Complimentary Bonuses


Complimentary Bonuses for Our Affiliate Sales

This site is subsidized by the affiliate commission we received through our honest recommendation of eCommerce products and services. As such we would appreciate if you purchase the product and services through our affiliate link if you find our reviews helpful.

If you purchase through our affiliate link for any products and services we recommended or reviewed, you are entitled to the following Complimentary bonuses depending on the categories.


    1. If you sign up for any web hosting services we recommend, you are entitled to lifetime unlimited WordPress-related and consultation with Kenny via email or Skype. Kenny is a WordPress freak and if he can't handle your WordPress related queries he will recommend you a good technician you can hire in Upwork he has worked with who can answer your very specific request or queries.
    2. If you already have an existing web host and switched to the WebHost we recommend, Kenny will assist you in the smooth migration process that will ensure you migrate securely without losing vital data and not lose any Google ranking you built up.
    3. Kenny will also perform an annual complimentary SEO site audit to your WordPress site to ensure your site is Google-friendly and have SEO Score of at least 70.
    4. If you choose a WebHost without inbuilt CDN, Kenny will help you set up Cloudflare CDN under his agency CDN without additional cost to you.
    5. If your WebHost doesn't offer free SSL encryption, Kenny will help you encrypt your site with SSL with Let's Encrypt without additional cost to you.
    6. If your WebHost doesn't offer free whois protection, Kenny will protect your site identity by transferring your domain to his recommended domain registrar, NameSilo at no additional cost. You do need to pay 8.99 USD to NameSilo for the changing domain registrar but the transfer extends your registration for an additional year so you are not paying anything extra but just paying another one year in advance (and get your site identity protected). Use Coupon Code “KENNY” to get 1USD off your registration at NameSilo.
    7. In short, if you signup for a Webhost through us, your new blogging and web mastering journey will never be lonely anymore.

WordPress Plugins

    1. If you purchase any WordPress plugins we recommend, we will assist you in your smooth installation.
    2. Kenny has Agency license to several well-known WordPress plugins that he is authorized to install and activate on unlimited sites, he can help you install and activate the plugins on your site under his Agency license for better rates than if you were to buy the individual license on your own. Feel free to consult Kenny before your purchase.


    1. If you purchase a software that is Windows-based and you are running on Mac and don't have a PC, we can assist you to test if the software is compatible with Wine or CrossOver before your purchase. If the Windows-based software isn't Wine-compatible, We will provide you with complimentary access to Kenny's secure private Windows RDP that you can operate remotely from your Mac (as long as your access is not abuse, you can use them virtually forever).

Training Courses

    1. Since different people have completely different technical backgrounds and our posts are a general recommendation without knowledge on your technical level and what you aim to achieve, we recommend that you consult with us before purchasing any training program. Our consultation is free via email or Skype. We will help you identify your strengths, interest, and goals before recommending a training program that is specifically suited for you. We do this to make sure our affiliate commission is earned by truly helping you. Just shoot an email to Kenny at [email protected] for consultation before your purchase.


Claiming Your Bonuses

To ensure you entitle to complimentary bonuses above, we recommend that you do either one of the following options :

  1. Clear your browser cookies before making any purchases through our affiliate link.
  2. Use another browser to purchase through our affiliate link.
  3. Use Incognito mode  [CMD + SHIFT + N (Mac)] or [CTRL + SHIFT + N (Windows)] to purchase through our affiliate link.

After your purchase, please forward your email receipt to [email protected] and Kenny will reply with an acknowledgment that you are entitled to his life support upon verification of the affiliate sale.

Any other claims or consultation can be done by contacting us at [email protected] or [email protected]