Bolt Publisher Review and Bonus


Bolt Publisher logoproduct: Bolts Verlag
kind: Web-based software
price: 67.00 USD
Creator: Sam Bakker and Justin Burns
Bolt Publisher is a new web-based app that makes it easy for you to post or schedule (multimedia) articles on Facebook's Instant Articles platform without having to go through the tedious manual configuration of instant articles. Now everyone can benefit from FB Instant Articles and get more free traffic from mobile viewers.

New FB's Instant Articles Publishing app

Bolt Publisher Review and Bonus

What is Bolt Publisher?

Bolt Publisher is a Web-based app for easy posting or scheduling of (multimedia) articles on Facebook's Instant Articles platform,

An instant article is an HTML5 document that loads very fast on Facebook because it is hosted on Facebook. With instant messaging, you can tell rich stories in a brand-specific and customizable article format that plays quickly on mobile devices (Source Facebook).

Bolt Publisher is 100% approved by Facebook and uses FB's Instant Articles API.

What makes the Bolt Publisher so unique?

It's the first app on the market that instantly lets you publish on Facebook's Instant Articles platform without the hassle of manually configuring instant articles.

Since the configuration of your first instant articles is not so easy (understatement), most wannabee publishers give up after trying it themselves or having to hire an expensive developer.

With Bolt Publisher, you no longer need a developer to configure instant articles, translate your blog posts into approved instant articles, or create your own article style.


They use the API and built-in professional editor the Bolt Publisher app.

Inside you can change and add fonts and font sizes interactive elements like videos, slideshows, tweets, Instagram posts, audio, maps, buttons and more …

(And when you buy the first upsell, the Pro versionyou can also include registration forms in your article.

So everyone can publish instant articles on Facebook.

But why should you publish instant articles?

Main advantages of Facebook's instant articles

The whole idea behind Facebook's instant articles is to give mobile users a better and faster experience. Just as Google gives priority Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) Facebook shows these articles more often than normal Facebook posts that are not optimized for mobile phones.

This way you get more attention for your articles from mobile users. Either your articles will be displayed more often and / or your regular (blog) page will not leave due to slow load times.

Another benefit is that Facebook manually approves all Instant Articles publishers. You need to give them 5 sample items in the style you want to use for your instant items.

If you're spamming PLR articles or adding links to frequently used affiliate sites, Facebook will not approve you.

For this reason, "approved" articles have a "higher content value" in the eyes of Facebook, resulting in more views.

The disadvantage of instant articles is that it is more difficult to monetize your content and visitors stay on Facebook instead of accessing your website.

i found that interesting article to see more advantages and disadvantages of Facebook instant articles.

Main features of Bolt Publisher:

  • Web-based app, Therefore it works on Mac and PC as well as on any device with internet connection.
  • Easy to use and highly effective user interface, This software is super easy to use, no previous knowledge required.
  • Multimedia Builder (Editor), Easily insert videos, slideshows, tweets, Instagram posts, audio, Google Maps, buttons, and more into your articles.
  • Calendar and scheduler, Use the calendar to schedule your articles for later publication.
  • Intuitive analysis to see how users interact with your content.
  • Step-by-step video training Information about using the software for maximum impact.
  • (Pro upgrade feature) Ability to use opt-in as an additional element in the articles. Integrations with all major autoresponders like AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and MailChimp.
  • (Pro upgrade feature) Post your instant Facebook articles to Apple News,
  • Fully integrated into the Facebook API,

Watch the demo walkthrough video by Sam Bakker, one of the creators / sellers:

Are there any defects?

The main purpose of the Bolt Publisher app is to create New Instant articles from scratch.

You must first start a campaign and add some basics such as title, subtitle, author's name, author's description, and your cover image (thumbnail view of post).

(It's very boring to do all the time for each new article! It would have been much easier if you could use a default template to use the same author over and over again.)

After you've set your campaign details, you can use the editor to create your article.

Of course, you can copy and paste an existing WordPress blog post or other content from an existing website.

However, make sure you do not include any code that Facebook does not allow (for example, non-HTML5 code).

In this case, some PHP code errors are displayed (which most of you probably will not understand), and you can not publish this article.

If such an error message appears, in most cases remove the interactive elements and keep your page simple (and only use the elements created in the editor).

In summary, Bolt Publisher is not an automated tool for automatically posting all blog posts as instant articles (using an RSS feed).

No, you can only create and schedule one item manually before you can create another.

If you want to automate this process, you should either install it WordPress pluginUse the Instant Articles APIand set up a new one RSS Feed,

(But be aware, it will likely take some time, and possibly a headache, to get it set up and approved by Facebook.)

Last final remark. Although you're using the approved API that was created by Bolt Publisher, you still need approval from Facebook before you can publish instant items. In one of the tutorial videos you will learn how to do this. No big deal, and you'll definitely be approved for the first time, but remember that Facebook needs about 2 days to approve your request.

Why Should You Buy Bolt Publisher?

Because this is the only web-based app currently available on the market that allows you to easily publish or schedule articles (multimedia) on Facebook's Instant Articles platform.

Now anyone (without technical / developer knowledge) can publish instant articles and benefit from the extra mobile presence without the hassle of configuring instant items and approving your settings (ie API).

So this software fills a gap in the market.

And you can get this amazing software tool now for an incredible price …


For a limited time, you can Bolt Publisher Unlimited License for a one-time fee of only 67.00 USD,

After the special price period, this software will likely be sold monthly.

Do not wait too long. Watch the timer on the sales page.

This license grants full access for a one-time payment. No monthly fee.

You can use the Unlimited license for unlimited Facebook pages and publish unlimited instant articles.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

You can buy this as the first upsell Bolt Publisher PRO version (67.00 USD). Now you get some additional features. For me, the most important function is to add registration forms to your instant articles. You can also use your articles to publish on Apple News, A great way to increase your (mobile) reach even further.

As a second sale, you have the option of Bolt Publisher – Rebrandable Consultant license ($ 197.00 per year). This is a full white label license that allows you to sell Bolt Publisher to your customers under your own brand name and domain. Therefore, your customers do not know that you are using Bolt Publisher. It is very easy to set up and add new clients. Just follow the steps in video training. You can charge your (local) customers any price you want or offer them services for (monthly) fees.

As the last Upsell you can buy this Bolt publisher outsourcing license for $ 47.00. Now you can grant your outsourcers access to create and publish your instant articles. It even includes an integrated function for searching for article authors on 2 websites with popular article authors.

My Bolt Publisher Bonus

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