Fusion by DropMock Review and Bonus

Fusion of DropMock logoproduct: Fusion of DropMock
kind: Cloud-based software
price: $ 37.00- $ 47.00
Creator: Jamie Ohler – DropMock
8-in-1 video / modeling app. Easily create short, exciting, and high-converting videos and video ads for social media and promotional purposes. Just select a template, add your text, your images / logo, your audio track, and click Render. You can choose from models such as models, video models, scene models, social video ads, HD video advertising, Facebook video headlines, live action videos, and vertical Instagram videos.

8-in-1 video / modeling app

Fusion through DropMock Review and Bonus

Fusion is web-based software that makes it easy to work with Create short, eye-catching videos or image mock-ups for your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Just follow these simple steps …

Step 1. Select what type of image / video you want to create:
Fusion templates

  • Photozz – photo models
  • Videozz – Video Mock Ups
  • Scenezz – Scene Mock Ups
  • Pitch – Social Video Ads
  • Kinetic – HD video advertising
  • Canvas – Facebook Video Headers
  • Movezz – live action video
  • Vertical – Instagram video

There are 10 templates to choose from in each category …

Step 2. Choose your template and edit it,

Choose one of the templates and for each video dia …

-Select your pictures and upload them.
Add / change the text fields.
-Add / Select your audio track.

With these image editing features, you can edit / customize your image exactly as you like it.

Fusion editing functions

And to upload your pictures as easy as possible …

Fusion integrates with platforms like Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay and Youzign.

Step 3 Press Render and load / publish / share your video,

Fusion is loaded with a library of 100% unique and royalty-free video templates and audio tracks that you can use with a click of a button.

Other features of Fusion:

  • Web based (SaaS). Thus, it can be accessed by any browser or device you want.
  • Built-in integration with YouZign, Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels. Easily search for commonly used creative images that you can use with one click.
  • Resizing and cropping. Drag and drop the image and resize it the way you want to apply it to the video screen.
  • Set of templates (for different purposes and niches) with preview function and indication of duration, number of used images and text fields.
  • Library of audio tracks.
  • Built-in transitions and effects.
  • Simple interface with status of all your videos (to be rendered).

Note: Most Templplates consist of slides with pictures as background. However, there are (few) templates in which you can use a video as a background.

Watch this full demo of Fusion …

And look at these merger templates (example videos) …

Kinetic HD video advertising:

Or click on the links below for more examples.

Kinetic example 2

Kinetic example 3

Kinetic Example 4

Kinetic Example 5

Canvas Facebook video headers:

Canvas example 2

Canvas example 3

Canvas example 4

Bad luck Facebook Video Ads:

Pitch example 2

Pitch example 3

Pitch example 4

Pitch example 5

LIVE-action videos:

Live Action Example 2

Live Action Example 3

Live Action Example 4

Vertical Instagram videos:

Vertical Instagram Example 2

Vertical Instagram Example 3

Vertical Instagram Example 4

Vertical Instagram Example 5

Are there any defects?

I've played a bit with the software and it's really easy to use.

It is cloud-based. Therefore, you are reliable and have to wait for the video rendering and hosting of the provider. During peak hours, it may take some time for the videos to render.

Of course, you can always leave the software to render and perform another task simply by opening a different browser tab. So not a real problem, just be prepared.

The frontend product contains 80 templates (10 templates per app).

Enough to start and create awesome models / videos and catch the attention of the audience.

Do you need more templates? Take a look at the first upsell you can become a member of Fusion through the DropMock Affiliate Program (47.00 USD p / m). Now you get instant access to 2400 exclusive additional video templates with commercial rights (plus monthly new templates as long as you remain a member).

Note that all these videos, which are between 20 and 60 seconds in length, are relatively short.

No big deal, as this software was developed to create short attention-grabbing videos. This software is not intended for sales video letters with a length of minutes.

(Note: To easily create sales letter videos, read my review on EasyVSL 3.0)

Additionally, you can not change the number of slides and images in the template. Also, you can not change the duration of each slide.

Why should you buy Fusion?

With Fusion, you can easily create short, exciting and highly-converting videos for social media and promotional purposes. Simply select a template, add your text, images / logo, audio track, and click Render.

I like the built-in transitions and the fact that you can easily add your YouZign images or search for free copyright images from sources like Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels.

And yes, if you purchase the commercial license, you can sell those videos to your local customers for a great deal of money or to anyone interested in high-quality, eye-catching videos (if you purchase the commercial front-end license).


During the boot process, you can access them for a limited time Fusion with personal use for a one-time fee of 37.00 USD,

If you prefer (and I recommend), you can buy the Commercial License for $ 47.00.

The offer has one 30 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the ability to become a member of. To become Fusion through the DropMock Affiliate Program (47.00 USD p / m). Now you get instant access to 2400 exclusive additional video templates with commercial rights (plus monthly new templates as long as you remain a member).

With this upgrade, you will also be invited to a monthly LIVE online meeting with the entire video and photo crew, where you can ask questions and ask important questions about specific types of videos the team will create.

As a second sale you can use the Fusion of DropMock Internet Marketing Store ($ 97.00 to $ 197.00). Now you get your highly optimized and high-revenue store to showcase and sell your Fusion creations – with one click and effortless upload.


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