EasyWebinar Review and Bonus

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price: $ 59.00- $ 349.00 per month
Creator: Simple webinar – Casey Zeman
EasyWebinar is an all-in-one software for webinars / events that lets you conduct live webinars and automated webinars. With the new EasyWebinar Live Engine up to 4 people (with a maximum of 100 participants) can enjoy HD quality, streaming without latency and shared screen usage. EasyWebinar integrates and leverages the power of Google Hangouts and YouTube Live to deliver dynamic, HD-quality live events (with thousands of participants).

All-in-one software suite for webinars and events

easywebinar review and bonus

What is EasyWebinar?

EasyWebinar is an all-in-one webinar / event software application that lets you create live webinars, automated webinars, summits, hybrid events, encore events, and simple recurrence pages.

It comes with 2 live streaming methods. You can run live stream events with Live engine from EasWebinar for up to 100 participants, or use the YouTube Live Engine for larger events. Both are easy to use and you don't have to be a webinar expert to use them.

With EaseWebinar's Live Engine, you can enjoy HD quality live streaming with no latency and screen sharing for up to 4 people.

EasyWebinar also integrates and uses the possibilities of Google Hangouts and YouTube live to give you dynamic live events in HD quality (with thousands of participants).

In addition to live streaming, you can easily create, manage and monitor / analyze with EasyWebinar full of event marketing funnels for all your live and evergreen webinars / events.

With EasyWebinar, you can easily set up your registration page, thank you page, email tracking, social share function, event page, event replay and much more.

The main functions of EasyWebinar:

  • Live Engine (in beta). Live streaming platform in HD quality with no latency, including HD quality for live and screen sharing with up to 4 people in the room, which will be sent to your webinar participants (max 100 participants).
  • YouTube live integrations to stream larger events with more than 1000 participants. (Yes, can be used with Wirecast or a third party video encoder suitable for YouTube.)
  • Create Live Events. Automated recorded events. Recorded events are transmitted in real time and Hybrid events (Switching between life and automated). You can even create events that are streamed in your participant's time zone.
  • Page designer and creator, You can choose from several adjustable ones nice templates Create your registration, confirmation, live event, replay, and thank you pages.
  • Integrated with all major autoresponders to send all kinds of emails (announcement, confirmation, reminder, thank you, etc.).
  • Integration with SendGrid, You do not need an autoresponder to send your (webinar) emails. You can use the integrated e-mail system with SendGrid (for much better deliverability than your own hosting).
  • Infusionsoft CRM Tagging API,
  • One-click login technology, Register e-mail pass through fields and Facebook.
  • Complete chatbox integration, It allows chat options for Twitter, Facebook, LiveFyre, Chatroll and more. But of course you can use the built-in chat box.
  • Scarcity tactics and delayed timed events,
  • Detailed analysis, The system tracks your registrants throughout the entire event process, from registration to participation to action execution.
  • (Optional) Remove EasyWebinar Branding,
  • Easy to use dashboard and some additional functions so easy Event clones. One-click conversion from live to automated event (and vice versa), Social share incentive Feature (Bring in more viral leads by sharing a free gift as a reward for sharing.) Skype and phone fields,

The software automatically creates all pages and hosts these pages for you. However, you can also host the pages in your own domain using a WordPress integration plugin.

EasyWebinar even creates a registration widget. You can place this widget anywhere. On a (WordPress or HTML) page, a wishlist membership page, using lead pages or another content builder (e.g. OptimizePress).

Since you're using Google Hangouts and Live, you can use one unlimited number of participants. several moderators and use a webcam and or Desktop sharing (e.g. PowerPoint presentations, etc.).

EasyWebinar 4.0 templates

Watch the full demo video for full details:

Significant differences to other webinar software solutions

In addition to the new live engine, EasyWebinar offers the most advanced functions for conducting automated webinars.

Think about:

  • Unique live event.
  • Weekly recurring live events.
  • Automated one-time event in a time zone.
  • Automated recurring webinars in the local time zone of your participants.
  • Punctual events (streamed every 15 minutes).
  • Block day scenario streamed automated webinars.
  • Scenario with direct rendering of the page.
  • Show the next available session dynamically on the registration page.
  • View multiple sessions in the registration drop-down menu.

In addition, EasyWebinar offers some unique features that other webinar software platforms do not offer.

  • Recorded events are transmitted in real time.
  • Turn your live events into automated events.
  • Hybrid events (start live – switch to automatic switch back to life).
  • Create “No Registration Required Event Links” or “No Registration Required Countdown Event Links”.
  • Third party chat such as LiveFyre, ChatRoll, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Infusionsoft CRM Tagging API.

Are there any defects?

This is the fifth major upgrade / release for the YouTube Live Engine. Therefore, the software has been tested and used for some time. Therefore I have not found any major defects.

Of course, you use Google Hangouts and Google Live. How to get your branding. However, both have proven to be of high quality and easy to use (just think of easy recording and playback!). So why not use these Google tools as they can be used for free?

It's a different story for the new EasyWebinar Live Engine. This is still in beta, it looks promising, but I haven't had time to test it myself.

Why should you buy EasyWebinar?

Since developer Casey Zeman does everything to outperform its competitors, and after reading the differences to other similar products above, you are likely to agree that EasyWebinar is (at the moment) one of the best products.


The monthly (or yearly) fee depends on the maximum number of live participants. The lowest starting price for EasyWebinar standard is 59.00 USD per month (Paid per year and with a maximum of 100 live participants). You can also choose the Pro license ($ 90.00 per month with a maximum of 500 live participants) or the Enterprise version ($ 349.00 per month with a maximum of 2,000 live participants).

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsell or OTO?

As far as I know there are no upsells.

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