Ecom Masters Review – Shopify Course by Joaquin Corrales


You may know Joaquin Corrales from his Youtube videos, in which he wears some sort of clothing crazy face mask while driving his car. If you look at the video, you'll get it soon, as it explains how he made a lot of money with this ridiculous item. He then tells you how you can earn up to $ 1,500 a day or more if you do what he does – dropshipping.

He will show you everything in his eCom Masters course.

You probably notice the man in the picture above leaning on the car – this is Franklin Hatchett. Franklin will be featured in eCom Masters, so it's a collaboration between the two. Franklin has his own course, Ecom Elites. which in my opinion that is best drop shipping course currently available. But hey, you're here for me Review of eCom Masters So you get that.

Joaquin's course costs 1750 USD or 4 payments of 497 USD

Ecom Masters rating

As mentioned, you probably only know the price from Joaquin's ads on Youtube. If you've been looking for ecom in any way, you'll probably see his ads. At the time of this writing, they are still up.

He's doing something else to get you into his funnel. If you click on the link, you will be forwarded to a registration form for a webinar, The webinar seems to be live, but it is actually a recording and starts at a different time that you can choose. If you have the time to do a webinar, and that's your thing, then it's worth listening to what he has to say. I'd rather not commit to a webinar and just read some sort of sales page, but that's the strategy he chose for his course.

Below is a brief description of what to expect when you purchase the course:

  • How they earn $ 1,400 a day with a store, they do 1 hour a week
  • How to procure products that they know will make immediate sales and money
  • Layout of the business where thousands of different products are sold
  • Show you her ad account, earning $ 10 for every $ 1 spent
  • Comes with free software and app
  • Live 1 to 1 coaching around the clock with your personal coach. – This is the main reason for the higher cost of the course

If you are familiar with ecom elites, you will see in training a similar training from Franklin's course. The rest of the videos shows Joaquin himself.

The introduction shows videos by Joaquin in conversation. For the areas Facebook and Shopify they are almost identical to eCom elites.

So you're probably wondering why you should buy eCom Masters if you already have eCom elites? Let's explore further and go through the course content.

Content in Ecom Masters

  • Over 130 videos
  • Contains Franklin's eCom Turbo theme
  • individual coaching
  • bonuses

eCom Turbo Theme

Included in the course Franklin Hatchett's eCom Turbo Theme, I can only recommend this topic because speed and conversions are in the foreground. You also get the updated, unlimited license so you can install in an unlimited number of Shopify stores.

Training for this topic is also included, which is extremely valuable. It's probably the most detailed training I've ever seen for a theme on the Shopify platform. This is a big plus, since setting up new topics can be very confusing, but training makes it easy and easy to follow them.


The course is packed with videos, 130 for regular training and around 30 for installing the software bonuses associated with purchasing the course. Franklin excellently explains how to build your business, including details Facebook, I found out that the information reflects that of e-commerce elites. So if you already have e-commerce elites, you know where to go.


You probably already suspected that the individual coaching is the biggest asset of Ecom Masters. If you feel that you are benefiting from it, the course is definitely worth the money. If you look at how much the ecom guru charges for personal coaching (possibly hundreds of dollars per hour), the course pays off.

However, if you feel that you do not need this hand gesture and you can follow and implement the course materials, I recommend only taking Franklin's Ecom elites and also be Ecom Turbo Theme, Together, you only spend $ 344.00, with the unlimited license for the theme. Compared to the price of Joaquin's price at 1750.00 USD you save exactly 1406.00 USD. You could put the money you save into Facebook ads, which I think is a smart move.

Let's talk about the bonuses you receive

What I like about this course is that they have weekly Q & A Meetings so that any of your concerns can be addressed here. You will find that it helps to see questions from other people. You will also get some additional tips that may be of benefit to you.

Additional training videos will be posted as they are created, so you will always be aware of new strategies as the trainers become aware of them.

Last thoughts on Ecom Masters

For beginners or advanced learners who want to improve their shop, this course will appeal to them Success at a much higher rate, Being alone with ecom is a big mistake because you have to learn from the masters who have gone through all the ups and downs, mistakes, money losses, and so on. If you know what works, you are in such a better position to be successful.

So if you have a more personal experience and would like to be trained by setting up and scaling your store, ecom Masters is a good choice.

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