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If you have a website and have no idea why it does not rank, it's most likely because your competitor has more links than you. If your on-page search engine optimization also fails, it will also hold you back.

To achieve a rank, you need high quality links that point to your website. Google wants you to have many "friends" who vouch for you, so to speak. Do not listen to anyone or believe in a course you have taken in the past that tells you that "content is king" because that is total nonsense. Sure, it helps, but it's not a "king."

Click here to learn more about The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint. (Note – it is currently closed to new members, but can be reopened in the near future.)

What is the shotgun skyscraper?

Authority Hackers, Gael Breton, and Mark Webster have developed a course that gives you a lot of links with minimal effort. Although the terminology of the "skyscraper method" is not new, they have a unique approach and include a "shotgun" method, which means that you will use a minimal amount of software to send a lot of emails using software to get links.

The other method takes much longer and takes up much more resources. Here you can drastically reduce the range and have more time to do what is important. In addition, you will most likely receive these links for free.

If you've read my review of The Authority Site System, you'll find that I'm a big fan of these guys and their work. They set up quality courses with strategies that I use myself. If you took both courses, you would be far ahead of most people who want to start a blog or website in a specific niche.

Course starts on May 5th (now restarted for Black Friday – only 1 week!)

The course costs $ 997 and is offered from May 5th to the 13th. This is not a false scarcity tactic. If you purchased the Authority Site System, you also found that you need to trade within a few days before increasing from $ 599 to $ 997.

I have the course, so let's check it out!

Luckily I got my hands on it before the official launch and I'll tell you right away that it's a beast. Like her last course, he has a lot of information, so there is a lot to do. Her training, however, is excellent with videos and also a text summary (with pictures) to summarize each video. This is great to use a lesson that I had to do often, and you will do it if you choose to take it.

Before I jump into the modules Let me explain in more detail how this strategy works. It all starts with a linkable blog post on your website, a skyscraper blog post. This is what you create and there is a training on how to do it exactly.

The purpose of this blog post is not to rate it, but to get links. Once this blog post is created, you will address others with related content and ask for a link.

The key to the "shotgun" method is that you send a lot of emails with very little time to customize them. Most of the work is done through automation and tools. A certain percentage of it will be returned to you, albeit with some negotiation needs.

This method can then be easily scaled. Mark & ​​Gael has received 4000 links to a site using this method alone. That's a lot of links!

So with the traditional "Sniper Skyscraper Method" You will spend a lot of time with every prospect. As a result, you have a higher conversion rate. However, you will get fewer links altogether. This method is not very scalable.

In contrast, in the "Shotgun Skyscraper Method"If you spend almost zero time on each potential customer, the conversion rate will be lower, but you will send MUCH more emails. As a result, more links are captured and you scale much more.

As you can see, the "shotgun" approach is a big advantage as you spend less time working and getting more links. Link building can be exhausting. The purpose of the course is to help you get a lot of links with minimal effort.

The course consists of 7 modules. Everyone comes with videos and a text summary.

  1. Shotgun SkyScraper 101
  2. Keywords & content
  3. Collect perspectives
  4. data management
  5. Initial range
  6. negotiation
  7. Advanced tacticSOP's and job descriptions

There is also a section on SOPs (standard operating procedures) where you can download a selection of documents that will help you scale your efforts.

An e-mail selection tool is also available to help you extract the right e-mails from a bulk upload of your file.

Module 1: shotgun SkyScraper 101

In this module you will get an introduction to how this method works. Mark will guide you through the basics of shotgun skyscraper link building, why it's so good, who should use it, when and not, and what expectations and results it should have.

If you compare it to a guest post, you'll need to write brand new content for each guest post that really saves time and money. With Shotgun Skycraper technique, you can get multiple links with just one item.

Module 2: Keywords and Content

Learn how to target the right keywords with the right content. Keep in mind, however, that the keyword research to which you are accustomed will not be identical to Shotgun Skyscraper's keyword research. This is because you are not trying to evaluate this content. We will create links to this content.

The goal here is to search for "info" content that has tons of competition. In other words, we do not really care if anyone reads our shotgun skyscraper content, it just serves to get links to that content.

You will need ahrefs for it Since Mark uses it in video training, remember. You can start a $ 7 trial and then it's $ 99 a month. You can make a group purchase that I do not really recommend, but it's an option to save some money.

In this module there are 3 sections with the longest video of 33 minutes.

Module 3: Collecting perspectives

Here's how to build a list of potential customers you can contact. You will learn how to determine most effectively which websites you want to access. These are websites that already have an article linked to our topic. This is the Shotgun Skyscraper article that you write for your website.

Again, Ahrefs are needed for this research. Although this research is very labor-intensive, they provide SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that allow you to quickly scale this process.

Another tool you need is With this tool, you can find the email address of all the sites you will contact. Since many websites hide their address to avoid spam, this tool is good at finding it – if it exists. You can try this tool yourself, as there is a Chrome extension for it. However, for the purpose of extensive research, you will need the paid version, which starts at $ 34.

You will receive a free tool created by Mark that will automate this entire process and save you a lot of time. At the end of the module, you will have a large list of prospects and their contact information to start contacting you.

I'm sorry about the ugly watermarks, but there's a guy who steals my pictures for his own use and prints them as his own, so I have to do it. Anyway, continue with the next module or click here to learn more about the course. (not active until May 5)

Module 4: Data Management

In this module you will learn exactly what the title says – data management. If this is not the case, the system will crash while scaling unless your data is stored properly. That's what this module is all about, which will show you exactly that.

You'll get a brief introduction to data management that explains some of the specifics of Shotgun Skyscraper.

There are 4 important datasheets that you must keep. I will illustrate it with the following course content. The master database is very important because you need to match your new batch files to the master database to make sure you do not always have access to the same people.

At the end of this module, all four databases for your campaign are up and running. Each of them has a separate video and text instruction, for each of which a template is available for download.

I am glad that you have set this up, because with the amount of data you are going to consume, it would be a disaster not to manage them. Very helpful that this process is done for you.

Module 5: First Outreach

In this module, you submit your first campaign based on all the actions that have been taken so far.

You'll know the right email settings to make sure your emails are delivered to the max. They will also be briefed on the correct subject lines and receive a set of outreach templates that can be customized.

You will learn how to adjust it properly. This is recommended as it can make a bigger impact.

You're loading your first campaign into another tool called Mailshake. This tool is a prerequisite and relatively cheap at $ 19 a month.

The goal of this module is to release your very first shotgun skycraper campaign. There's a lot of video and text / image content here, so it'll take some time to work through it, but it's well explained. Below are the topics that are covered directly from the course.

Module 6: Negotiation

Here comes the funny part – trial. When you get answers from your potential customers, there can sometimes be some back and forth that you need to go through.

Think about this site Owners get a lot of emails The key here is to attract attention. What's great is that you will learn how to handle it any situation that can turn up – no idea what to do or say. Since these guys are already dealing with thousands of contacts, they pretty much have an answer to everything that is included in the course and is passed on to you.

Mark says that the best links They were ever received due to a lengthy conversation with the owner of the site. So do not be scared as I've gone through all the modules in this section of the course and everyone can have the confidence to handle it. Remember, all of this is done by email, not by phone. So for you introverts out there – you are protected!

Now you're probably smart enough to know that some website owners expect you to pay for links. The people of Authority Hacker NEVER pay for links and they show you how you can turn a paid request into a free one.

You also get some predefined answers that you simply copy and paste. These are very effective and also eliminate the guesswork.

Once you have completed this module, you will have a good understanding of negotiating link placement, turning some of these responses into links.

Here are the topics in this module that you will learn:

Module 7: Advanced Tactics

This is the last module of the course. Here's how to scale the Shotgun Skyscraper in a non-spammy, ethical way.

Scaling requires a few VAs and a mix of automation for this to work. Some advanced tactics include how to identify people's names based on US census data for better data quality. You will also use Ahrefs Content Explorer to identify potential customers. You'll get more outreach templates that take a slightly different approach, and filter out competitors to improve efficiency, warm up your accounts, and manage your send calendars, A / B tests, and more.

If you're interested in winning customers, you'll even learn how to run Shotgun Skyscraper for customers. If you have an agency or are considering setting up one, this course can certainly help you classify your customer locations.

To be honest, you may never need to use the tactics in this section because everything should have been your main focus so far. However, I am glad that these advanced strategies have been included as they can help you truly scale this stuff.

Here are the topics in this last module:

SOP's and job descriptions

This section contains a number of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) documents. They are designed to help you scale your operations effectively and not just dive without hesitation. You need a structured approach and these documents will help you.

These documents are designed for you or for the hiring of a team (p / t or f / t outsourced VAs) that includes a set of technical instructions to dramatically increase efficiency. If needed, it also helps with onboarding for new team members.

Last thoughts on the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

What Gael and Mark created by Authority Hacker here is a game changer for anyone who understands the importance of building links, but who wants to do it ethically and does not have to pay to buy it.

If you've ever tried to get links from white hat techniques like guest posts, you know how difficult it can be to not just pay for those links. The purpose of this course is to show you a new way how to get a lot of high quality links without having to pay for them.

If you already know how expensive it is to post and publish on a website – the average is around $ 100 per post, which of course depends on the strength of the site, then you'll probably notice how valuable the shotgun skyscraper technique can be.

The creators of the course got over 4000 links for one page and did not pay for any of them.

Although the price is $ 997, it is slightly higher. You'll need a few other tools like Ahrefs, Mailshake and This is just a drop in the bucket when you calculate how much you will cost the traditional range. If you are an agency owner, you can certainly see the benefits here and how much money you will save through this technique.

The course will only be available for one week and this is not a scarcity tactic. You can pick it up between the 5th and the 13th of May. After May 13, it is unclear whether it will be offered again.

So if you're looking for a way to get free links to boost your SEO efforts, which in turn leads to more profit from sales, I strongly recommend taking The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint.

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