Fresh Bundle Master v2 Review and Bonus


Fresh Bundle Master Logoproduct: Fresh Bundle Master v2
kind: WordPress plugin
price: $ 47.00- $ 97.00
Creator: Carey Baird

Fresh Bundle Master is a WordPress plugin that easily combines Amazon products into a bundle. Add value to your visitors and combine products into logical packages that are often bought together. Easily increase your sales and commissions. Must have a plugin for any serious Amazon affiliate.

Sell ​​more on Amazon by bundling products

Fresh Bundle Master 2.0 Review and Bonus

What is Fresh Bundle Master v2?

Fresh Bundle Master is a WordPress plugin that easily combines Amazon products into a bundle.

The idea behind this product is that people often need related products when they buy a major product.

When you summarize your products on your blog or review site, your visitors don't have to search for related products or wonder what else they need.

For example. Take a camera with you. You probably also want lenses …

and a camera bag and maybe a book with tips on how to use the camera …

So you help your visitors by showing them everything they need …

and you can increase your sales and commissions!

A win-win situation …

How does Fresh Bundle Master v2 work?

Step 1: Select your main Amazon product.

Step 2: Search and select the best-fitting Amazon products.

Step 3: Adjust the bundle's quantity, style, and call to action.

Step 4: Build your bundle and publish your bundle on your blog / website.

Fresh Bundle Master 2.0 example

Key features of Fresh Bundle Master:

  • Just choose your products. Enter your keyword, Amazon URL or ASIN for your main product and the software will automatically suggest related products based on the "What Others Bought / Bought Frequently" algorithm.
  • Imports all relevant product data. The plugin automatically captures the product data (product description and ratings).
  • Automatic update and API caching. The plugin searches for, replaces or removes expired products.
  • Simple placements. Show your bundle anywhere on your blog. On your post / page or in your widgets.
  • 5 different bundle layouts. Choose your favorite layout and style. And your customizable call to action.
    New Bundle Master 2.0 layout styles
  • "Amount saved" on the total package price in relation to the total EIA.
  • Supports all Amazon countries.
  • 90 days Amazon cookie.
  • Add shopping cart features that allow customers to change quantities or remove products from the bundle.
  • Mobile Responsive.

You'll also receive 24×7 professional support and access to a private Facebook Mastermind Group.

Are there any defects?

Although it is easy to select and find related products (as the software shows the frequently purchased products), you do not know if the bundle is actually what people will buy together.

When you buy the PRO version, you get an extra feature, the One-Click Auto Bundle Creator. This feature uses Amazon algorithms for "commonly purchased products". You no longer have to think about which products to combine, and you can easily create bundles of products that are often bought together in seconds.

If I were the seller, I would have included this great feature in the front-end product. But it is not like that.

Why should you buy Fresh Bundle Master?

Because it's a unique WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create product packages. You can add real value to your visitors by offering any customized product package they want. And in a professional way with different styling and placement options – suitable for any topic or blog.

I like the function that your visitor can add the package directly to his "Amazon card" with the option to change the numbers first and / or delete items from the package.

The 90-day cookie from Amazon is also a big added value.


You can now buy the Fresh Bundle Master v2 developer License for a one-time payment of 97.00 USD, Or buy the personal license for $ 47.00.

You will receive free updates and upgrades for life.

The offer has a 30-day warranty period without any queries.

Upsells and OTOs

The first OTO is that Pro Pack upgrade (67.00 USD). This package consists of some additional functions and the Fresh Profit Pro theme. This theme was designed from the ground up specifically for use with Fresh Bundle Master.

You get these additional functions:

  • One-Click Auto Bundle Creator. Save time and use Amazon algorithms to create the best bundles.
  • Floating bundle. Get your customers' attention and transform them by displaying your bundle in a pop-up window.
  • Single product focus. Sometimes you just don't want to display bundles. Do not distract your visitors and show just one product.
  • Global Profit Stream. This addon knows where your visitors come from and automatically shows the correct Amazon Country affiliate link. That means more sales from international visitors.

Fresh Profit Pro Theme example

In addition to the fantastic looks of the Fresh Profit Pro theme, it has some extra features like:

  • Product verification functions. Easily add your review fields to improve confidence and user interaction.
  • Social proofing features. Integrate your social media platforms into your topic to achieve additional social engagement.
  • Pop bundles. With this theme, you can use popups, exit pops, pop-ins, and pop-over.

If you don't need the additional features, you can simply buy them New profit theme as a downseller for $ 47.00 (limited time only, regular price $ 97.00).

You can buy them as a second sale White label rights for Fresh Bundle Master v2 (197.00 USD). With this Limited Time Offer, you will receive a discount of 80% (the regular price is $ 997.00). You can simply rename the software with your own name and sell unlimited versions at any price you want, or give it away as a bonus for a paid product (minimum retail price for the software or bonus product: $ 47.00).

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The third upsell is Amazon Presell Mastery Course (47.00 USD). Get 7 pre-sale templates to pre-sell your Amazon products on your blog. Fill in the blanks with these proven templates / wipes and your pre-sale page is ready to go. This saves a lot of time and you do not have to start from scratch. You'll also get a 26-page report on how to create highly effective Amazon sales pages that convert like crazy.

The last and last sale is the opportunity to get access to the Internet SEO platform, See the picture below what is included in this platform. It's a great platform to easily generate traffic. functions functions Source:

My fresh bundle master bonus

When you buy through my affiliate link (just click one of the links on this page) you will receive the following 7 bonuses:

Bonus # 1 Azon Box Deals Plugin – $ 37

  • Autograb Amazon Gold Box Deals
  • Up-converted design
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Easy to install
  • Set up in less than 3 minutes

Bonus # 2 Azon Notify Box Plugin – $ 37

  • Notify Amazon app
  • Show visitors a notification about the desired product
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Easy to use
  • Supports 7 Amazon countries
  • Ready in less than 3 minutes

Bonus # 3 Azon Affiliate Camera Cash Niche Package – $ 17

  • high quality items
  • ecovers
  • List building report
  • Email series
  • graphic files
  • Check videos
  • Software for creating lists
  • Bonus ebook
  • EMD data
  • Keyword Data
  • Tweets

Bonus # 4 Insider Guide to Niche Research for Amazon – $ 20


  • What to look for in a niche
  • Why evergreen niches are so profitable
  • How to find products you want to promote
  • How to use the Click Bank?
  • How do I use Amazon?
  • Search for profitable keywords

Bonus # 5 Amazon Affiliate Christmas Toy Domination – $ 17

  • high quality items
  • ecovers
  • List building report
  • Email series
  • graphic files
  • Check videos
  • Software for creating lists
  • Bonus ebook
  • EMD data
  • Keyword Data
  • Tweets

Bonus # 6 Premium Amazon WP Theme 2015 – $ 27

  • Supports 7 languages
  • Compatible with all major WP partner plugins
  • 5 stylesheet colors
  • Automatically related posts
  • Cool and elegant design

Bonus # 7 Amazon Halloween Niche Package – $ 17

  • high quality items
  • ecovers
  • List building report
  • Email series
  • graphic files
  • Check videos
  • Software for creating lists
  • Bonus ebook
  • EMD data
  • Keyword Data
  • Tweets

If you purchase the developer license plus the PRO version (first upgrade) or the white label rights, you can select a free product on my (white label) offer page:

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And you get 50/70 bonus points for buying the front-end product (Personal / Developer) (and another 80/150/60/100 points if you buy upsell 1/2/3/4) against great WP plugins, courses, and others Exchange information products Choose your bonus,

Choose your bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily, I add new bonuses. You can redeem your bonus points at any time. They will be precious forever. So you do not have to hurry to turn them into bonuses. Unused points will be stored in your account (until used). The animated image below shows some of the bonuses you can choose.

Choose your bonus demo

To receive your bonus points, simply send your receipt (Email protected) and I will activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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