Anton Kraly’s Dropship Lifestyle. Is it a Scam?


Hello people, welcome to my long awaited review on Drop Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly. Here we choose the course and check if it is worth the high price you have to pay as a full member. We dive.

Drop Ship Lifestyle is a platform that everyone can join for free. If you use the platform for drop shipping related information, you must first register as a member by adding your email address to the subscriber base. This will give you a free course on the topics of Drop Shipping at Anton.

The information, or as it is referred to on the platform as a “drop shipping rate”, is nothing more than the basics of drop shipping. To enjoy the comprehensive process of doing everything yourself, there is a price for it.

The price for the premium course on the platform is $ 3,000, while the ultimate price is $ 5,000. Out of curiosity, to see what they have to offer on the free plan, I subscribed to it and almost immediately I got an email. This is nothing more than a welcome message and an example of how amazing Drop Shipping is and how many lives have changed in the past and how I can be one of the many happy subscribers. Enough of the lint.

I am writing this to help you make decisions that are worth your while, since at the end of this review you have a clear indication of whether you should buy the Drop Ship lifestyle course or not.

Who is Anton Kraly?

Two heads are better than one, Anton Kraly noticed a little later in his life when he launched his Drop Ship Lifestyle platform all by himself and it has been so far that he was the only one working on his technical details platform with exceptions at times when he had to hire extra hands.

Anton's original dream was not to create a platform where people would learn how to be a direct mailer and make money from the Internet. His original dream job was far from being a mentor to people around the world who want to earn a substantial income over the Internet.

In the beginning, Anton was just like everyone else; He never knew he could make money online, his whole life was about how he could make something of himself by opening a chain of restaurants, a bar, an investment firm, or a gym.

After graduating from college in 2006, Anton intended to earn millions to travel the world and retire young. Anton knew that all this would be impossible without being his own boss. As someone without previous plans, Anton was lost, but he tried some regular jobs to take care of his bills before taking the courageous step to make his dreams come true.

Everything changed in 2007 when Anton got hold of a book that introduced him to the e-commerce scene. This prompted him to devote himself fully to the art of learning everything about e-commerce, which is the cornerstone of his current business model.

Free webinar

He is actively promoting a free webinar where you will be trained for free. Below you will find details and a link to the webinar. I'm not a participant in his class, but I enjoy participating in his webinar. I only ask you to come back here and read at the end of this article what you really should know.


Over the years, Anton Kraly has regularly released back-to-back updates for his Drop Ship Lifestyle course, and Version 7.0 is the latest. DSL has seen a slew of updates, but its model is still based on the original platform it started with, a WordPress-hosted website running Optimizepress.

Change is constant. This course, which was tied to a significant amount a few years ago, will cost a whopping $ 2,997 for the base subscription. With this new price, there was a 101% price increase as the minimum entry fee in 2017 was a meager $ 997.

It's worth noting that the seventh version of this course has new designs and is expected to launch with more comprehensive explanatory videos.

Here are the notable changes made to the course with each new release.

From the moment the V.4 of his class was inducted into the Drop Ship Lifestyle community, there was unrest about the new changes that came with it. The subscription plans have been streamlined to two, with the base and premium plans combined into one. Let's get to the details to get an overview of the current subscription plans.

DSL Premium Package

This pack contains everything to help you get started with your Drop Shipping business. For just $ 3,000 (sarcasm), you'll have access to a blueprint that includes 7 training modules, personal apps, dropshipping software, DSLabs, and drop ship lifestyle vendor directory access.

By subscribing to the Premium Package, you have exclusive access to the Drop Ship Lab area, which contains the S.O.P, checklists, and scripts that you can use to contact suppliers.

The DSL Provider Directory is a great complement to the Premium Subscription package, but there are other options like Worldwide Brands or even SaleHoo I checked that recently and even got a raffle. Boo, if you have not signed up.

Ultimate package

Priced at $ 5,000, the most expensive of all current plans for Drop Ship Lifestyle is the ultimate subscription package. You pay on the Premium package to have access to adequate information that you can raise financially through drop shipping. However, this is exactly the opposite.

All you have to do is pay for the course and most of the work will be done for you. For starters, a website is set up for you; This is to make you pay attention undividedly to how you can build your business.

Apart from the fact that your website was created by the team of Drop Ship Lifestyle, you can also call Anthon Kraly personally. A Drop Ship lifestyle retreat ticket is also included in your subscription. Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat is an event in Thailand and other places where marketers around the world come together in one place to brainstorm.

Version 7 of Drop Ship Lifestyle

Version 7 is equipped with many functions. At the top of the list is a new module that covers the basics of dropship lifestyle and an update of niche selection, market research strategies, admissions module, and more.

A dropshipping rate that does not break the bank?

Click the button for more information.

refund policy

For the entire duration of the sales video, you are promised a foolproof refund policy in the form of a 30-day money back guarantee. There is some delusion here, because if you really can not prove that you have not completed the course completely, you are not worth a refund! Buyers beware.

Due to the size of this course, it is nearly impossible to complete it in less than 30 days. Otherwise your refund claim will be void. Think about it!

Conclusion and final thoughts on the course

I've done my best to highlight what's behind the “sign in” button on the Drop Ship lifestyle platform. Here are a few reasons why I have some reservations for the course and these reasons can be seen as a reason why you should stay away from the course.

Although the course is one of the most sought after in its niche, the pricing system is just super crazy and ridiculous. The ratio of money to value of the course is in no way satisfactory. The price is not worth selling for such a high price.

As mentioned in other reviews that offer high-priced ecom pricing, you do not have to spend that kind of money on Ecom training. There are some course developers who create outstanding content that does not undermine you.

What I also found alarming was one of the biggest challenges for newbies when it came to gaining experience with dropshipping which products to sell. A good course will have a whole module dedicated to this topic. Anton's course is not working.

frequently asked Questions

What is Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Drop Ship Lifestyle is an online course where you learn dropshipping with Platform Shopify. Learn how to set up a store, find products for sale, create and scale ads.

How much does Drop Ship Lifestyle cost?

The Premium Package costs $ 3000 and the Ultimate Package $ 5000.

Is Drop Ship Lifestyle suitable for beginners?

The course is aimed at beginners. So if you are a beginner, you can easily join the course.

Who is the creator of the course?

The course was created by Anton Kraly. He is well known for his Youtube commercials, which often seem to be seen. He is an experienced marketer who has been operating ecommerce since 2007.To make the transition easier, you have to

Where can I buy the course?

You can easily search Google for it online and make sure you get the right course when making your purchase.

Is there an alternative to Dropship Lifestyle?

Not everyone has the money to throw away for a course that costs so much.

The good news is that there are eCom experts who care about the success of their students and do not demand an arm or a leg for their courses.

One of these trainers is Franklin Hatchett.

If you do not have Read my eCom elite test Still, you should know why this course is the better option for you. I am also a member and bring you directly into the course.

It is also cheaper than dropship lifestyle – at only $ 197 for the standard version and $ 297 for Ultimate. You'll learn everything about Facebook and Instagram ads, Google Shopping ads, email marketing, SEO, sales funnels, and more.

It's a complete course and you get lifetime updates for free. Do not be fooled by the low price – There are over 175 content videos featuring the latest strategies to help you succeed. He has MANY REAL testimonies from students who are 5- and 6-digit. See for yourself.

If You want to know more. Click here to see Ecom Elites,

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