CryptoSuite Review and Bonus


CryptoSuite-Logo Kleinproduct: CryptoSuite
kind: Cloud-based app
price: $ 37.00 per month or $ 247.00 per year
Creator: Luke Maguire
Discover how to kill it with cryptocurrencies. Complete module suite as Crypto Markets module with up-to-date news / information on coins and quotes on all exchanges, an alert module for finding fast-moving currencies or taking action when a certain price level is reached, an arbitrage module for profiting price differences between exchanges , an ICO module to look for new crypto launches, an Exchange module to find the best platform to trade your currency, and a module to monitor your portfolio. Inside, you'll find video tutorials about buying and selling your cryptocurrencies to get the most out of this all-in-one suite.

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CryptoSuite Review and Bonus

What is CryptoSuite?

CryptoSuite modulesCryptoSuite is a cloud-based app that gives you access to a range of modules and tools to simplify trade in cryptocurrency. It comes with these modules:

  • Crypto Markets to find up-to-date news / information about coins and (historical) data / prices / charts on all stock exchanges.
  • Warnings. Set your personal alerts to be notified by e-mail and / or sound on your PC when a certain price movement occurs.
  • Arbitrage. Find arbitrage opportunities between exchanges to buy one and sell the other at a profit.
  • Portfolio to keep track of all the results of your Forex trading.
  • ICO calendar. Here you will find up-to-date and upcoming blockchain and token starter offers, with which you can win new coins right from the start.
  • Exchanges. Find the best stock exchanges, d. H. trading platforms, for your country and your currency, and get a quick overview of the pros and cons of each stock exchange.
  • Purses. Direct links to the 2 most commonly used digital purses for BitCoin and Ethereum.
  • Favorites to monitor only your favorite cryptocurrencies.
  • Training videos on the basics of cryptocurrencies, how to buy / sell cryptocurrencies and transfer them to your wallet.
  • Facebook group. Direct link to this free community, where people inform each other about cryptocurrencies.
  • News. Current news feed on everything related to cryptocurrencies.

What's so special about CryptoSuite?

Well, it's the first software platform that gives you access to everything you need to arbitrate, trade or invest in cryptocurrencies through a single dashboard. Not only will you find all the data and news about each active or upcoming blockchain or token, but also any other information about all exchanges where you can buy / sell (trade or invest) in these different crypto currencies.

Therefore, you do not have to search or open all types of web pages to find all the data / information. CryptoSuite saves a lot of time.

By using the Crypto Market module or the Favorites module (or your Portfolio module), you can quickly see which crypto currency is currently "hot" or "for sale".

CryptoSuite Crypto Markets module (Click to enlarge)

Probably the most advanced and profitable module is the arbitrage module. Now you can see on which stock exchange you can buy a cryptocurrency at a discount and sell it on another stock exchange at a higher price.

CryptoSuite arbitrage module

In this example above, you could earn 10% arbitrage on April 12 by buying BitCoin from Coingi and selling it to OKCoin.

(Disclaimer: These arbitrage opportunities are real, but prices change every millisecond on every stock exchange, so since it takes time to transfer BitCoins from one stock exchange to another (or to execute two different orders simultaneously on two exchanges), this is in In the meantime, the case times the price difference can be "gone" or turned into a loss)

Before I explain these modules in more detail, you may not know much about cryptocurrencies. In this case, please watch this video created by Luke Maquire, the seller, in which he explains that …

What is crypto, how do I start and how do I earn money with it?

To buy / sell cryptocurrencies, you must first register and set up an account on a platform that you can trade on, known as Exchange. Fortunately, CryptoSuite has a great module "Exchanges" where you can easily find a marketplace for your country and your currency.

In the image below you can see the first 4 results of possible stock exchanges from which you can choose if you live in the USA.

CryptoSuite exchange module

Some things to note. Select your exchange based on items as follows:

  • The currencies with which you can deposit money.
  • How to deposit (by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal etc.)
  • the cryptocurrencies that you can buy / sell.
  • the liquidity of the markets.
  • the transaction and withdrawal fees.
  • Trading platform with stoploss and chart functions.
  • Can you use your mobile device to trade and monitor your portfolio?
  • How do you treat your privacy?
  • general reliability / confidence of the stock market.

Once you have selected and registered your stock exchange and paid a sum of money, you can buy (and sell) your preferred cryptocurrency. After your first purchase (say, you bought BitCoins) you can now transfer your BitCoin to another stock exchange (for arbitrage), to another person with a wallet (who can accept BitCoins) or to your own wallet. But of course you can leave your cryptocurrency "in" your account on the stock exchange (but a stock market can be attacked by hackers and some have been hacked in the past).

Therefore, it is recommended to keep your cryptocurrencies in a digital wallet.

A digital wallet is a software that stores crypto currencies as bitcoins. Bitcoin wallets make it easier to send and receive bitcoins and give the user ownership of the Bitcoin balance.

Just as bitcoins are the digital equivalent of cash, a Bitcoin wallet is similar to a physical wallet. Instead of literally storing bitcoins, a lot of relevant information is stored, e.g. For example, the secure private key that accesses Bitcoin addresses and executes transactions. The four main types of wallets are desktop, mobile, web and hardware.

Desktop wallets are installed on a desktop computer and give the user complete control over the wallet. Desktop Wallets allow the user to create a bitcoin address to send and receive bitcoins. They also allow the user to save a private key. Some well-known desktop wallets are Bitcoin Core, MultiBit, Armory, Hive OS X, Electrum etc.

Mobile purses overcome the handicap of desktop wallets, since the latter are fixed in one place. Once you run the app on your smartphone, the wallet can perform the same functions as a desktop wallet and you can pay directly from your phone from anywhere. A mobile wallet thus facilitates payment in physical stores through the use of touch-to-pay through NFC by scanning a QR code. Bitcoin Wallet, Hive Android and Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet are just some of the mobile wallets.

With Web wallets, you can use Bitcoins from any location, in any browser or on any mobile phone. The selection of your web wallet must be done carefully, as your private keys are stored online. Coinbase and block Chain are popular web wallet providers. (Use MyEtherWallet for Ethreum)

The number of hardware wallets is currently very limited. These devices can store private keys electronically and make payments easier, but are still in the development phase.

It is very important that you keep your Bitcoin wallet safe. Some security measures include: encrypting the wallet with a secure password and selecting the option for the cold storage, d. H. Offline storage.

OK, as far as the "basics".

How can you earn money with CryptoSuite?

If you agree with the statement "time is money", you agree that you can save time and money by having all the sources and information under one roof in a simple dashboard.

That means, for me, the real power comes with these 3 modules: the ICO Calendar, Arbitrage and Alert modules.

I discussed the arbitrage module above. There are currently no other software on the market that shows (and calculates) all BitCoin arbitrage opportunities.

With the alert module you can set all kinds of triggers …

CryptoSuite messaging module (Click to enlarge)

So you can set your triggers to inform you about (important) market moves, when market capitalization is reached, or when a new coin comes onto the market.

Speaking of new coins. What about the ICO module (Initial Coins Offering)?

Here you will find all current and upcoming public offers for blockchains or tokens.

A great opportunity to invest at the lowest possible price (assuming you're investing in a new cryptocurrency that works from the beginning).

Hot new blockchains can double or triple on first start. However, keep in mind that some of them can be very risky and you can lose (everything) if the underlying concept is a scam or just not so successful. Do your homework and invest only in new blockchains / tokens where you trust the people behind them and believe in the underlying concept.

Are there any defects?

Well, prices are not real-time, but are updated every hour. CryptoSuite is not a trading platform, but rather an analytics / research platform where you can find all (historical) data and news about most cryptocurrencies.

Overall, however, this platform is easy to use, fast and saves a lot of time.

Why should you buy CryptoSuite?

CryptoSuite is currently the only all-in-one software / platform on the market specifically designed for crypto currencies. You can get all the background information and news about an active or upcoming blockchain or token that you want from a single dashboard. It includes handy modules like crypto market, arbitrage, warnings, favorites, ICO calendars, exchanges and more.

It's a great suite if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, trade or arbitrage, and get all the data and news you'll ever need.

Price and coupon

During this special launch, you gain access to CryptoSuite for $ 37.00 + per month or $ 247.00 per year.

The + means that the price increases during takeoff.

If you are lucky, you can still use it Coupon Code "CSluck" to get a few dollars from your monthly / yearly fee.

So do not wait too long and get the current low fee.

Also, because you only get some amazing additional bonuses from the vendor during this launch, like the VIP Crypto Success Course, the CoInpeak module, the Arbitrage module and the Alert module.

The offer has one 14 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

There are no upsells, because during this special launch all additional modules (which you had to buy as Upsell) were included!

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