ConnectAudience Review and Bonus


ConnectAudienceproduct: ConnectAudience
kind: Cloud-based software
price: $ 47.00 per month
Creator: Wilco de Kreij
ConnectAudience makes it easy to create custom audiences for Facebook retargeting campaigns based on the actions of your email subscribers. Open your emails, click on your links, subscribe to one or more lists and much more to increase conversions with laser-controlled Facebook ads.

Email Behavioral FaceBook Retargeting Tool

ConnectAudience Review and Bonus

What is ConnectAudience?

ConnectAudience is a new cloud-based platform to create specific (i.e. segmented) custom audiences and Conduct email retargeting campaigns on Facebook based on yours Actions by email subscribers,

ConnectAudience supports all major autoresponders and automatically connects to them through an API.

ConnectAudience interface

You can filter and create your custom Facebook audience based on these specific actions.
The email subscriber …

  • Subscribed to the email list.
  • Not logged in to the email list.
  • Received the email.
  • Didn't receive the email.
  • Has opened the email message.
  • Didn't open the email message.
  • Clicked on a specific link (or links) in your email message.
  • Didn't click on the links in your email message.

Best of all, you can even combine these "filters" and use the logical operators AND and OR to really specify your audience.

For example, create a new custom audience for people who opened your email but did not click on your links.

Or combine two or more email lists and only address them to people in all lists.

As you can see, you can create laser-oriented target groups.

After you click the "Create Audience" button, the software automatically syncs your subscriber lists directly with a custom Facebook audience in your ad account.

In your "Target group management" area you can define the (time) rules for updating these target groups. For example, update (i.e., synchronize) your target audience every day (or x hours).

What makes ConnectAudience unique?

ConnectAudience makes it easy to create new segmented custom audiences based on your email subscriber actions from a central dashboard without opening or creating new lists in your autoresponders.

It can even combine lists and email subscriber actions from different autoresponders!

Previously, depending on your autoresponder, you either had to manually create your segmented list (s). Or you might need to set up a separate segmentation rule in your autoresponder settings to create a new segmented list.

And if you want to re-target this segmented list, you'll need to manually import each email subscriber list.

ConnectAudience not only saves you time, it also offers you additional new alignment options.

Or in other words …

Not all your email subscribers are the same …

Some don't open your email, while others click through all the links.

So why treat these subscribers the same?

Imagine that you can only re-address email subscribers who have opened your email and clicked (or not) the links they contain.

How does ConnectAudience work?

It's actually very simple. Just create your new audience by choosing your favorite filter (or combining filters) as you can see in this short demo video:

As you can see, ConnectAudience makes it easy to create all kinds of custom audiences based on the behavior of your email subscribers.

Of course with only one main purpose …

To filter your email subscribers and only for the most interesting ones. Those with the "right demeanor and characteristics" and the highest likelihood that they will respond to your Facebook ads. This results in better ad relevance results, higher click through rates, lower incremental costs and a higher ROI.

ConnectAudience autoresponder

Main features of ConnectAudience:

  • Cloud-based, Thus, you can access both Mac and on PC and on any device with Internet connection.
  • Effective menu and user interface, This software is super easy to use, no previous knowledge required.
  • Easy integration with your FaceBook ad account,
  • Integrated with all major autoresponders (see image).
  • Create unlimited custom audiences,
  • Advanced filters (see above).
  • Add tags for your audiences to easily group related audiences.
  • Audience Management, Easily edit / customize audiences, update settings, or create Lookalike audiences,
  • Exclusive FaceBook retargeting strategies and video tutorials,
  • Fully integrated with the Facebook API and fully compliant with the Facebook Terms of Service,

In your app you will find learning videos on the first steps that cover everything you need to use ConnectAudience.

But that's not all…

Within the app there is a section "Strategies" with video tutorials on using the software for maximum results. At the moment you can find videos on the following topics: segmentation of ideas, branding, cross-selling, reminder, surprise discount, email sequence and lookalike target group.

Are there any defects?

Not really, that's a great piece of software. It is the first email behavior retargeting tool currently on the market.

The creator Wilco de Kreij (also from the Netherlands as I am) is a well-known "Facebook software creator / seller" with previous high-end products such as Connect leads. ConnectRetarget. UpViral, and more.

In all of these cases, Wilco was the first to launch new, unprecedented options for Facebook marketers and advertisers.

He really wants to help you and his support is excellent.

Of course, ConnectAudience is especially interesting if you have enough email subscribers. Since you can only promote a custom audience that is at least 20 people in size, it doesn't make sense to limit your audience to many smaller audiences where you don't reach the 20-person limit in each sub-segment.

Why should you buy ConnectAudience?

Because this is the only platform on the market with which you can easily create behavioral retargeting campaigns for Facebook advertising for email subscribers.
Laser Target is just the most appealing and interesting part of your email subscribers. No unnecessary additional costs for the wrong audience. Must provide a tool to increase the relevance factor, click-through rate and ROI for every reputable email marketer and Facebook advertiser.


You can get access ConnectAudience for a monthly fee of $ 47.00.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

The first upselling you can buy ConnectRetarget ($ 47.00- $ 197.00). One of Wilcos (the inventor) other high-end software solutions. ConnectRetarget is another FB app for retargeting behavior. This time not for your email subscribers, but for your website visitors. You can scroll down to your page, the browser language you are using, and the page from which you came, based on the actual actions you performed on your website, the time they spent on your site (Referral source)), number of visits, visit date, visit device, number of sessions, and UTM campaign dates.

As a second sale, you have the option to purchase ConnectLeads at a discount ($ 47.00 per month or $ 197.00 for life). ConnectLeads is a great tool to sync your Facebook leads with your favorite autoresponder. You no longer need to export your FB leads to your autoresponder, but the software will do it for you automatically. Huge time savings. To learn more Read my review about ConnectLeads,

My ConnectAudience bonuses

Bonus # 1: 2 products for free on

George deals

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You can also choose an additional free product from GeorgesDeals for each upsell you buy.

Bonus # 2: Set Inspector 2.0 as your goal

Review and bonus from Targeting Inspector v2.0

The best tool for finding laser-oriented target groups for your Facebook ads (value: USD 67.00). Read My review to see what you get.

Bonus # 3: WP Shortage Plus

WP Scarcity Plus Plugin

Improve your conversions even more by adding powerful countdown timers to your WordPress pages and funnels with this easy to use WordPress plugin!

Bonus # 4: UberOptin

Uber Optin

If you've re-targeted someone, use the UberOptin WordPress plug-in to sign up for your email subscriber list, so you can always put it back in your funnels.

Bonus # 5: The formula to maximize the email list

E-mail lists maximizer

In this guide, you'll learn how to build stronger relationships, build more credibility, and improve the response to your opt-in list with relatively little effort!

Bonus No. 6: The formula "Facebook Powerhouse"

Facebook powerhouse

Discover how you finally drive huge traffic from Facebook! This guide contains tips and ideas to take your Facebook game to the next level.

Bonus # 7: The Blueprint "Retargeting Conversions"

Blueprint for Retargeting Conversions

In this video training you will learn everything about retargeting – from the basics to deep retargeting. A must to increase your conversions!

Bonus # 8: Smart Funnel Blueprint

Smart Funnels Blueprint

In this 9-part video series, you'll learn how to properly set up a smart sales funnel to separate serious buyers from unreliable buyers. So you can maximize the results of your retargeting campaigns!

Bonus # 9: Facebook recurring championship

Facebook Mastermind continuity

Recurring revenue is the holy grail of the online business. In this course you will learn how to create a recurring revenue stream with the power of … Facebook Groups!

Bonus # 10: Build strong relationships with your list

Build strong relationships with your list

They say the money is in the list – but it is not. The money is related to your list.

That's why it's important to build a close relationship with your list in order to maximize long-term profits.

In this e-book, you'll learn exactly how to easily build stronger bonds, build more credibility, and increase your list response!

Bonus # 11: List Authority – The Ultimate Schedule

List Authority The ultimate game plan

This eBook will teach you Use the exact schedule Top Marketers – from the most important fundamentals to monetization strategies, intelligent process control and much more.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • To create an email list of 1000 subscribers in 30 days
  • The best "bribe" for creating lists
  • The most effective ways to turn your list into profits
  • The art of tracking and sequencing

Along with the eBook, you also get a checklist, a resource cheat sheet and a mind map for easy implementation.

Bonus # 12 – List Building – Pitfalls Uncovered

Listbuilding pitfalls uncovered

When it comes to email marketing, there are MANY mistakes you can make. We want to prevent this.

This e-book shows you all the $ 1,000 mistakes that people make and shows you how to prevent them.

Bonus No. 13 – list cleaning from A to Z

List cleaning from A to Z.

Learn how to get high return rates by effectively cleaning up your lists – without overpowering!

This special video course has been designed so that you can see step-by-step and click-by-click what you need to do to make sure you can successfully and effectively manage your email list in the right way.

Bonus # 14 – Over 100 proven autoresponder messages

Over 100 proven autoresponder messagesSetting up autoresponder sequences is the most effective way to use your e-mail list.

That's why you even get Over 100 proven and tested autoresponder messages for the marketing niche you can instantly put into your autoresponder without doing all the hard work yourself!

If you buy by mine Affiliate linkYou get all bonuses up and you get 100 bonus points for the front-end product (and an additional 100 points for each upsell you buy) that you can exchange for great WP plugins, courses, and other information products Choose your bonus,

There is only one limitation. If you sign up for the monthly subscription and cancel your license within 4 months, you will not be able to keep the bonuses. I just can't give these huge bonuses away (for a one-time monthly payment of just $ 47.00).

(These bonuses are based on the fact that you would buy the annual license ($ 197.00), so you can keep your bonuses whenever you buy the annual license.)

Choose your bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily, I add new bonuses. You can redeem your bonus points at any time. They will be precious forever. So you do not have to hurry to turn them into bonuses. Unused points will be stored in your account (until used). The animated image below shows some of the bonuses you can choose.

Choose your bonus demo

To receive your bonuses, simply send your receipt (Email protected) and I will activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

Buy ConnectAudience ====> nowGetAccessNow

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