eCom Turbo Review and Bonus


eCom Turbo Logo Smallproduct: eCom Turbo
kind: Shopify Theme
price: 97.00 to 147.00 US dollars
Creator: Franklin Hatchett
eCom Turbo is a Shopify theme with customization features and options for all types of styles that use promotional features such as scarcity timers, pop-ups, coupon codes, discounts, upsell options, call-to-action, buttons to add to cart, urgency sale stickers, trust badges , Customer references and much more to your business.

Best Shopify theme for more sales

eCom Turbo Review and Bonus

What is eCom Turbo?

eCom Turbo is a Shopify theme with many design options and promotional features.

Not only you Adjust your styling as you would expect from a high quality theme …

how to customize your (background) colors, fonts, sizes, menu / footer structure, add / remove sliders, add sales tags, select from different styles / themes, hide / show sections, add text via product images and much more …

on your shop homepage, individual product pages and checkout pages – so that your styling on all sides is congruent.

More importantly, you do not have to search and pay for all sorts of necessities Shopify Apps because this topic has Everything you need is included in the topic itself,

With eCom Turbo you can now offer your customers the best experience and so too Easily add proven conversion boosting elements and psychological sales triggers to your shop as:

  • Scarce knife with different styles.
  • Popups. For example with coupon codes or discounts.
  • Options for upsells and recommendations.
  • Call-to-action and "ad-to-cart" buttons.
  • Emergency sales stickers (ie social symbols and text from customers who have already bought).
  • Counter of visitors (how many visitors are on the website).
  • Trust badge (up or down).
  • Customer recommendation.
  • Progress bar.
  • Currency converter.
  • Sticky "Add to Cart" button on mobile devices.

What's so special about eCom Turbo?

As far as I know, it's the only Shopify theme that has all of these features built into the theme.

Never fight with:

– The design and structure of the shop (homepage, menu, product pages and checkout pages) …
– Search, buy or subscribe to dozens of apps.
– Adding trust elements or scarcity on an individual basis.
– Try to let the apps work together and have the same styling.

Plus, you no longer have to pay for each app.

With eCom Turbo you have everything "under one roof" …

Just pick the elements you want and you'll be sure everything has been tested and worked together smoothly.

Therefore, the gain conversion elements do not overlap but strengthen each other.

Rather than describing all these amazing features, just watch the demo video created by Franklin Hatchett himself.

As you can see, there are many design options and ways to increase your conversions.

Are there any defects?

As with all toolkits, you should only use the "kits" that you want to use and that offer your visitors the best experience. Too many "boosters" can even bring your conversions to a standstill.

The same applies to color and styling …

Changing a color or style does not always improve the look and feel of your store, as you've probably found out from the demo video (which was shown for horrible examples of colors and styles in this demo).

Of course, these are not really shortcomings.

In fact, all options and features are fantastic, work and are easy to select and set up.

If you wish, you can watch over 20 tutorial videos in the members area that you can also get support from (or ask questions within the private Facebook group).

Why should you buy eCom Turbo?

If you have been …

– Problems with your Shopify setup …
– Do you have a business that does not convert …
– Do you have a business that makes sales but needs a boost …
– I was thinking about shopping in Shopify because the work scares me off …
– You do not want to pay (annual) fees for all types of Shopify apps.


eCom Turbo is the perfect all-in-one Shopify design with customization features and options for every type of design, allowing you to customize items such as scarcity timers, pop-ups, coupon codes, discounts, upsell options, call-to-actions and "ad -to-cart ". Buttons, emergency sales, trusted badges, and customer referrals for your store.


You can get access eCom Turbo for a one-time payment of $ 147.00 (Unlimited Shopify Stores),

Or, pay only $ 97.00 (a Shopify store) or $ 127.00 (three Shopify stores) if you do not need unlimited stores.

My eCom Turbo Bonus

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