Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Review and Bonus

EasySketchPro 3.0 Logo Smallproduct: Easy Sketch Pro 3.0
kind: Software
price: $ 37.00- $ 97.00
Creator: Paul Lynch and Andrew Fox
With Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 you can create doodle videos (hand drawing / sketch) within minutes. Amazing new features in this version. Play videos in your sketch video. From the opening of the sketch to the live video. Or sketch any text, picture, music, or voice to play the video. More hand and pencil styles and beautiful canvas backgrounds. Version 3.0 offers additional free access to a SaaS platform, MakeMyVideoInteractive, which allows you to create engaging videos with interactive hotspots in your video.

Make interactive sketch videos like never before

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 review and bonus

What is Easy Sketch Pro 3.0?

The new version 3.0 of Easy Sketch Pro was released today. From the previous versions already over 50,000 copies were sold. It is the best-selling software for creating videos in doodle style (hand drawing / sketch) on the market.

In version 3.0, the developers made some major improvements and added additional functions:

  • You can create your videos much easier and faster. Now you can simply drag and drop your object (images, text, video) onto a slide and they will be drawn (or played) exactly where you want them and in the desired order. Is your slide ready? Just add a new slide and start creating your next sequence. Now you no longer need to right-click and make all sorts of animations and other settings. An enormous time saving compared to the previous version!
  • Huge amount of additional copyright free vector graphics, hand styles and audio tracks.
  • Make my video interactive. As an added feature, you now have access to a new SaaS platform, MakeMyVideoInteractive.com. See details below.

Check out these 3 videos created by seller Paul Lynch and developer Lee Pennington as pre-launch videos to see what's new:

If you want to get a quick overview of all video creation functions, watch the following demo:

Make my video interactive

Make my video interactive with ESP3

When you buy Easy Sketch Pro 3.0, you also get access to a new SaaS platform MakeMyVideoInteractive.com.

On this platform, you can turn any video you want (YouTube, Vimeo, or even hosted) into an interactive video player with customizable player settings, which is most important Add HotSpots to your video,

What are hotspots?

HotSpots flash clickable interactive icons in your videos.

You have several options for displaying the hotspots:

  • You can currently choose from over 500 icons (you can even use sketch icons in the Near feature).
  • Select text in the hotspot.
  • Choose the size of the hotspot.
  • Choose the color of the hotspot.
  • Choose the time you want it to be visible.
  • Select the desired position on the video.
  • Select Force Capture or Not. (The video will not be played again until the viewer has clicked on the hotspot.)

What kind of actions for your HotSpots can you use?

  • Display custom video overlay (HTML code). (Can be used for the registration form code for all other autoresponders that are not supported.)
  • Call for action. A button with a redirect to any URL.
  • Phone. Tap to call – let's call your leads directly from the video!
  • Skype. One-click Skype connection.
  • YouTube & Vimeo. Add and view other YouTube or Vimedo videos as an overlay over your video.
  • SoundCloud. Play MP3s in your videos.
  • Like me / Like my page on Facebook.
  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • E-mail application. Fully integrated with Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Sendreach and Campaign Monitor.
  • Add your webinar registration form from GoTo Webinar.

After you've added your HotSpots, you can save and publish your interactive ESP video …

  • as a public link. The software creates a new video URL. Now you can share your new video URL via email or chat.
  • on a Facebook tab.
  • in the Facebook News Feed.
  • on any site that accepts an embed code provided by the software.

Plus MakeMyVideoInteractive comes with …

  • Video settings. Choose the name, description and colors of your video (control bar, player controls, player slider).
  • Complete analysis. You can see how much traffic your video has. Monitor the number of clicks, the countries your viewers came from, and traffic statistics by date, clicks, device type, operating system, browser, source type (website or Facebook). You can even click on any HotSpot to see the number of clicks on that particular HotSpot.
  • Mark your individual videos. Add your own logo.
  • Custom tracking code. Add your own tracking code for individual videos, e.g. B. for Facebook retargeting, Google Analytics etc.

I think this platform is a great additional tool to increase your engagement and make your videos interactive. It uses the Vicon lead Lee Pennington's technology and platform, released 4 months ago. If you click on this link, you will see the sales page and see that it is sold for $ 37.00!

But what about the video creation software?

The software has really improved now. So you can create your videos faster and easier. There were some annoying steps that you had to take to adjust your slide and image effects. Now you can use the software without a tutorial. It's so intuitive and easy to use. I really like it now.

And all the extra pictures, audio and hand styles are great. I used to look for additional pictures, but now there are many pictures in the library. Of course, sometimes you have to search outside of Easy Sketch Pro for certain pictures (see my overview page for vector images).

And although this upgrade mainly focuses on the additional platform and HotSpot features, I just want to mention some of the great features of the main software:

  • madness effect from the sketch to the live video, Upload a video and the software sketches the opening scene. You can set the drawing duration of the sketch before moving to LIVE video, and you can add your own music or voice to both the sketch and live video.
  • Sketch any text, image, music, or voice for LIVE video, Use your own pictures and background music or choose from the integrated ones Library with ready-made music tracks and vector graphics,
  • Import any video into the timeline while playing your sketch video, Just place your video anywhere, any size on the timeline. So you play a (smaller) video in your video. Create incredible effects with this function alone!
  • Library of canvas backgrounds, Show your text messages on beautiful backgrounds. From the glittering lights of a billboard in New York to the sun-kissed beaches of Cancun.
  • heap Pencils, brushes, chalk and crayons, Choose your drawing hand according to gender, color or race. Switch between chalk, brush, pencil or crayon.

The software can be used both on the PC and on the Mac. There are actually 2 versions. Therefore, each version has been optimized for use on PC or Mac.

Are there any defects?

At the moment I have not found any real shortcomings. I used version 2.0 myself for some time. In the beginning I had to get used to the program and sometimes had to go back to read the PDF manual to know how to get exactly the effects I wanted. With the new version you can make your videos more natural, faster and easier.

In the member area you can download a PDF manual for the installation and use of the software. There are no demo videos, but the PDF covers all the important features.

It is important to note that you need to draw a picture SVG images (Scalable Vector Graphics), Although the software contains hundreds of these SVG images, you may not be able to find the right images for your video. You can add your own SVG images, but you must have the appropriate usage rights (either buy or use) Common creative pictures).

Yes, you can also add PNG, JPEG or GIF images. Just like the new feature with videos, the software can sketch these images. This means that the hand draws the main lines and ends with the (photo) picture. However, you will need to use SVG images for a smoother result. These often have transparent backgrounds and are more scalable. To help you find high quality vector graphics, read my post Vector graphics for animation or sketch videos,

Why should you buy Easy Sketch Pro 3.0?

Because with Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 you have the best software for creating sketch videos on the market. It is now much easier and faster than ever to create doodle-style (whiteboard) videos.

And as an extra gift, you can now access MakeMyVideoInteractive.com. A great SaaS platform to add interactive hotspots to your videos.

Impress your customers with cool effects and create high-converting sales or demo videos. Of course, you can use the software for any type of video you want to draw by hand. Just for fun (your kids will love it) or business.

Previously, it cost you a fortune to have such Doodle videos (create). Now you can create it too. Especially if you consider the ridiculous low.


There are three levels of the new Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Interactive:

Bronze (= starter) ($ 37.00). Create your video with Easy Sketch Pro branding. (A branding created by Easy Sketch Pro below right)

Silver (= Business) (67.00 USD). No branding + add your own logo.

Gold (= Business Pro) ($ 97.00). Without branding plus adding your logo and over 12 months of premium wallpapers, usually $ 30.00 per month.

Notice to current users: If you have already purchased an earlier version of Easy Sketch Pro (version 1 or 2), you only need to buy the bronze version and your license will be upgraded from bronze to gold “for free”. (Just contact the Easy Sketch Pro support team and send them both your original and your new proof of purchase.) Of course, you can use the links on this page and get your bonuses (like all other buyers who receive the Buy bronze license).

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsells and OTOs

The first OTO is Easy Sketch Pro Commercial License for an additional one time payment of $ 47.00. With the Commercial License, you can create UNLIMITED videos for customers. The commercial license is NOT the software, but only the right to use the software commercially. The software is a stand-alone product and must be purchased before the license. A separate commercial license can only be acquired with the software in order to use the software commercially.

The second upsell is Monthly Image Club, You get a lot of additional SVG images every month for $ 29.00 a month.

The last upsell is 50 monthly backgrounds, For $ 15.00 a month, you get 50 additional canvas wallpapers every month.

My Easy Sketch Pro bonus

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And you get 70/80/100 bonus points (Bronze / silver / gold and an additional 80 points for each OTO you buy) that you can exchange for great WP plugins, courses and other information products Choose your bonus,

Choose your bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily, I add new bonuses. You can redeem your bonus points at any time. They will be precious forever. So you do not have to hurry to turn them into bonuses. Unused points will be saved to your account (until used).

To receive your bonus (points), simply send your receipt (Email protected) and I will send your bonuses and activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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