Flicktive vs ClipGraph vs Graphitii Review


What is the best Cinemagraphs Creator?
Flicktive, ClipGraph or Graphitii?

Flicktive vs. ClipGraph vs. Graphitii Comparison Review

What are cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraphs look like a "live image" – a still image with a "moving part" – but are actually videos or animated GIFs.

Watch this demo video for some great examples of cinemagraphs.

How do I create cinemagraphs?

Until recently, it was impossible to create these cinemagraphs yourself without having extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (and Adobe After Effects).

Luckily 3 new tools – Flick scopes. clip graph and Graphitii – It has been on the market recently that anyone can quickly and easily create cinemagraphs without the need for technical experience.

All tools use the same simple steps:

Step 1 Select a video and timeframe (ie The portion of the video you want to use for your cinemagraph).

step 2 Choose a still image (any preview image of your video).

step 3 Clean the parts of your video you still want to play, d. H. The moving parts.

Step 4 (For Graphitii and Flicktive only) Add your pictures and text overlays.

Step 5 View your score and create and save your cinemagraph as an MP4 video or as an animated GIF when you're satisfied.

Step 6 (Only for Graphitii and Flicktive) Share your image / video from the application in social media.

So, if you use the same basic steps …

What are the main differences?

Flicktive vs. ClipGraph vs. Graphitii

featureFlick scopesclip graphGraphitii
kindCloud-basedDesktop PC / MacCloud-based
Fine adjustment filter for brush
Put # loops
Add pictures / text
Filters & Effects
Integrated social sharing
Built-in video library
Appreciation4.5 stars3.5 stars4.0 stars
price$ 29.95 – $ 49.9567.00 USD47.00 USD
Surcharge for
Commercial license
0.0097.00 USD20.00 USD
sales pageBuy nowBuy nowBuy now

What are the main differences between Flicktive, ClipGraph and Graphitii?

Cloud based vs desktop app

Flicktive and Graphitii are cloud-based solutions, So you can access your app from any device with an internet connection.

ClipGraph is a desktop application for PC or Mac and you may install the software on 2 devices (PC / Mac / Laptop).

At Flicktive and Graphitii you rely on the hosting and services of the seller / creator.

As a result, uploading your video takes a little longer (uploading over the Internet versus simply uploading to your PC / Mac), and the app takes more time to create your cinemagraph (and more time to download it to your computer) PC ).

So if you prefer speed and you do not have a fast internet connection, ClipGraph is the better choice. If you prefer access through a desktop application, select "Flicktive" or "Graphitii".

But there is more to choose than just the way of application …

Cinemagraph creation functions

ClipGraph has two additional features that Graphitii and Flicktive do not offer.

First, ClipGraph 2 has great Fine-tuning the filters called smoothness and opacity for the moving part frame. This will allow you to create more visual effects. With Flicktive and Graphitii you can "only" adjust the brush pointer width.

Second, you can use ClipGraph Set the number of loops The cinemagraph will do. After the end of the loop, the video / GIF stops (you only see the thumbnail).

With Graphitii and Flicktive "only" endless loop videos / GIFs are created.

(Note: The Flicktive video should be shorter than 6 seconds to create automatic automatic looping on Facebook and Twitter.) If the video is longer, it automatically plays, but stops at the end and shows Video Playback Button: Facebook users can also disable the Video AutoPlay feature (in their Preferences), in which case the Thumbnail View will be displayed with the Video Playback button.

Probably more important …

With Flicktive and Graphitii, you can add images or text to your cinemagraphic (use it for your watermark, add a buy or CTA button, or just add extra text). I think that's a great extra.

Tip: If you choose ClipGraph (without this feature), you can work around this by using a video editing tool and adding your text or images to the video before uploading the (edited) video ClipGraph!

Flicktive offers great filters and effects that you can add your text and images.

Another feature that only Graphitii and Flicktive have is the ability to do so Share your newly created cinemagraph directly in the social media app, Therefore, you do not have to first download your MP4 / GIF to your PC and then publish it on social media.

With Flicktive you can even Set a redirect URL for your social networks (The page that opens automatically when someone clicks on your picture.)

Also Flicktive is the only app with one built-in library of videos (100 HD videos).

Finally, you have to buy one with ClipGraph and Graphitii Commercial license If you want to use (or sell to your customers) the cinemagraphs for your customers.

While you can select the commercial upgrade directly from the main front-end sales page at Graphitii (for only $ 67.00), you must pay $ 97.00 (second upsell) at ClipGraph.

Flicktive example Runner on Bridge

Are there any defects?

All products are solid products and easy to use. Flicktive offers the best text / image editing features with layers, filters, and special effects. And Flicktive is probably the easiest to use program.

Overall, I have found no major flaws …

All products are sold by sellers / developers with a good track record who have sold very popular and best-selling video marketing products on the JVZoo platform.

Flicktive is distributed by Mo Lativ and Brett Ingram, developers of various software products. Your last successful product was Quotamator (a viral meme creator application that creates and publishes interesting meme quotes in social media on the autopilot).

ClipGraph is sold by the Explaindio team. Yes, the developers of Explaindio, one of the best video animation software tools on the market today. Read my review to find out more Explaindio 3.0 Video Creator,

Graphitii is distributed by the Viddyoze team, developers of Viddyoze, a great tool for creating intro and outro videos (read my full video) Viddyoze rating).

Is there an overall winner?

Right now Flicktive has the best features and the best price for me. However, if you prefer a desktop application (with fewer features compared to the other 2 cloud-based solutions), choose ClipGraph.


During this special start you can buy Flick scopes for only $ 29.95. (Cyber ​​Monday is the last day you can get Flicktive for $ 29.95 The next day, the coupon code cybermonday is no longer valid and the price is $ 49.95.)

You can buy clip graph for $ 67.00. (And you can buy those Commercial Enterprise License for and additional $ 97.00 as a second upsell). If you are lucky, you can continue using this feature for a limited time Coupon code fg20off Get $ 20.00 off.

You can buy this Graphitii Personal License for $ 47.00. (Or, directly select the commercial license for $ 67.00)

All offers have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Upsell or OTO?

Flicktive has 4 upsells. The first is the Per upgrade ($ 49.00- $ 97.00). Now you get additional creation tools such as 2400 HD Flicktive Ready videos, 500 professionally approved fonts, 80 stunning and beautiful shapes, 75 engaging call-to-action buttons, and 130 gorgeous icons.

As a secondary seller, you get access to Flickering gold (67.00 USD). With this upgrade, you can add eye-catching headlines, footers, and / or colored margins around your cinemagraphs (vendors call them flicks or ficives). You'll also get some extra features to add more social media accounts.

As a third Upselling you can upgrade to the Flicktive Agency license ($ 49.00- $ 79.00), where you can use the Gold and Commercial license for your customers to whom you can provide additional client reporting and client social media management.

As the last Upsell you can buy this Vizully ​​Commercial License (77.00 USD). A dynamic visual power creator for creating / editing / managing / extending intriguing campaigns with over 1,000 templates, over 200 typefaces, over 400 clipart graphics and 500 transparent photos, and many rewards.

ClipGraph ships with a number of upsell – all previous Explaindio, the Enterprise / Commercial License ($ 97.00) and some "club memberships".

Graphitii has "only" 2 upsells. ON Club membership ($ 37.00 per month) and a DFY site ($ 97.00) if you want to sell your cinemagraphs through a professional website.

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Buy Graphitii

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