With ($ 37.00), you can easily create animations by importing existing images (JPG, PNG, SVG) and videos (MP4) into eye-catching animations with or without animated text and in a transparent video format (MP4, MOV). or convert GIF (or SWF) format.

Very easy to use animation creator. Highly recommended.

Video niche explosion

Video niche explosionVideo niche explosion ($ 27.00) is the ultimate collection of PowerPoint animated slides and video templates that are in demand both online and offline.

I created one Special bonus page You will receive 60 bonus points for this article.

As upselling, you can get that Developer license + additional slides / templates ($ 27.00) (60 additional bonus points).

Levidio Motion Pro

Levidio Motion Pro
Levidio Motion Pro ($ 27.00 +) is a great package of PowerPoint templates with a VSL script and native voice-over for each video. Now you can create up-to-the-minute animated explanatory videos in 60 seconds!

Ultra Motion Pack

Ultra Motion Pack Contains all 10 components, as summarized in the figure below. The price is only $ 27.00. You get 60 bonus points if you shop via my partner link.

Ultra Motion Pack

Motion Suite Pro Bundle v1 – v5

Motion Suite Pro Volumes 1-5

Buy the latest Motion Suite Pro V.6 ($ 27.00), a collection of 100 new Ultra HD motion backgrounds in 4K resolution plus 50 unique HD motion backgrounds enriched with seductive effects.

Motion Suite Pro Ultimate

Motion Suite Pro Ultimate

New super package with 1,000 HD motion backgrounds Motion Suite Pro Ultimate (47.00 USD).

Just released: Stock Footage Ultimate

New Super Package with 7,000 HD Motion Backgrounds Total length in stock Decisive ($ 43.00- $ 67.00). Special Bonus page,

Big Audio Club

 BigAudioClubBig Audio Club (34.90-47.00 US dollars)

(Cloud-based Membership) Get unlimited access and downloads to the entire library of thousands of different audios for a one-time low price.

Video Music Pack

What is included? Video Music Pack:

102 different tracks:

  • 70 long tracks from 1:53 to 5:08
  • 20 tracks with a length of 60
  • 12 tracks with a length of 30
With different MOODS as:

  • DRIVING (4)
  • FUN (7)
  • Innocent (8)
  • MAJESTIC (5)
  • NOVELTY (24)
  • POSITIVE (18)
  • SERIOUS (9)
  • NEWS (4)
And STYLES as:

  • SKIRT (5)
  • POP (20)
  • COUNTRY (2)
  • LATIN (2)
  • WORLD (9)
  • JAZZ (5)
  • INDUSTRY (5)
  • OTHERS (10)

You can buy this Video Music Pack Volume 1 for $ 24.95. The better offer, however, is to buy the package for Vol1 plus Vol2 for $ 33.95. You will receive 70 bonus points when shopping through my affiliate links on this site.

Music MegaPack

Music MegaPackMusic MegaPack ($ 9.95 – $ 14.95) consists of over 700 background, music, sound effects and stinger titles! Listen to the sample audio file on the sales page to get an idea of ​​what great titles you can get for this little investment.

SoundTrack Boss

SounTrack boss

SoundTrack Boss ($ 17.95) consists of 249 background tracks. Watch the video and listen to 63 of these tracks to get an idea of ​​the quality.

DigiProduct Sound SFX Pack

DigiProductSound SFX Pack

DigiProduct Sound SFX Pack ($ 17.00- $ 27.00) consists of 1332 short soundtracks. You get royalty-free “movie” background sounds like screams, dog barks, traffic noise and all sorts of other sounds from any object you can think of. Watch the demo video on the sales page to get an idea. (Bonus: 60 bonus points)

EasyTracks Super or Mega Bundle

EasyTracks Super Bundle

Is it hard to find the right audio and sound tracks?

Do not worry, I found the solution …

Use Easy Audio Lab, an application that allows you to quickly and easily create professional soundtracks that match the length of your video!

You can purchase Easy Audio Lab for free if you buy one of these programs 2 bundles:

  • The EasyTracks Super Bundle contains 30 (+ 10) audio tracks ($ 27.00 to $ 37.00).
  • The EasyTracks Mega Bundle with 85 (+ 15) tracks ($ 57.00- $ 67.00).

All EasyTracks can be searched using keywords in Easy Audio Lab. Just look for a track that suits your needs, click Add, set the desired duration for the soundtrack, click Create Track, export it, and add the soundtrack to your video.

Personal & commercial royalty-free license included!

Note: EasyTracks and Easy Audio Lab are similar to the popular SonicFire Pro and its QuickTracks.

Easy Audio Lab is free and SonicFire Pro costs $ 199.00.

EasyTracks cost $ 27 / $ 37 for 40 titles or $ 57/67 for 100 titles. QuickTracks cost $ 50 per song, $ 299 for 50 titles, and $ 499 for 100 titles (see


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