Clickfunnels vs Kartra: Which is a better sales funnel software?


We take a look at Clickfunnels and Kartra and compare the pros and cons of the two digital marketing platforms.

Clickfunnels ® is seeing an increase in sales and subscribers to its SaaS platform. There is also Kartra, the closest competitor to Clickfunnels ® and the newest and hottest tool on the market. It helps users develop advanced and super transforming micro vending hoppers.

Clickfunnels ® and Kartra are the closest competitors when it comes to software for creating sales funnels.

In this review of Clickfunnels vs Kartra we discuss their features, pricing and applications. And we try to compare which of the two really suits your needs.

Overview – Clickfunnels vs. Kartra

Developed by Russel Brunson, Clickfunnels® is an online sales funnel and landing page software that makes selling products and services much easier. This essentially simplifies the marketing or promotion of your products and services.

Clickfunnels ® offers a range of ready-to-use funnel templates to suit your needs. These templates can be customized to create multiple web pages using interactive drag-and-drop editor tools. You can even add multiple types of content such as images, videos, headlines and dynamic lists to your web pages. It will help you to enhance the look of your brand and leave a great impression on your audience or website visitors.

On the other hand, Kartra is a sales funnel software that does essentially the same thing as Clickfunnels®. IThis is a comprehensive business platform that aggregates your landing pages, sales pages, online courses, member pages, email systems and payments in one place. Key features of Kartra include lead management, sales funnels and campaigns, and automated email / SMS marketing. There is also calendar integration and affiliate management.

The platform allows users to create personalized member portals. You can use them for training, private community sections, or TOCs with multiple topics via a drag-and-drop interface. In addition, Kartra lets you manage custom themes, colors, member access, media uploads, progress tracking, and content navigation. Even logins, automatic credentials, emails and multiple memberships.

Who can use Kartra and Clickfunnels?

If you want to increase your marketing efforts and earn more income, Kartra vs Clickfunnels® has the opportunity to help you.

Kartra is the perfect marketing tool if you own a digital agency, internet freelancer or affiliate marketer. If you have information products or an e-commerce store, you can do many things with Kartra. Many social media heavy inFluencers also use it to send people directly from the social sector to their funnels. It is ideal for beginners and professionals who want to sell their own funnels for extra income.

Although you may think this is for everyone, it does not seem to be. There are people who struggle with Kartra. Here are some things to consider before choosing Kartra:

  • They need physical products to sell. Kartra is clearly designed for digital products only.
  • Not for people who want to send emails every day. Unlike other providers, Kartra is subject to restrictions on the number of emails you can send. You can send more and more, but you also have to pay more. Additional e-mails can cost you.
  • Kartra is more suitable for those who keep their lists clean. If your leads stop converting after a certain time, it's better to search for and choose a cheaper email provider or sign out.

Clickfunnels ® is the perfect option if you want to start a marketing agency or advertise your products and services offered. This can increase your profits and help you get more conversions.

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