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Hey guys, Kenny here. You've probably searched online for Authority Hacker Pro and landed here. I promise not to disappoint. Why? That's because I'm a real member and I invite you to a full, unbiased and comprehensive review.

Authority Hacker Pro has been updated and MANY new Bluprints have been added. It started in mid-October 2019 – an update from the previous version 2 years ago. That's the one I have and you'll take a quick look!

Authority Hacker Pro closed on 21 October 2019 for new memberships

If you missed it, you still have the opportunity to pick it up The Authority Site System This is a complete course for creating a website from scratch. Read my review of the course here. Authority Hacker Pro will open again for new members sometime in the future. I will update this area if it does. Bookmark this page!

What is Authority Hacker Pro?

Unlike some other reviews, there are You are misleading that it is an individual course it is not really. Instead, it's a modular course with about 14 different blueprints. There are so many now when I sign up, and more will be added over time.

The “blueprints” are courses, so it's like courses within a course. These are all different topics that cover different aspects of online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), guest publishing, and more.

The blueprints are never stale. Founders Mark Webster and Gael Breton are doing a full reshoot of all the videos that need to be updated to keep you up to date fresh and relative content no matter the blueprint.

Two hundred new videos have been added to the course, which are the result of a lot of work by these guys in recent months. Overall, AH Pro has almost 400 training videos. That's huge!

Who is Gael Breton and Mark Webster?

The creators of AH Pro are former owners of SEO agencies who have quickly recognized the potential of an authorized website. While they ran their SEO agency and were charged with consistently dealing with business owners, the idea of ​​running a website for government agencies was extremely appealing.

This is because a local authority will spend years on passive income. You will never be bothered by a customer again if the ranking changes or for whatever reason.

As for their success, Mark and Gael have launched many websites and have dropped out of the client game. One of its pages is six digits – imagine now you would build something similar. With their education nothing is withheld and you get all their knowledge to grow your business.

I can identify with Mark and Gael because I too was an agency owner (I'm still very small and have some great clients), but switched from building to affiliate marketing.

Your training is just right and I've learned a lot from them – assuming I succeeded before I came across their training. I was fascinated because they approached construction sites like me, but they take it to a whole new level!

Well, what were you waiting for – what's on the course?

The course is divided into blueprint categories. The categories are:

1) Start – The Authority Site System

To make the transition easier, you have to

You may have already read my review of The Authority Site System, which you can also read for more information about this Bluprint. It is still offered as a stand-alone course, but if you purchase AH Pro, that course (or blueprint) is included in your subscription.

TASS is an extremely immersive course that shows you how to create a website for government agencies. In fact, I got to know the Authority Hacker brand by attending their free webinar. Not to use my own horn, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that these boys are following the same approach as I have with government building sites – and more.

For this module, please read my review (link above) for more information. I am also a member of this class so you can get all the details of this design.

2) Content – Keyword Research Blueprint & Content Creation Blueprint

In the second category these are the two available blueprints. The titles are self-explanatory, so I'll just go into the blueprints to see what's in them.

The Keyword Research Blueprint has 4 modules. These are as follows:

  • Introduction to Keyword Research – 5 Lessons
  • Prepare Keyword Research Documents – 4 Lessons
  • Keyword Research Tactics – 7 lessons
  • Implementation – 3 lessons

The 19 videos vary in length from 6 minutes to about 30 minutes. In this module you will get a lot of information on how to find keywords for which you can rank and how to earn money and so on.

It covers areas such as competitors, startup keywords, finding suitable keywords, analyzing keywords with AHrefs, and much more. Once you have created this blueprint, you know which keywords you are targeting and which ones make the most money on your website.

Here is a screenshot of just one of the videos. That's Gael Breton, if you ask yourself.

Next, in the content area, is the draft content authoring.

Learn how to create and plan engaging content for your website. The content is the lifeblood of your website. In this module, you will learn how to do this properly.

You will learn the following:

  • Brainstorm content that generates traffic and generates income
  • Editorial record and various types of contributions
  • Prepare editorial calendar
  • So prepare your panties, tips and tricks for working with freelance writers
  • Processing of content received from authors
  • To create roundup list posts for viral images
  • To create powerful list posts that rank high on Google
  • How do I write comparison ratings that generate affiliate sales?
  • How to write individual product reviews for affiliate sales
  • To create question-based posts that capture long-tailed niche traffic
  • Create actionable information for authoring and tracking search traffic
  • How to use viral content with embedding posts and social channels

In this module there are 13 video lessons with an average length of 10-15 minutes. It seems to cover everything that comes to my mind, from research to writing to post.

It is a detailed module and very unique in terms of content creation. I will put some of these strategies into action with my content.

3) Convert – Evergreen Funnels Blueprint | Creating Information Products Blueprint | Selling Your Site Blueprint | Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

The “Convert” section is quite large with 4 different modules as listed above. Let's go through this.

First, the “Evergreen Funnel Blueprint”

In this module, you will learn the following:
  • How to use the evergreen scarcity to build a powerful marketing funnel
  • How to use different approaches with your funnels
  • Find out what tools, tricks and tips you can use to optimally use your funnels
  • How to communicate with subscribers in your funnels for even more revenue.

There are 9 videos in this range from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. Video topics include funnel structure, product delivery setup, new customer setup, shopping cart setup, sales page setup, evergreen scarcity setup and more.

This module is not suitable for beginners. If you do not have an email list or are still not making money from your website, stay with affiliate marketing as this module is not for you yet. Once you get there, you can make even more money with this advanced tactic. You can call this module again when you are ready to scale.

Earlier in the Convert section is the “Designing Information Products” article.

To make the transition easier, you have to

Ever wanted to create your own info product? If so, this module is for you. Just a disclaimer, as Mark Webster says at the beginning of this module – creating an info product is not easy. There is also a very high probability that your first product will even fail.

I appreciate the honesty here, as most of the courses I've seen spit out ridiculous claims about success in creating your own information product, but not here. Apart from that, you can make a lot of money with your own product because you can keep all the proceeds from your sales. Not only that, you could also get partners to sell for you, which makes this model even more powerful.

In this module Mark leads you step by step through the methodical creation of your own course. The focus is only on the creation of the product, the marketing is not considered, as this is not the focus here.

Here is a summary of what you will learn:

  • How to properly search for information products in your market
  • How to test and validate ideas from info products without creating them
  • This is how you organize and structure your research
  • How to create your info product

There are 4 main modules – Decision | Understanding | Do | Info product bonuses.

In total, there are 12 videos distributed among the 4 modules. Mark goes into great detail about how you can develop your product with a theory in the beginning, and points out that this is not for everyone.

If you are interested in product development, this is one of the best courses I have ever seen. me too has reviewed Clickbank University There is also a product development course, which, however, fades in comparison to Mark's teaching.

The only advantage of the CBU is that it teaches you how to market your course on Clickbank, but information is available online anyway.

Next comes the website Sale BlueprintTo make the transition easier, you have to

If you are unaware, in some cases a government agency website can sell 30 times or more of your monthly income. It's possible that you can create a website and sell it for a quick payday of 5, 6, or even 7 numbers.

If that suits you, this section will tell you how to sell it and get the best possible income.

This section is not really taught, but either Mark or Gael, but they've brought Joe Magnotti and Justin Cooke from These guys have been in the brokerage business for a long time and bring a wealth of experience from both sides of the table.

They will teach you step by step how to sell your website.

The topics covered are:

  • Who buys and sells websites
  • How websites are rated
  • Why should you sell your website
  • How to prepare your website for sale
  • What the sales process looks like
  • This will give you the best price for your website

There are 3 modules with a total of 6 videos with an average length of 10 minutes each. Most of you who choose Authority Hacker Pro will not need it right now, but it's a great advantage if you want to sell your website to either invest in new ones or buy your dream home, car, etc. ,

A little advice – invest it in your business if I were you, but I get the temptation for toys!

The last module in the “Convert” section is the Affiliate Marketing BlueprintTo make the transition easier, you have to

Since affiliate marketing is my favorite method of making money online, you should also pay attention to this module. Many people start with affiliate marketing if they want to make money online, because this is the easiest way to get started.

As soon as you begin to build up some government offices and earn a good income, you should consider creating your own product. I know for myself that I should follow the advice of Gael and Mark and also develop my own product, which I plan to do in the near future. Luckily I can refer to the blueprint “Create your own Info-Product” when I'm done, and you should too.

Let's break down this module and see what you will learn:

  • How to find high-quality partner offers
  • This is how you direct the traffic to high-paying partner offers
  • To sell offers in advance with content and link keywords and offers
  • Real Life Setups of Mini Funnels

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple: find, advertise and get paid. Gael cancels this process for you and summarizes it with the following screenshot from the introductory video of the class:

Since this is a fairly comprehensive course with 14 lessons, I'll go into it a bit more so you'll understand what's being taught here.

The course starts with a theory about what makes people buy. If you understand that, it's easier to sell to them. You will also understand how to write content and which presale content is always important.

You will learn how to find large affiliate networks and independent affiliate programs with large companies.

A fantastic strategy that is also taught is the reverse engineering of the competitor newsletters to find even more partner offers.

Then, learn how to analyze offers so you know what's best for your audience. The conversion rates for EPC (Earnings per Click) and CPC (Cost per Click) and more are discussed.

You'll also learn how to track your data properly so you know what works and what does not.

Then, learn how to link offers to any keyword. Many affiliate marketing trainers do not show you how to do it.

Then the section I really liked was the practical one with “real setups”. Here are tutorials and tutorials that focus on selling.

You will also receive “Advanced Review Funnels”, which will give you a template for review content and a classic email show promotion that will really reward marketers who have created an email list. You'll also learn how to automate your broadcast money with lead magnets and targeted follow-ups. Finally, you will learn how to accept an evergreen offer and make it scarcer through bonuses.

If you're a freshman, most of it applies to you. The only area in which you may need to take a break is the email area because you need to build your list. Once you've done that, you can also supplement these strategies to earn even more money.

3) Blueprint for the creation of Engage-Lead-Magnet | Business Gifts Blueprint | Content Advertising Blueprint | Email Marketing Blueprint

Another big area is Engage, where you have access to the four blueprints mentioned above.

First and foremost is the Lead Magnet Creation BlueprintTo make the transition easier, you have to

I am sure you have heard what a lead magnet is. If not, it is essentially a content such as an e-book, a cheat sheet or another bonus that you will give away for free as an e-mail address.

I'm sure you've gone through this process before, even though I have an affiliate marketing and e-commerce cheat sheet on my website in exchange for your email address.

The idea is simple. Give them, with the e-mail address you provided, information they probably would not find anywhere else, and toast them to make a good offer that you yourself have identified as a good product. Never sell crap to your audience, they will divorce you immediately!

However, in this module, Gael will teach you:

  • Why lead magnets are important to your business
  • What makes lead magnets effective, the 2 types of lead magnets and how to recognize them
  • How other companies use lead magnets successfully
  • 2 recommended lead magnet templates
  • How to effectively deliver lead magnets

It is a very clear module with 8 lessons à less than 10 minutes. You should work through this module fairly quickly, but you have everything you need to know about lead magnets. I also found good clues that I will implement on some of my websites.

Next up is the Giveaways BlueprintTo make the transition easier, you have to

In this module, you will learn how to create a competition for a free giveaway. Now you will not do this often, but this could create some excitement for your blog / website if done right.

Why do you want this? A giveaway is a fantastic way to add a little spice and variety to your lead generation efforts. And let us admit it here – people like to get shit for free!

In this plan, you'll learn how to set up, promote, and later monetize your giveaways so they basically pay themselves.

There are 10 lessons in this section with some short 2-minute videos and the longest took about 15 minutes. You should be finished with this module soon, but at least you will be armed with the information on how to create a successful competition.

Some time ago I had a competition here on my blog that somehow went awry. although I have given away a pretty valuable software in the dropshipping area. If I had this information I would have felt better and enlarged my audience. Well – next time I will implement these strategies!

The authority Hacker PRO

How to build a business with 6-8 numbers per month

Next up – Blueprint for content promotion

In this design, you'll learn everything you need to do to promote your content as soon as you click the Publish button on your site WordPress blog.

Basically, you'll learn how to show your content to people who are not necessarily your subscribers.

Gael realizes it by telling you that some of the tactics he teaches may not work for you, but for those who do, you might double your traffic or more.

There are a mixed amount of traffic sources here, some are of low quality, but you'll get a lot of hits while others are of high quality, but traffic on the bottom side. I prefer the latter a lot more, because nothing is better than good traffic!

There are 16 blueprints you will learn, but only 3 main principles that drive all these tactics. They use social communities (I laughed when Gael said how he'll show you how to promote your stuff in these communities without looking like a self-confident idiot).

The next thing is how you can use influencers to share your content, and finally “content nuggets,” the technical content that makes your content easier to share and look great.

Here are the 3 principles in picture form:

In this section, there are 16 video lessons that can take from a few minutes to half an hour.

If you just rely on SEO to bring out your content, you'll miss it. While some of these strategies may apply to you or not, you should definitely see which ones will work for you. Doubling or tripling your traffic is possible if you only use one of these tactics. Do not miss this module!

There are a total of 16 videos in this module, so the 16 different strategies I mentioned earlier. Their average length is about 15 minutes each. Take many notes and apply them immediately. I know that I will be!

The last blueprint in the Engage section is the Email Marketing BlueprintTo make the transition easier, you have to

Gael teaches this section and he's one you do not want to miss. Why? Because he tells you that his e-mail marketing lessons are likely to get you the most money out of AH Pro. That got my attention!

If you've already started collecting an email list and are not sure what to do with that list, this is the place.

Gael reminds you that adding a bit of monetization to your site adds value, but your email list focuses solely on monetization. However, he does teach you how not to “offend” your readers so they can still add value while making serious sales on your list.

In this module, you will learn the following:

  • To create and manage your own email backend
  • When should you use broadcast emails and when should you use automations?
  • How to monetize your e-mail list without killing it
  • This is how you automate most of your business

The execution of this module can be complex, but is very well explained in the 4 sections and 18 videos.

Some of these strategies are already familiar to me while others were a wake up call. I will implement these strategies for my websites in the future as well. If you have an email list and are not sure how to monetize it, I would pay close attention to this list.

4) Link building – the guest contribution plan | Editorial links to Haro Blueprint | The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

The link building section will show you how to create quality, relevant links to your site for SEO purposes. Without a proper link building campaign, your site will never be ranked. Do not listen to people who tell you, “All you need is good content to rank,” because that's utter nonsense.

First, the Guest Posting BlueprintTo make the transition easier, you have to

If anyone knows how to create guest posts, it's Mark Webster who has created over 10,000 guest posts in multiple companies. No wonder he teaches this module.

Most of this comes with an “over-the-shoulder” approach where you can see what Mark is actually doing on the screen. This is the easiest and best way to learn these things because you need to see the process in action to fully understand it.

In addition, you will receive supporting PDF documents, templates, and sheets, as well as software that guides you through the process.

This link building module is very advanced and I assume that newbies would benefit as well. However, it is mainly aimed at marketers who want to gain more authority on their website via links, which in turn leads to more traffic and more money!

To make the transition easier, you have toThere are 29 lessons in this module, so it will take some time for all the lessons to go through. Some of the topics covered are Guest Posting 101, Prospecting Strategies, E-Mail Prospecting, First Sent, Negotiate, Submit and Track, and more.

If you have already received guest contributions, this module turns them upside down. There's more to it than you think, and you'll learn a lot that you can apply to your business.

Next in the link building section is the Haro Blueprint

HaroWhat stands for “Help a Reporter Out” are essentially editorial links with massive authority, we are talking about DR 90+. By the way, DR stands for “Domain Rating”, an AHrefs metric. Think of it as “Power” on a scale of 0-100.

These links are considered complementary links that you can run in parallel with your guest post links and skyscraper links.

Mark shows you how to get these powerful links, scale them, and get consistent results that pay off. You get templates and even S.O.P. (Standard procedure) so you have everything you need.

To make the transition easier, you have toIn 9 lessons of this module, you will learn more about HARO and what it is, how to enroll, how to (prospect) prospectively, examples of prospectus criteria (which best address), and how to most effectively use the prospectus criteria.

You'll also learn how to respond to HARO requests and get some actual answers based on examples you can see and even apply to your own business.

Mark also shows you how to overcome and turn around roadblocks with Haro. You are well aware of the problems, so it can only be helpful to know this in advance. Finally, you will learn how to outsource this entire process.

There is much more to it than just scratching the surface. There are 10 video lessons in total, which break down everything for you into easily understandable terminology.

Granted, I've never thought about using HARO, but after this module I'll apply this strategy. You should, too, if you are serious about scaling your business.

Finally in the Link Building Section is the Shotgun Skyscraper BlueprintTo make the transition easier, you have to

The shotgun skyscraper technique was already developed in 2016 by Mark & ​​Gael. Since then, they have taught hundreds of marketers how this unique link building system works – and so does.

This strategy can help you expand your website in the shortest possible time, and has even been used by SEOs and agencies to sell links to companies using this method. Some only earn a full time income with this strategy.

If you're looking to start an SEO agency, this module alone will help you tailor a white-hat linking approach that many companies value – and know how to search.

For the full details of this design, please read my Shotgun Skyscraper review.

The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint was also offered as a stand-alone version, which I received in May 2019. Effective immediately, you must purchase Authority Hacker Pro to receive it. It may be released again as a stand-alone version in the future, but I'm not sure.

My review covers the same design as AH Pro and is even more detailed so you will not miss a thing.

Thoughts on Authority Hacker Pro

This was not an easy review. This course is so extensive that it would take me much longer to improve it, but that would also mean that you read more and I wanted to summarize it as much as possible.

Does AH Pro deliver?

To put it simply, damn, yes and much more. This is like a one-stop shop for those who have a website that wants to scale it to the moon. I do not think there is such an intense course out there – if so, I have not seen it yet.

With so many available strategies / blueprints, you have enough ammo to scale your business. Do you need all the blueprints? Probably not. But that depends on the state of your business. What you need depends on a lot of things, how big your email list is, you need more links, you need more opportunities to draw attention to your page / blog, etc.

Is AH Pro for beginners?

I would hesitate to say that it is perfect for beginners because it is not. It's not even about the price of $ 1997 (or $ 197 per month for 12 months) – this course seems to be aimed at those who already have websites.

Would a beginner benefit from it? In any case. As a beginner, just start with the design of the Authority Site System, build your location, and then follow the other designs. So maybe I'll go back to what I said about it, that it's not perfect for beginners, because if you're methodical, I think it's appropriate. This is assuming you have the funds. If you currently have a day job and can afford $ 197 a month and spend at least 1-2 hours a day on your business, then you choose this job.

The good news is that what Mark and Gael teach will not cost you so much in scaling your business. Many of the techniques are free, while some require investment. You will start using tools and strategies that will cost you money as soon as you make money – so this is a compensation.

Available for a limited time

AH Pro is not a product that is available year round. While reading this, it may not even be offered. I imagine that because Mark & ​​Gael wants to limit the number of members due to potential problems with the overload of support. My other guess is that the scarcity of the course creates added value – though this is not necessary, as this course has a TON of value.

Refund warranty

Sie haben eine 30-tägige Geld-zurück-Garantie. Wenn Sie aus irgendeinem Grund nicht zufrieden sind, fordern Sie innerhalb von 30 Tagen eine Rückerstattung an und es werden keine Fragen gestellt. Ich denke, Sie wären verrückt, wenn Sie aufhören würden – sagen Sie einfach!

Wo bekomme ich Authority Hacker Pro?

Sie können es gleich hier bekommen, Es handelt sich um einen Affiliate-Link. Wenn Sie sich also bei mir melden, erhalte ich eine kleine Provision von Authority Hacker, aber es fallen keine zusätzlichen Kosten für Sie an.

Als Mitglied bin ich auch offen für Hilfe, also halte ich das offen. AH Pro hat jedoch eine großartige Community, sodass Sie sich nie verloren fühlen werden. Du bist bedeckt.

Das Schließen, Starten und Skalieren einer Autorisierungssite ist ein aufregendes Abenteuer. Dies ist möglicherweise nicht nur ein Job, der das Einkommen ersetzt, sondern auch eine Chance, massiv erfolgreich zu sein.

Es ist wichtig zu erwähnen, dass kein Kurs Ihren Erfolg garantieren kann. Das ist dir überlassen. Wenn Sie sich an die Arbeit machen und das gesamte Training bis zu einem T absolvieren, gibt es keinen Grund, warum Sie kein Geschäft mit 5, 6, 7 oder sogar 8 Figuren aufbauen können.

Wenn Sie Fragen oder Bedenken haben, können Sie sich gerne an mich wenden. Klicken Sie einfach auf die Kontaktschaltfläche.



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