Help Your Shopify Store With Conversions?


Hey, this is Drew, and today we'll be reviewing the conversion theme. The theme was created considering conversions (hence the name, but with a K) that every retailer / Shopify retailer should think about.

Having an ugly and slow theme is certainly a conversion killer. I mean, answer that question myself. Have you ever been on an ugly and slow website where you thought about making a purchase but were turned off to leave the site?

If the answer is yes, you're just like many other online shoppers. So imagine, you have this bad experience in your business. How many sales do you lose?

Enter the conversion topic to help and hopefully address these conversion killers.

The conversion theme was created by Phil Kyprianou, one of the largest online Shopify sellers. The source code was written in terms of both performance and aesthetics.

If you compare this to the free themes (which you're likely to use), your topic will most likely have a chunky design, an unattractive and disorganized layout, and last but not least – most likely slow.

If it is difficult to nag, people will probably go. People today have no patience for slow, poorly designed websites.

As you can see, a good-looking, well-designed store not only helps with conversions, but also creates trust and turns visitors into shoppers.

That's why I'm a fan of the conversion theme because it addresses ALL issues that have free themes. Many big names in the industry endorse this theme, including Justin Cener.

Call to action buttons

One sure way to increase sales is to get the right action buttons in the right place. Conversion does a great job here and maximizes CTA placement very well.

Mobile optimized

I like the way this theme looks and reacts in Mobile. I use it in one of my stores and you can really see the benefits of comparing it to the crappy free theme I used to have. It loads quickly and just looks nice. Your users will surely notice an improvement.

Included in the theme

You will be able to remove many add-ons for your free theme that will cost you money every month as the essential apps are integrated into this theme. As I mentioned in my article ecom turbo ratingIf you include them in the code, that's much better than clicking later. This is part of the mystery of these premium themes – the addons are custom encoded to only perform better. Visit the sales page here to see more details.

Adding upsell products (quite simply) are just a few of the many features included in this topic.

Add to cart options

Instead of just having an add-to-cart button somewhere that's not easy to see, the conversion design offers you a few options. You can have it directly on the category page and also select the variances of your products there. That's really cool – especially for impulse buyers.

Should you buy the conversion theme?

I will not lie, it's a bit expensive. However, if you take your savings into account by dropping all your paid add-ons and winning customers that you would have lost with your crappy free theme, the issue will pay off in a few months.

I decided not to go into too much detail in this review because you can see all the features of the theme along with lots of screenshots on the sales page. It makes no sense to insert them here to fill this page.

If you want, you can stick to your free topic. I just wanted you to be aware of the benefits of a premium theme. I think that's the main reason why you're here.

Conversion costs $ 197 for one license and $ 394 for three stores.

I think after reading this, you probably know that your free theme just does not cut it anymore. It's probably time for an upgrade, and I'll give the conversion topic a great opportunity. It's pretty great.

Learn more about the conversion topic here.

If you want a cheaper option, but I think it's just as good, Take a look at eCom Turbo, a fantastic alternative. I'm doing a full one review on it too.

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