Clickbank Super Affiliate Bootcamp Review: Paolo Beringuel’s Course


Offspring Youtuber Paolo Beringuel has launched a course called Clickbank Super Affiliate Bootcamp. This course costs a staggering $ 4,997 on the teachable platform.

Well, I do not know if this is a mistake or not, but at the moment this is the price.

Spoiler alarm! I will not buy this course for $ 4997 just to rate it. Sorry boys and girls or whatever you identify with. I realize that my title may be a bit misleading, and I apologize for it. However, I'll change my focus a bit and make it a warning to those who can afford to drop 5 giants on a course and whether or not they should.

Just because the price is high does not mean it's a good course. Paolo Beringuel has my respect for his free affiliate marketing lessons on his Youtube channel, but I have to question the genuineness of his results now that he has not just created one, but some courses. Does he now earn most of his money?

Let's take a look:

Well, I do not know anything about you, but that's a lot of courses. Sure, at the time of writing he has over 30,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, but why so many courses?

Let's review the available courses:

  • To make the transition easier, you have to$ 100 / M for Facebook ads for affiliate marketing
  • $ 30 a month for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
  • Super Affiliate Bootcamp – Another $ 4997 Course?
  • Clickbank Super Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Clickbank for beginners
  • 1-to-1 consultation with Paolo Beringuel on affiliate marketing or Facebook marketing.

You'll find that creating courses is a huge industry, and many of these youtubers, from affiliate marketing to eCom, Amazon, etc., are benefiting out there. Maybe Paolo has some great stuff and it's probably not a scam. Its free content is pretty good, right? I'm just being withdrawn a bit because the guy has created so many courses and also their price. They are steep.

Clickbank for Beginners Review

Clickbank for beginners is Paolo's newest course. The content teaches exactly what you think – Clickbank and how to make money from it.

There are 12 modules in this course and it is much cheaper than its previous course and costs $ 497.

So, what's in Clickbank for beginners?

As already mentioned, you get 12 modules on different topics. First, learn how to set up Clickbank (which you do not need, as there is a starter guide in Clickbank). He then shows you how to create a landing page and a thank you page.

Other modules will guide you through setting up your auto responder and linking to clickfunnels. The focus is on the funnel construction. So remember, you also need funnel software like clickfunnels or one Alternative to clickfunnels So be prepared to make more of an investment.

You'll also learn how to track your content with Click Magik and start a single ad campaign. Solo Ads, if you do not know where to buy clicks from other people who have a mailing list. This can be a hit and miss depending on your campaign.

He also offers private counseling for a couple, if that's your thing.

So back to my original message. If you want to be successful with affiliate marketing, You do not even have to spend 5 giants on a course or $ 497. Especially when it comes to Clickbank. There are so many more platforms that you can use.

I would recommend to my readers to achieve a tremendous value for the least investment.

Therefore, if you want to start with affiliate marketing, I would suggest spending only $ 197 for Savage Affiliates. It's my top rated affiliate marketing course and not just because it's cheap. It has over 100 videos, handles Clickbank and other platforms, helps you with paid ads and SEO, email marketing, funnels etc. It helps you make money, whether you are a freshman or an intermediary and comes from a respected one 7-digit marketer. Click on the link and you will probably recognize it.

You can also See my Savage Affiliates review here that will go into detail. It's a pretty quick read and I hope you appreciate the fact that I've steered you in the right direction and saved you $ 4800 00

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