Don’t enroll on Savage Affiliates 2.0


NO! Don't Enroll on Savage Affiliates 2.0!!!

Heres the detailed reasoning:

Start earning money online with this groundbreaking course

Would you like to be able to do and pump the same? 10 Grand or more per month deposit in your bank account like me? The key to this is affiliate marketing, and in my opinion, no one teaches it better than Franklin Hatchett. He cuts the fluff and the BS and goes straight to the kill Tell you what you need to do to succeed. If you think his free training on Youtube is good, you will be overwhelmed by what he teaches in this class.

I know you're here because you want to update Savage Affiliates 2.0, and that's what you'll get – lint-free and straight to the point.

Main differences with the new upgrade

In short, the course now offers 2 versions for sale – “Standard” for $ 197 and “Great” for $ 297.

Most of the older content is still there, but some are “Fat” was cut and things have changed a bit. New content was also added for both options.

For those who opt for the “super” version, You will get these extras:

  • A complete step-by-step Clickfunnels Academy
  • A Success for You Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • Several pre-made Clickfunnels funnels
  • Start Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint
  • Web Hosting Partner Method Blueprint

The new version also has a new look. Here are the modules at a glance:

In the older version of the course Module 1 was previously titled “Affiliate Introduction” and has now been replaced by “Affiliate Introduction” “Partner Products to Advertise”

This new module is just right for you and offers you Franklin's best selection of affiliate marketing products, niches and platforms that you can promote.

I will not reveal it here, but this solves one of the major issues that new affiliate marketers are facing and asks: What the hell am I promoting? Now you can do what Franklin does to make money – and he earns a lot! For your information: I have followed his advice and I am glad that I have followed him. Note Note! Problem solved.

Next, Module 2 previously Niches & Products was now called “Building Your Website Asset”

Here are 17 videos on creating your asset, which, if you like, will be your official website or blog. He teaches you how to do this in WordPress. That's what you should do – ignore Wix, Weebly and all those other CMS – WP is king.

If you have never created a website, you can relax. Franklin will be your guide here and guide you through the process. You'll learn how to buy a domain name, set up hosting, set up your pages, add plugins, and more.

The old version of the course was about creating websites in module 3. Now the new one Module 3 It's all about Email Marketing & Funnels.

Email marketing can be complex for newbies, but the good news is that Franklin will break this down into GetResponse for you, whichever you should use. Plus, the workflows are fantastic, and Franklin suggests this for you.

Here is something of what you will learn: hold back the rest that you will see if you participate.

Above is just a section – there is much more.

In module 4 the section Clickbank has been updated and revised. There are 31 videos here, more than in version 1 of the course.

Module 5 and Module 5 Part 2 Now called “Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing”, which was previously the Amazon module.

That is a massive 2-part module that has more than 50 – yes 50 videos. Of course you need a Clickfunnels account (you will receive a 14-day free trial). If you previously took part in Franklin's free Clickfunnels course, it fades by comparison. Everything you need to know to make money with funnels can be found here. So take a lot of notes.

If you want to use the full funnel training, you have to opt for the “super” package. Part 2 of the training is for super members only.

This option gives you access to Franklin's hugely successful branch funnel. You can copy them into your own account and model your own success.

Module 6 is now the Amazon Affiliate area. So, if you prefer to sell physical goods as info products, this section will teach you how to make money with Amazon Associates. This module has been completely redesigned by the old with new content and strategies.

Module 7 – Google SEO Traffic Training – While most affiliate courses do not train you in SEO, you are glad to know that you will learn this in Module 7.

In this module there are new and updated SEO trainings. The good news is that it's not just on-page SEO, it's also off-page SEO. Both elements must be present for you to rank. If you complete Frank's SEO training, you'll be ready in time. Trust me, there is nothing better than free and laser-controlled traffic. Another plus in this course!

Module 8 teaches you how to get free traffic. If you're not spending money on paid ads or waiting for your pages to rank on Google, then Frank has covered you.

They learn all the strategies to get free and targeted traffic to your pages, offers or whatever you have set up. The result is a turnover without expenses. Love it! I've used some of these strategies myself and can vouch for them to bring in more sales, which means more money!

In module 9. You will receive a revised training area for paid traffic. You'll learn everything you need to know to market your affiliate campaigns on both Facebook and Google Ads. In this section you will find about 20 content-rich videos that you can learn and profit from.

If you have the standard version of the course, you can not continue at this time. The rest of the content will be displayed if you have the super package.

What is included in the super package?

Here's the extra training you get for just $ 100 more:

If you do not know, Sales Funnels have turned many people into millionaires. Franklin is no exception as he has received (two) 2 comma club awards from Clickfunnels. To get one of them, you have to prove that you have earned a million dollars in a sales funnel. Here is the proof:

Who would you like to learn funnels from? A plaster that thinks he can make it, or the guy over it actually has two of those bad guys. I would put my money in Franklin to teach funnels every day.

Simply download all the award-winning funnels from Franklin, including his partner funnel, to win one of his 2-point comma club awards with the Super Package. Take the funnels and optimize them with your offer. With his finished funnels you will already be working so hard that he has earned a lot of money. They get everything.

Module 10 – Starting Jacking & Web Hosting

You must purchase the “Super Pack” to gain access to this module. In this module, Franklin gives you two ways to make a lot of money. The first one is Start jacking.

Here is a review of a product coming out soon. The developer will market this product and you will benefit from people looking for reviews. However, you have to act fast because the whole idea is to capture the traffic that is generated at startup.

This is ideal for those who do not know where to start. If you're good, you can potentially earn between $ 100 and a few giants per market launch. Learn the methods that Franklin teaches you in the Super Pack and earn good money that way.

Web Hosting – In this section, you'll learn how to earn money as a partner by promoting web hosting. I also recommend Bluehost and even negotiated a lower price because of the relationship I have with my readers. So yes, web hosting is a great way to make fat partner commissions.

Franklin will show you how to set this up effectively. You will discover the best deals on how to market these offers and so on. There are some bloggers like Pat Flynn and Michelle Schroeder-Gardner who make 5 figures a month and promote web hosting. I'll tell you that it's competitive, but it does make a lot of money if you get it right.

So I'm sure you're asking, Drew, is the Super Pack worth the extra $ 100?

The way I see it when you spend $ 197 on the main course, you can just as well “join in” everything Franklin has to offer. Once you're there, do not worry, there are no annoying upsells. You have access to everything. If you have little money at the moment, you can always upgrade later. This is possible painlessly in the standard version.

Those of you (like me) who came in early already have access to all Super Pack training. If you sign up now, you will also receive lifetime updates. Franklin takes care of his students by updating his class without having to pay again for an updated version. Once you're inside, you're in!

Facebook Group

Franklin usually ignores all his Facebook group members even though he says he offer free unlimited support. It is usually other students who are also noobs advising on other noobs while Franklin doesn't comment or provide any kind of support you would expect from an instructor. 

It is a very unprofessional support group for serious affiliate marketing unlike the community you will get from wealthy affiliate, afflift or STMforum which are way more professional than Franklin's unprofessional facebook group.


Last thoughts on my Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review

Savage Affiliates 2.0 in a nutsell is just a bullshit Franklin uses to pull you into his email list to eventually sell you more products.

It is way too much fluff and recommending you to sell saturated products like Clickfunnels and Bluehost and GetResponse.

He asks you to create a “How to write a blog” blogpost and refer people to Bluehost like everyone else already doing. He also encourages you to max out your credit card to join his other recommended courses so that he will can make more affiliate commission.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for people who wants to start seriously with affiliate marketing.

Not only they don't force you to use expensive overpriced hosting like Bluehost in order to make 110USD affiliate commission for you, Wealthy Affiliate also offer free webhosting SiteRubix and free keyword research tool Jaaxy.

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