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Kenny here and welcome to my review of eCom Lifestyle University by Ricky Hayes. I'm sure you know who Ricky is, but for those who do not, he's best known for his Youtube channel.

His channel focuses on e-commerce, and Facebook ads in particular, helping marketers gain more traffic and sales.

He also teaches shopify optimization, brand building strategies and product research. His channel contains many White Hat Facebook case studies with actionable tips and real-world examples.

Like most ecom Youtubers, Ricky has decided to start a course, and that's probably why you're here – you want to see what others think.

Ecom University V3

His course is in the 3rd update and the price is still the same at $ 497. It is aimed at Noobs. So, if you're new, you will not have a problem getting along.

I decided to take his course. So let's go through the modules to better understand what you get for your investment.

Module 1 – Mindset & Welcome

Not to mention the typical welcome video or in this case two videos. One is on guard to tell you how to stay motivated. Fortunately, this is not boring and secondly the welcome video, in which you will see what you will learn in the course.

Module 2 – Building your business from A to Z

This section of the course has about 34 videos. Here's how to set up your Shopify store from scratch.

Topics include connecting your payment gateway, setting up Google Analytics, currency conversion, Facebook pixels, follow-up tracking, and more.

There are many apps he suggests to connect to, such as Bold Brain, Loox, Recart, Dropified, Klaviyo, Wheelio and more. I've never seen so many apps suggested in a course, but it depends on what kind of business you run and what you need. He goes through all the apps so you can understand if it's necessary or not.

Module 3 – Product Research Academy A-Z

In this module, you will learn how to conduct product research in accordance with Ricky's style.

Ricky's research methods include doing business research on Facebook, AliExpress, and Shopify with If you want to know how to do this for free, read my article titled Find Trendy Products For Sale Online. Just jump to # 10 for details.

He then discusses other methods of product research on Facebook with Mobile. Apparently he says he found products on his phone that he did not find on the desktop.

Overall, no bad research methods, but to be honest, there is nothing that can be found online for free or in “most” other courses.

Module 4 – Building Your Brand

Building your brand is essential for several reasons. Brand awareness and trust. If people do not recognize your logo or brand name, they will not trust you. This must be earned, and you do so by ensuring that people see your brand everywhere and obviously in a favorable light.

Ricky believes that you can build your brand with social networks like Facebook and Instagram. That's what he teaches in this module. Remarketing was one of the best ways to gain brand awareness because of the nature of in-your-face marketing.

Module 5 – Facebook Ads Academy

In version 3 of the course you will get some additional videos. This module has been extended to a total of 27.

If you're new to Facebook, do not worry because it teaches you from the ground up, even if you're a freshman. Some of the topics covered in this section are as follows:

  • Facebook ad text
  • Facebook ad strategy
  • interest alignment
  • Custom audience retargeting
  • A similar scaling strategy
  • Scale your campaigns
  • To create high-converting video ads
  • Manual bidding
  • Budget Test & Scaling
  • This is how you get regular customers
  • Campaign-based optimization

I've seen some less than half the content for Facebook ads, so this module meets the requirements. However, it still fades in comparison to Facebook training, which can be found in a course like eCom elites.

Module 6 – Team Management

If you're new, you probably can not gloss over this section because you do not need it yet. As you grow your business, Ricky shows you how to outsource everyday tasks to outsourcers. He explains how to find and use them with Upwork, Trello and Slack.

Module 7 – Google Marketing Bonus

For version 3 of the course you will receive a module for Google Ads. Learn how to set up your ads on Google Ads and Google Shopping, and how to use Merchant Center to inform you.

The lessons include the following topics:

  • Google Ads setup
  • Pixel installation
  • keyword research
  • ad layout
  • retargeting

I've seen other courses that provide more detailed information about Google Ads, such as: In eCom Elites or Tristan Broughton's Google Ads Academy. However, if you are just looking for a way to get started with this module, you should benefit from it.

Module 8 – ManyChat Bonus

Ricky believes ManyChat is the future of eCom. There are many chat programs so you have options. I've tried ManyChat before and it's a good program, but you'll most likely have to opt for the paid version for $ 15 sometime.

The free version is pretty limiting what you can do. However, it is a good bonus and you will learn how to implement it in your business.

My thoughts on eCom Lifestyle University

If this course were cheaper, I would probably go ahead and tell you to grab it. If you have the budget, definitely get it since it's one of the best dropshipping courses available if we disregard cost altogether.

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