Dan Dasilva Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass?


Thank you for viewing my review of Dan Dasilva's 100K Blueprint. Here we will go into his class, see what he offers and then decide if it is a program that you can take or not. Sound fair?

The course has been unavailable for several years, but is currently in version 3.0. It costs you $ 997 and the content is delivered weekly by drip feeding so you can not receive the full course in advance.

You get 12 weeks of content, so it takes some time to see the entire course. Personally, I like to put the entire content in the foreground so I can work at my own pace.

About Dan Dasilva

Before we start, some of you may not know much about Dan, so I'd like to anticipate a bit of background knowledge about this review.

Like many successful dropshipers, Dan started at a young age. It's actually a pretty cool story that many may not know about him, but he had a very difficult childhood and one day everything just turned for him when he realized he was not going anywhere.

He found himself a mentor and with his mentor they made something like 100K together – I'm not sure if that was dropshipping or not, but it obviously kindled a fire in it to make more money.

His course breaks things for you with the involvement of a process. It all starts with research, the creation of your asset, the growth of your asset and the repetition of the process.

These actions are typical of any entrepreneur because they only make sense. This does not just apply to dropshipping and e-commerce.

It is very popular on Youtube and has a fan base of about 129,000 subscribers as I write this. His videos provide some basic training on topics such as the branding of your drop shipping products, the top 3 Aliexpress alternatives, and the products you should never drop.

Enough of who Dan is. You probably already know, so let's immerse ourselves.

100K Blueprint Review

The first week Essentially, it's an introduction to dropshipping and Shopify. You'll get videos on topics such as the free + shipping model, funnels, retargeting, and a shoulder-bending business creation video.

The second week Let's get into depth with the dropshipping theory and the establishment of our own shopify shop. Other topics include choosing a niche, shipping settings, setting up Adroll, basics of advertising research, etc.

In the third weekLearn marketing basics, ad design theory, website conversion ads, commenting, ad techniques, flex targeting, ad reporting, pixel retargeting, similar audiences, etc.

The fourth week gets into influencing how you find it and what you are looking for. There is also a case study and a workshop.

Here are some funnel trainings with clickfunnels in the 5th week. Of course, you need a Clickfunnels account for this to work for you.

Remaining modules in the remaining weeks discuss scaling, project manager attitude, and all these things when you can not handle things on your own.


Members who joined 3.0 at the time will also receive Dan's latest bonuses, including access to his product search tool (which will help you find successful products), more live case studies, an e-mail Campaign 20 you've taken care of – your ad creatives and access to 10-week live coaching calls.

Refund warranty

If you have problems issuing $ 997 and feel like you are not getting your money's worth, you need to act quickly to get a refund. You have 3 days to decide.

Last thoughts on the course

There is no doubt that you will learn from Dan Dasilva how to do dropshipping. He has a good course and once you have completed all the modules, you should be ready to go there and open your business.

However, you have already invested a grand in the space and need money to finance your business. If you have deep pockets then it's good for you, but if not, listen to what I have to say.

For those who want to get value for their money, I have an alternative that I think is better. Not only is it cheaper – it even offers MORE training for less money.

If you have not read my reviews yet, you may not know that I love eCom Elites from Franklin Hatchett.

I've bought and tested many courses for both dropshipping and affiliate marketing, and I can honestly say that this is the best course for your money. Other than the low cost, over 175 videos are included in everything newcomers need to build a dropshipping business.

I'm talking about training to set up your store, Facebook ads, Google ads, Google Shopping ads, Instagram, Pinterest, funnels, chat bots, email marketing, etc. It's a ton of information and one Marketer who not only teaches, he does that stuff too.

I also learned from the course and am also a member. I check eCom elites and do a video tutorial for the course you should take a look at.

If you need to have Dan's course then definitely buy it, but if you're smart and savvy, you'll find out what I have to offer.


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