Doodly Review and Bonus [Re-opened]


doodlyproduct: Doodly
kind: Desktop software
price: $ 20.00- $ 40.00 per month
Creator: Jimmy Kim
Doodly is a new easy-to-use desktop software (for PC and Mac) that lets you quickly and easily create Doodle-style videos (Hand Drawing / Sketch). Not just whiteboard videos, but also blackboard videos. Although Doodly includes a built-in library of characters (with different poses), images, props, and audio, you can add any PNG / JPEG image you want, and give each image its own character path style. So you can now create awesome-looking Doodle-style videos without spending time and money finding "expensive" SVG images.

Make doodle videos as fast as possible

Doodly review and bonus

New Year Package
one-time price forever closed on January 2, 2017 – 11:59 pm

What is Doodly?

Doodly is a new easy-to-use desktop software (for PC and Mac) that lets you quickly and easily create Doodle-style videos (Hand Drawing / Sketch).

What makes Doodly unique?

  1. Super easy-to-use and fast Doodle Video Creator, Fully drag and drop interface with point & click easy to use timeline. No technical experience, coding or programming required.
  2. Blackboard and whiteboard style videos, With one click you can switch between white and blackboard.
  3. Use any PNG or JPEG image and create your own "Doodly Draw Path", With this unique feature, you can upload your own images and grab your viewer's attention by setting a unique drawing path for each image (i.e., you can choose how the image is drawn on the canvas). (No expensive SVG / vector graphics needed!)

Doodly was designed with simplicity in mind. You will not find any fancy functions that require a long training period and take some time to complete.

No, with Doodly you can create doodle videos in minutes.

Just follow these steps …

Simple 3-step process

Other key features of Doodly:

  • MAC and PC 32bit or 64bit compatible, Requires Windows 7 or higher for PC and Mac OS X 10.10 or higher. (Note: This software also requires an Internet connection because the built-in library of images is uploaded from the Internet.)
  • Built-in library with high-quality images and audio data, Inside you will receive 200 basic figures and poses as well as 200 simple pictures and props. Each character and each picture has been made individually and has a unique, hand-drawn path.
  • Import / Upload your own pictures, audio files (voice-over or music) and fonts,
  • Unlimited personal use, Create as many Doodle videos as you like.
  • Export video files to .mp4 with varying resolution (360p-1080p), frames per second (24-60) and quality (low: 62% – maximum 100%).

Doodly versus Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

As you know by reading my review of Easy Sketch ProI am a fan of this advanced sketch video artist.

Easy Sketch Pro offers significantly more features than Doodly.

For example, with ESP, you can create really interactive videos by combining videos into videos and transforming drawings into playback videos for truly cool effects. Or add hotspots, social media buttons, opt-ins, and interactive action calls to your videos.

In addition, ESP has a larger integrated library with pictures, pens, animations and hand styles.

In terms of the number of options and features, ESP is the clear winner.

However, you may not need all of these additional (interactive) features.

If you just want to create a simple doodle-style video with no interaction, you may prefer Doodly.

Especially because Doodly is easier to use and learn. And…

Doodly is the only Sketch Video Creator that lets you create both blackboard videos and whiteboard videos. Plus…

You can define your own hand-drawn path for each individual image.

These two unique selling points alone are worth your investment.

SVG / Vector versus PNG / JPEG images

To draw an image in Easy Sketch Pro, you need one of them SVG images (Scalable Vector Graphics), You can also add PNG, JPEG, or GIF images.

The ESP software can sketch these pictures. This means that the hand draws the main lines and ends with the (photo) picture. However, you will need to use SVG images for a smoother result. These often have transparent backgrounds and are more scalable. Unfortunately, SVG images can be expensive and not so easy to find.

(Note: To help you find high-quality vector graphics, read my post Vector graphics for animation or sketch videos)

With Doodly you can use PNG and / or JPEG images (not GIFs). Since there are many more PNG and JPEG images compared to SVG images, there are no more restrictions.

After uploading, Doodly sets the drawing path style for your PNG / JPEG image in a kind of "blur style". (It looks like the opposite of an eraser; the image “blurs” when you run your hand over it.)

Fortunately, you can change the character path in Doodly to get a smoother result by adding just a few points / clicks, as you can see in the following example.
(You can not change the character path style with ESP.)

Scribbling example

How would I use Doodly?

For me, Doodly is the perfect tool to create short video ads for my YouTube and Facebook video advertising campaigns.

On Facebook in particular, instead of just showing your static image ad, you can get more attention by running these auto-playing, doodle-style video ads (and then improving your clickthrough rates and lowering your Facebook advertising costs).

Of course, you can also use these videos to replace static images or ads on your website or blog.

But to be honest, I prefer Doodle-style more advanced and interactive sales videos Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 (also because you can get ESP for a one-time price).

Are there any defects?

Although the built-in library of characters (with different poses), pictures, and props is of high quality, it may not be enough for all of your needs. But don't worry, you can use any PNG or JPEG image. Note, however, that you probably also want to add / change your own drawing path style to each uploaded image. It is not difficult, but it will take some extra time.

If you want more characters, pictures, and props, you can buy the first upsell (see below).

Why Should You Buy Doodly?

Because with Doodly you probably have the simplest and fastest software for creating sketch videos on the market.

Not only can you create whiteboard videos, you can easily create blackboard videos.

For me, the real strength, however, is the ability to use any PNG / JPEG image you want and add a unique drawing path style to each image.

Therefore, you can now create awesome-looking Doodle-style videos without spending time and money finding "expensive" SVG images.


There are 3 levels of membership: Gold, Platinum and Enterprise.

The Gold membership Starts with a monthly fee of $ 20.00 (billed annually). The platinum costs $ 30 a month and the enterprise costs $ 40 a month.

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

And you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Other products of the same manufacturer / seller:

Jimmy Kim started Doodly with Brad Callen.

Together they have launched another product on the market: Check trust, Click on the link to read my full review of this fantastic tool and to collect, manage and publish customer reviews on autopilot.

Jimmy is a well-known product developer with several Bestseller on JVZoo,

Jimmy is also the owner / creator of SendLane, a platform for email service providers / autoresponders.

Some of Jimmy Kim's products include:

  • doodly, Click the link to read my review of this excellent Sketch Video Creation tool.
  • Push Connect Notify (closed).
  • Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX (Sold to Richard Madison). Image Creation Suite. Now part of Lifetime Studio FX,

Therefore, Jimmy's products are developed by and for internet marketers. He knows what he is doing and supports his products appropriately (from his team in the USA – 18 employees).


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