How much does it cost to create an affiliate marketing website or blog?


How much does this affiliate marketing thing costs?

First of all, I would like to make one thing clear. With an affiliate marketing company, technically, you do not even need a website. However, this blog post is for those who create a blog, make it an official website, and want to make money overnight with these sweet ass commissions by passive income.

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and seeing how much money you have earned in your sleep.

To make things clearer, this blog post will NOT teach you how to create a website or to convince you to start one, but to go through the site detailed expenses for the start without BS.

Bookmark this page because you will need it for future use!

To make the transition easier, you have to

# 1: Domain Name (about $ 10)

Although this is listed as number 1, it is not your first step. You determine your domain name after your research. For the search tools are needed, more on that later.

Your domain name is your presence on the web and must be closely linked to the theme of your website. You do not want to confuse your readers.

You need to register your domain name through a registrar like NameSilo, Godaddy or Namecheap – both my recommendations.

Godaddy is probably the largest domain registrar. They offer great support, web security, SSL certificates, email, domain auctions and more. They do not include However, the free registration of a private domain is the only negative that I find.

Not as big as Godaddy, Namecheap also offers SSL certificates, e-mail, and a great resource space. What I particularly like about Namecheap is that they offer free “whoisguard” So you do not have to pay to keep your personal information private.

The costs To make the transition easier, you have toOn average, you want to spend about $ 10 on a domain name when you average Godaddy or namecheap. Namecheap is especially cheaper if you want a private registry (which I propose), just choose Namecheap.

# 2: Hosting ($ 35.40 / 1st year)

Your website needs to “live” online somewhere so that your hosting provider is responsible for hosting your site. They also handle technical issues and create automatic backups of your site in the event of a disaster, so your site can be restored.

There are plenty of hosting companies to choose from but you want to make sure that you choose a reputable company.

Choosing the wrong option can affect your uptime, which can lead to lost revenue. Also, you are quite confused when they decide to cease operations because you are very fortunate enough to get your files / website back. Choose wisely.

If you want to have a great host, I have agreed with Bluehost a special discount for all my readers. It usually costs $ 3.95 a month in the first year, but my link will give you $ 2.95 a month. That's only $ 35.40 for the first year!

Important! Note that you will also receive a free domain name when you set up your Bluehost account. Although this may be a breeze, I advise you to separate your domain name from a registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

The reason for this is that it is much easier and less risky if you have your domain with a registrar and not with the host. I've heard some horror stories from people who lost their domain when they registered it with a hosting provider.

This would probably never happen with Bluehost, but regardless of the host, I ALWAYS register with a third-party registrar.

Sure, it will cost you a bit more in advance (like $ 10), but you'll have more peace of mind and you'll also get a free whoisguard with NameSiloBluehost calculates extra, go with NameSilo.

Register your domain first Go to Bluehost and choose the option below:

Remember, do not target the weapon to a domain name before doing your research! When finished, I have instructions Set up your hosting account here.

# 3 WordPress Premium Theme – $ 35

Free WordPress themes are fine and it's fine to start building your site on a free theme. However, premium themes not only look better, but are usually better coded, loaded faster, offer more options and are usually supported.

I've paid $ 35 for the topic I'm using for my site and it means Scheme of MyThemeShop, Of course, you can find topics that are cheaper or more expensive, but this is an average price. I highly recommend it.

To make the transition easier, you have toYou are free to buy any subject, and some will do justice to your niche, but I have found it MyThemeShop to be pretty great because they have beautiful themes and excellent support.

If you need help or customization, just send us a support ticket so we can respond promptly.

Take a look at some of the testimonials your customers have left in the MyThemeShop support forum:

# 4 Thrive Architect $ 67 & Thrive Leads $ 67

Once you have your site up and running and ready to make your first contribution, you want your pages to look and feel better and more appealing to your audience Thrive Architect by ThriveThemes.

It's one of the best WordPress editors I've ever used. Exactly this page was created with Thrive Architect.

You might be able to avoid using it first, but you might still be able to grab it later if you're frustrated with the default WordPress editor and want to do more.

Leads thrive helps you create a more profitable email list. I also use Thrive Leads and its ease of use, templates, reports and constant updates are quite impressive. At just $ 67 for a license, this is a good investment.

You do not have to instantly invest in Thrive Leads, but you can use the standard opt-ins that are included GetResponse If you want to generate leads from your blog. Keep in mind that your conversions are probably not that good.

To let you know, you can purchase all ThriveThemes tools, including Architect and Thrive Leads, for $ 19 a month. There are 10 tools in total. I like their Quiz Builder tool and that's something I could think about in the future, but right now I've just bought the multiple licenses for Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads to use on my websites.

# 5 Email Marketing ($ 15 / month)

When you create your website, you want to collect leads so that you can market them later. GetResponse is what I use and trust, because they allow affiliate links in their emails.

Do not even bother using Mailchimp the way I tried – your account will be suspended. They do not allow affiliate links like many of them … period.

What's great about GetResponse is the fact that there's a great feature called Workflows. This realizes the traditional way of marketing through an autoresponder and is fully customizable.

You will be able to segment your list based on the behavior of your target audience, which makes them extremely powerful. It connects and instantly integrates with Thrive Leads, so no coding is required.

Start your free 30-day trial with GetResponse – no credit card required.

Let's summarize the whole thing to make the transition easier, you have to

The total cost for this is $ 214.40

In this way, you get a fully functional website with a premium theme, a professional editor and a lead tool.

Where else can you start a business for so little money? Imagine what it would cost to build a traditional retail store. This amount would not even cover the cost of paint!

Of course I left out a few things …

GetResponse (email marketing tool) is not included as it is free for the first month and then $ 15 per month. So it's not the startup cost and it's only $ 15.

You need a research tool. This is an absolute must. The best tool for this is ahrefs, It's not cheap and costs $ 99 a month. However, technically you could do all your research in the first month and that's all it's going to cost, and if you're really quick, there's a one-week trial for $ 7.

Ahrefs is my point of contact for all my online research and for every online marketer indispensable.

Another option is Key search. I also use this in conjunction with ahrefs, but can also be a substitute – though not nearly as powerful. It's very affordable, if only $ 17 / month for the starter version, which is everything you need. If you use the coupon code KSDISC, you will receive an additional 20% discount.

Probably the most important effort of all is …

And this is – Education! Go blind in this business and you'll be kidding. You'll end up spending money where you should not and aiming for something that you probably will not stand a chance of ranking among many other evil things...

The good news for you is that training does not have to be expensive. Actually, In my opinion Wealthy Affiliates is probably the best training currently available to beginner affiliate marketers and offered at a very low, affordable price with awesome support.

Wrap up!

I hope this article has given you an idea of ​​the costs associated with launching an affiliate website. That's the cost of starting an affiliate marketing business – that sounds even better!

I use all the tools, services, and training that I mentioned. I have been in this business for years and have seen all kinds of crap. So if I suggest it on my blog, it's better to think that it's good because I do not promote garbage.

I have to stick to my call and the last thing I want is somebody complaining to me, they bought some of my suggestions and it's shit!

So if you follow the instructions on this page, you will have a VERY good start to your affiliate marketing business.

Remember, success is not associated with a good-looking theme or an arsenal of cool, awesome tools – Success comes from your perseverance and your willingness to succeed and never give up. Remember it.

Questions, comments? Reply below or contact me directly.


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