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I recently came across a funny video of an Indian rapper. Well, rapper, wherever they come from, has nothing funny about it, but his video was actually a selling point for his course – the Ecom X University. Kudo is for its originality. I'd like to see other Ecom guru try to make a rap video.

Anyway, the purpose of today's report is not to evaluate Moonis Ali's rapping abilities, but to check his course to see if he's worth the 7999 Indian Ruppe's he's charging. By the way, that's $ 115, based on today's exchange rate. So is it worth $ 115? That's cheap YO! (Sorry LOL)

What an ass, right? You definitely want to learn from this guy so that you too can be like him. Maybe someday you make your own rap video. In his video, however, is no treasure – too bad.

I did not see any Ferrari or Lamborghini in his video, but I saw a guy with a bucket on his head. That was cool. Sth.

So, who is Moonis Ali?

Moonis Ali's first love is not rap (thank God), but he aspired to be an expert in dropshipping and sell millions of rupees around the world.

He got his first taste of the business when he attended a class taught by Gaurav Madaan, a famous Indian marketer.

After recording this information, Moonis invested almost everything he had in his shop. Finally, he claims to have cracked the jackpot and earned millions of dollars (not rupees) online.

His sales page shows screenshots of Shopify's best month revenue at $ 144,000. Not that bad. However, as with most sales pitches, you will never get the actual numbers because the main expense of advertising is never disclosed.

But he keeps it real by telling people that you need to have money to invest in your business if you want to be successful. He even tells them that they should get a job to finance their business, which makes perfect sense in the beginning. Everyone should do that. You can do your sideline at night or out of work.

Ecom X University Review

At Moonis' Course, he promises to help you find a killer product that never fails. This is first of all an outrageous claim. If that were the case, he would never reveal this "secret" to you. Why should he? He would be a billionaire in no time if he just kept it to himself.

So I saw a red flag from the start, but I'm still optimistic.

In the course you will also learn how to appeal to buyers of Facebook. The content in this section is rather weak and not substantial. If you want to get a course that only focuses on Facebook ads like these, you need to be trained very intensively, and this section is actually quite mediocre.

He teaches you how to recover your Facebook ad account when Facebook decides to close it.

The course will also show you how to get started with Shopify. So if you are a beginner, you can set up your shop.

It also shows you which countries you can best market to. Tip – this includes the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

What's missing from the course are other methods like Instagram ads and influencers, YouTube marketing, Google ads, Google Shopping ads, Sales funnels, and email marketing.

This is missing very much and since the price for this course is quite low – it is also expected.

However, he'll teach you the basics of opening a dropshipping store, finding products, setting up and scaling your Facebook ads when you find a winning product.

If that's all you're interested in, then maybe with the little investment of this course, it's worth a try.


What is a MUCH better and still cheap alternative?

I would wish you had better chances of success if you only invest a little bit more in a course that contains ALL the strategies you need to succeed.

I do about:

  1. Facebook ads
  2. Google Shopping Ads
  3. sales funnel
  4. Email Marketing
  5. remarketing
  6. Chatbots & more

The course I'm talking about is eCom elites.

It was created by a very prestigious 7-digit marketer, who is also a 2-point club winner from Clickfunnels.

The course has over 175 videos where you will learn all this and more. It puts the Ecom X University in the shade.

For a few extra dollars, you get access to a course that I can warmly recommend to all my readers, and for one reason: The price is extremely fair and the content is stunning. You will find courses that cost a grand or more that they can not touch. How does $ 197 sound?

So visit my review for eCom elites and see what's in it for you. I believe you will recognize the tremendous value it has to offer and undoubtedly the best option for you.

All the best,


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