Discover Review and Bonus


Discover Logo Smallproduct: Discover
kind: Cloud-based software
price: $ 49.95 per month or $ 297.00 per year
Creator: Walt Bayliss
Discover is a new advanced lead generation and automation application for every business. Automatically generate leads from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter by typing just one keyword, and automate all elements of the process, from contacting employees to tracking and adding autoresponders. Must see application!

New lead generation and sales automation app for every business

Discover Review and Bonus

What is Discover?

Discover is cloud-based Application for lead generation and sales automation So you can find new leads through Google and 3 social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and email them using automation rules and email templates.

It's designed specifically for marketers looking for local businesses that need help with social media, web design (mobile-friendly websites), video marketing, app creation, SEO or advertising services.

With Discover, however, you can find every lead you want in each niche.

What makes Discover so special?

With Discover, you can fully automate the process of finding leads, get in touch with them through pre-set emails, and track the sales process throughout the pipeline (from lead to buyer).

How does Discover work?

You start integrating with Zapier, your autoresponder and social media accounts (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter). Everything done with just one click and in seconds.

Now you can create your first project …

A project contains:

  • A pipeline. The order process your leads should go through. For example: Leads -> Interested parties -> Customers -> Regular customers. You can add as many elements to the pipeline as you like (for example, a list of companies).
  • Activity feed to monitor your progress.
  • Duplicates.

A project is fed and created by Automation & Rules or manually selecting the leads of interest as a result of an advanced search.

Let's start with that Advanced Search

Discover the search for perspectives

Just fill in the details. You can search on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. Also, select whether you want to exclude leads without email addresses (and / or whether you want to use a credit system to search for other email addresses elsewhere).

The result is a summary of the new leads, as in the following example:

Discover the advanced search results

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

From then on you can choose the interesting ones and go one step further …

Discover specific results of the advanced search

Select the ones you want to add to your pipeline.

As you can see, you will receive all of these interesting data:

  • Google Stats as: Number of indexed pages, backlinks, keywords, Top 20 J / N.
  • Mobile Responsiveness J / N.
  • Has video J / N.
  • Has ads J / N.
  • Email-address.
  • Social Media Accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Apple Apps J / N.

If you click on the name of an interested party, all details are displayed with clickable links, as in this example.

Overview of potential customers

In addition to manually selecting your new leads, you can automate the process.

You can use rules for "Scheduled search" and for "Autoresponder import"(To add to a specific e-mail list).

To build your pipeline, you usually start with a scheduled search rule. Again, you can search on Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Just start typing your keyword, region, search frequency, and which pipeline item you want to add the data to.

Using the autoresponder import rule, you simply select a pipeline item and choose which list you want to add to the new prospects / prospects / customers, etc. (you can select the email confirmation option).

With Discover, you can essentially find new leads and automate the search and tracking of emails through a dashboard.

And it also has Zapier integration. Thus, you can easily integrate into your preferred CRM, webinar and other applications.

Watch the short demo video of Walt Bayliss, the creator / seller:

Or, if you prefer, watch the full replay of the demo webinar …

Are there any defects?

The app is very easy to use, the results are displayed quickly and the automation works flawlessly, but you still need to properly set up your email sequences.

And for some companies, the search process can be highly automated. For others, it can be harder.

So it depends on your business if Discover is the right choice.

Why should you buy Discover?

As it is the most advanced lead generation and sales automation app on the market today, you can fully automate the process of finding leads, contact them via pre-set email, and track the sales process throughout the pipeline (from lead to lead) buyer).

It's the perfect tool for marketers looking for local businesses that need help with social media, web design (mobile-friendly websites), app creation, SEO, or advertising services.

(You can also purchase the Agency license and sell this new quality product as your own or provide Discover as Service to your (local) customers.)

And during this special introductory phase, you can benefit from a special discount …


You can get access Discover for a monthly payment of $ 49.95 or an annual payment of $ 297.00.

Upsells and OTOs

There are 3 upsells. As a first upselling you can buy one of the products Discover agency licenses ($ 97.00 to $ 297.00 per year). Now you can sell the entire Discover package and keep 100% of the profit. You also get all the marketing material you need to capture pages, video ads, and Facebook campaigns that you can use to engage your customers. And you do not have to do the support yourself, and you can send your customers directly to the Discover (fast-responding) Support Desk.

Very much if you want to offer local customers high quality services or sell the software as it is. Discover is unique and will definitely sell.

As a second OTO you can buy the extra Discover – Profit Pack (197.00 USD). Now you get 5 completed websites and sales packages for 5 local customer services such as mobile apps, social media, content marketing, video marketing and lead generation. For example, Discover finds someone without a Facebook page and you can use the Social Media Profit Pack with all the tools to sell your service. Turn on Discover to run – automate tracking and send your new leads to a DFY sales page!


As the last upselling you can get GET INVOLVED (9.95-47.00 USD per month). This is a great chat app that uses existing (free) chat apps like FB Messenger, WeChat and Skype without you having to be logged in to a dashboard and without the need for an expensive or complicated system from which to build yours Support can perform.

The Engage PLUS version ($ 47.00 per month) is also included Agency rights! So another great application that you can sell to your local customers or sell the software as it is. It's definitely worth checking this out. Even if you do not want to buy Discover …

My discovery bonus

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Choose your bonus demo

To receive your bonuses, simply send your receipt (Email protected)Tell me what free products GeorgesDeals you want, and I'll send your bonuses and activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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To make sure you receive my Discover Bonuses, make sure you see my name George Eeken on the JVZoo Checkout page in the Terms of Sale, as in the following example.

Example of JVZoo Terms of Sale

Comparable products

There is currently no comparable product on the market that offers everything that Discover enables you to do. But there are some (less advanced) tools to find leads …

check-Out MobilRRto easily find local stores with non-optimized mobile visitor sites (with built-in Mobile Site Creator).

Or check out XLeads 360 With Facebook, you can easily find local businesses. Just enter your keyword and location and get all the business information you need, along with social (FB like), Google Review, and SEO stats. With built-in e-mail management system and e-mail templates that allow you to easily contact new leads (or outsource your lead generation).

Another good place to start to get ideas for products that you can recommend to local customers is my site Products, tools and services for local customers,

More products from Walt Bayliss

Walt Bayliss has some great other products. Look over my reviews Data JEO (Market research platform), Webinar JEO (new webinar platform), RepWarn (Reputation Management Software) and Hydravid Cloud (Social Media Syndication).


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