Flickstr Review and Bonus


Flickstr logoproduct: Flickstr
kind: Desktop software
price: $ 27.00 to $ 37.00
Creator: Brett Ingram and Mo Latif
Easily create stunning live action videos for all of your marketing purposes. Attract your audience with proven video templates, background themes, background music loops, epic writing styles, and special filters and effects. Use the camera shooting timeline editor, automatic script generator, audio and voice recorder, Precision Clip & Trim and PerfectSync in one click to optimize your videos. You do not need any previous knowledge. Use the built-in library of video images, songs and loops, icons, shapes, and elements, or add your own.

Easily create stunning videos or video ads that generate traffic in minutes

Flickstr Review and Bonus

Flickstr is a desktop software (for PC and Mac) that lets you easily create and convert short, eye-catching videos for your advertising and marketing campaigns.

How does Flickstr work?

  1. Choose a template, Choose one of the 30 templates or start with a blank canvas. And add a YouTube video or upload / add your own video.
  2. Customize your video, Add music, elements, shapes, symbols, your brand or logo, voice-over, and action call to each slide / scene.
  3. Preview, select your video quality and click Produce,

Just wait for the rendering, and you'll get your HD video in minutes.

Compared to many other short videos, you can do this with Flickstr Create videos of any length up to 2.5 minutes,

Flickstr only works as a PowerPoint where you can Add / duplicate a slide and Customize each slide with special effects (with different duration).

Therefore, you can optimize the duration for each slide / scene, select your transitions, and add as many extra slides / scenes as you like.

So, the perfect tool to build your story …

Flickstr comes with one Media library of video elements with 30 templates, 100 font styles, 80 elements (icons, buttons and shapes) and a set of filters and special effects.

And during the start you will receive these additional bonuses (Flickstr Gold Edition):

  • 500 elegant video footage for use as a video background theme.
  • 25 music tracks and loops.
  • 30 social symbols.
  • Delicious shapes & elements.
  • Amazing filtering and special effects.
  • 10 extraordinary intro videos that attract attention.

Other features of Flickstr:

  • Desktop software for PC and Mac. Therefore fast rendering (no more unnecessary waiting as with many cloud-based solutions).
  • WYSIWYG point-and-click editor with full control and multi-layer customization for audio, audio and video editing as well as preview and undo / redo features. Customize templates, fonts, colors, shapes, logos, icons, selected filters / effects, and more to optimize your videos.
  • Modular scene control, Easily add scenes, delete them, clone them, and rearrange them to create your story.
  • Huge media library (see above).
  • Upload and use your own media as pictures, videos, logo / watermarks.
  • Automatic script generator, Upload your script to the text box, and Flickstr will automatically drag your content into the video (which you can drag-and-drop to resize and place anywhere on the canvas).
  • Audio & Voice Recorder, Use the recording studio for high-quality sound with an easy-to-use interface. Or record your voice directly in the software.
  • Special textFX with several entry and exit directions.
  • 1 Click PerfectSync,
  • Simple user interface,
  • Unlimited rendering videos up to 2.5 minutes long.
  • Output and quality in several video sizes, Produce videos in 360p, 480p and HD 1280 × 720, 960 × 540, 640 × 360 MP4. Choose between landscape 4: 3 and widescreen 16: 9.
  • No royalties, no watermarks, no restrictions,

Are there any defects?

Flickstr can not compete with the truly advanced video authoring tool, such as Camtasia or Adobe After Effects. However, it is much easier to learn and use. It also includes a huge media library that lets you quickly and easily create professional live action videos for any purpose or niche.

Although you can use up to 100 fonts, in my opinion, the text fonts (in the final videos) are somewhat unclear (vague). Take a look at the demo videos on the sales page and you'll see what I mean.

Also, the main front-end sales page does not give you a good idea of ​​what kind of video items are included. But the package is a good start.

As you will see in the upsells, vendors offer you several upgrade packages. And to be honest, I find it difficult to choose between these packages because the packages include extra features, additional footage, and additional rights.

So it depends on what kind of videos you want to create and whether you want to sell them or not.

So make your choice in advance and analyze each upgrade to see what you really need and want (to overcome the information overload when buying).

Why should you buy Flickstr?

With Flickstr, you can easily create professional and stunning live action videos for social media and promotional purposes.

The actual video artist is easy to use and has a short learning curve.

I really like this app. Especially because it is a desktop application (for PC and Mac). This means faster rendering and no more waiting times.

And if you buy the Platinum or Agency upgrade, you can sell those videos to your local customers or to anyone interested in high quality, eye-catching videos for a great deal of money.


For a limited time, you can access the Internet Flickstr and unlimited video renderings for a one-time payment of only $ 27.00 to $ 37.00,

The price increases during the start. Do not wait too long. Get your one-time prize before it's over forever.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the ability to upgrade to the Flickstr Business Edition Pro (49.00 USD). Now you get the following extras:
20 brand new Business Edition video templates
1,000 HD Flickstr Ready videos
HumanVoice Text 2 language technology

Audio & Voice Recorder
50 transition effects
50 animated elements
100 sound effects
100 NEW Background Music Loops & Tracks
500 professional fonts
80 beautiful shapes
100 action buttons
BONUS: 50 margins for your Flickstr videos
BONUS: 60 headers and footers for your Flickstr videos
BONUS: 30 social animated lower thirds
BONUS: zero conversion & production fees
BONUS: 3 hours of Rapid Business Support
SUPER BONUS: 500 brand new HD videos delivered every month for 2 months

As a second sale you can upgrade to the Flickstr Platinum Edition Pro (49.00 USD). Now you get the following extras:
40 niche DONE-FOR-YOU video and image templates
Videos, photos, pictures and GIF combinations
Insert FULL product images
Powerpoint Style Videos
Add GIF animation
1000 transparent pictures
5000 photos & pictures
Kinetic animation and text effects
BONUS: 100% customizable image video templates
BONUS: 100% customizable scripts
BONUS: Video Agency Selling System
BONUS: Offline Graphics Creator
BONUS: InfoGraphs 323% reloaded
SUPER BONUS: 10 brand new video templates to be delivered each month for the next 2 months

As a third Upselling you can upgrade to the Flickstr Agency Edition (69.00 USD). Now you get the following extras:
3 commercial licenses and developer licenses
Human Voice Text 2 Speech International (18 languages)
Kinetic text animation
Kinetic transition animation
5,000 videos for commercial use
Audio & Voice Recorder
Do it for you & 100% customizable video templates
Do it for you & 100% customizable video scripts
Done for you & 100% customizable voiceover
BONUS: 30 in-video social callouts
BONUS: Video Agency Selling System
BONUS: Up to 6 minutes of video


BONUS: 3-hour support for the agency

As last and last upselling you can upgrade to this Flickstr Premium Edition (49.00 USD). Now you get the following extras:
Sell ​​local niche videos for 100% profit
Local video agency portfolio

9 Local niche DONE-FOR-YOU video templates
Human Voice Text-to-Speech INTERNATIONAL
Audio & Voice Recorder
100% Original Local Niche Scripts
Agency designed local niche video templates
BONUS: 9 editable projects for local niche video templates
BONUS: 9 Editable text file for professionally written local niche scripts
BONUS: 9 done-for-you voice overs for local niches
BONUS: Facebook Graphics Creator
BONUS: Banner Graphics Creator
BONUS: multi-user access (developer, commercial, outsourcer and VA license)
SUPER BONUS: 20 seconds of teaser videos for 100% profit

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