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price: 37.00 USD
Creator: Martin Crumlish – YouZign

Gifpublishr is a new cloud-based social marketing application that lets you publish / schedule intriguing animated images (GIFs) with target links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The built-in GIF finder extracts animations from Giphy, Imgur, Popkey or Reddit (or you can upload your own GIFs via PC, URL or Youzign).

GIF Finder and Social Media Publisher

Gifpublishr Review and Bonus

Gifpublishr GIF search platforms

What is Gifpublisher?

Gifpublisher is a new cloud-based social marketing application that lets you publish / schedule animated images (GIFs) with destination links (short disguised) on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

It comes with a built-in GIF finder that extracts animations from Giphy, Imgur, Popkey, or Reddit.

Or you can upload your own GIFs from your PC, import them via a URL or use the built-in function Youzign Integration.

How does Gifpublishr work?

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1 Connect your social media accounts, Just click on the social media button and confirm the connection. You can add Facebook fan pages and groups.

Step 2 Search or import your GIF, Find and use GIFs from popular GIF platforms such as Giphy, Imgur, Popkey, or Reddit using built-in smart search. Just add your keyword and select the GIFs you want to use. Or, upload a GIF from your PC, import it from a URL, or import multiple GIFs from a web page simultaneously.

Step 3 Customize and add link and description (and hashtags),

Step 4 Select your social media accounts and publish / schedule,

Instead of one post at a time, you can use the Automatic campaigns Function to select several images at the same time and to automate the booking process for you.

Now the software sends the GIF posts in the order you specify and on the days of the week you specify.

To make the posts more explicit, you can use different labels by using comma-delimited text strings, such as a text string. B. Rotate text.

As a result, all published and planned contributions can be viewed on the Internet editor Tab.

Gifpublishr functions

Gifpublishr comes with these core functions:

  • 4 ways to find or import a GIF in Gifpublishr:
    1. Find and use GIFs from Giphy, Imgur, Popkey, or Reddit using the built-in smart search feature.
    2. Upload a GIF file from your computer.
    3. Import GIF from a URL.
    4. Import all GIFs from any web page URL with GIFs on them.
  • Compose and send your GIF posts immediately or schedule them for later.
  • Supports the top 4 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Users can add unlimited social media accounts.
  • Ability to automatically post and schedule on all supported platforms simultaneously.
  • Add hash tags and truncated links (using the Zoom Out button) to each GIF post.
  • Fast automatic campaigning – automates the GIF search and publishing process.
  • Ability to create unlimited automatic campaigns per account.
  • Youzign integration.
  • Easy-to-understand tutorial videos in the training menu.

Watch the full demo video …

Gifpublishr against GIFbuddy

A more or less similar app is GIFBuddy, It's also a cloud-based app for automatically publishing and scheduling the most exciting and viral animated GIFs in your social media accounts. However, only GIFs (only) from GIPHY (and not from Imgur, Popkey or Reddit) can be extracted.

In addition, with GIFbuddy you can only post (automatically) on Facebook and Twitter (and not on Pinterest and LinkedIn).

However, with GIFbuddy you can automatically publish / schedule the GIFs in your WP blog.

Are there any defects?

This tool is very easy to use and is designed to simply find and schedule (viral) GIFs with a brief description of your main social media platforms.

You may not be able to use Gifpublishr for Instagram's automatic posting because of recent updates to the Instagram Terms of Use and the fact that Instagram does not like auto-posting.

In addition, Auto Campaign allows you to set only the time of day and select the days of the week that you want to publish. Therefore, you must set up multiple campaigns if you want to automatically publish more than once a day.

No big deal, but it would be easier if you could select multiple timeslots per day for multiple posts per day.

Yes, this application does not create GIFs. You must use existing GIFs and can not modify the GIFs or add your own text (as some apps in the Meme Creator software do).

Overall, I found no major flaws or mistakes.

Why should you buy gifpublishr?

Because it's a simple tool for finding (or importing) (viral) GIFs and publishing or planning them in your social media accounts. Adding your description, hash tags, and a shortened (disguised) URL will give you free traffic and allow you to send people to any page you want.

It's just a simple app that you can add to your arsenal and publish almost on autopilot on your social networks.


Wagon opens at 11:00 EST, 20th – Closes at 23:59 EST, 24th February 2018

During the special start you can get Gifpublishr for a one-time payment of 37.00 USD,

After that, the price is likely to go up.

No refund period of 30 days has been set for the product.

Upsell or OTO?

The first upselling you can buy gift Racker (47.00 USD). With this tool, you can track and split all your links and add retargeting pixels to your links.

Giftracker offers the following functions:

  • Split test. Try different offer links, quickly identify winners and scale campaigns in a snap.
  • Retargeting. Build custom audiences to drive conversions with targeted campaigns.
  • Geographic targeting. Send people to different links, depending on the geographic location of the visitor.
  • Detailed tracking statistics. Know how many clicks each link gets and where those clicks come from.
  • Password protection. Turn your campaigns into listing machines by protecting them with a password (which can only be shared by viewers after signing up for your email list).

Gifzign special

As a second sale you can get Gifzign Unlimited (97,00 USD). Gifzign is an all-in-one GIF software application. It comes with a Video to GIF converter, a GIF recorder, GIF editing features, a GIF player and GIF mockups. Read my review for all details.

Youzign special

As the third and last upselling you can get Youzign Unlimited (197.00 USD). This is a great package if you do not have Youzign 2.0 yet (Read my review).

The regular price for the Youzign 2.0 + Club membership is $ 240.00 per year and $ 47.00 for the template package. Now you get lifetime access and templates for (only) $ 197.00.

So, secure your lifetime membership!

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