IconLead Review and Bonus [Re-opened]

IconLead Logo Smallproduct: IconLead
kind: Web-based software
price: 47.00 USD
Creator: Lee Pennington
IconLead is a web-based tool that allows you to add clickable interactive and engaging icons to an image. You can place these icons, called hotspots, anywhere on the image (just drag and drop). You can create all types of HotSpots, such as: URL Redirect, Video, Call Me and Email Capture HotSpots.

Turn each image into a lead generation engine

What is IconLead?

IconLead is a web-based add tool clickable interactive and engaging Icons to a picture. You can place these icons, called hotspots, anywhere on the image (just drag and drop).

What kind of hotspots can you create?

  • Redirect HotSpot to any URL.
  • Video HotSpot, The video will appear in a new pop-up window.
  • Call me HotSpot (Tap2Call, instant calls).
  • HotSpot for e-mail capture, Integrated with all major autoresponders.

IconLead functions

Some other functions of IconLead

  • Facebook app integration with one click, (Cheaper Facebook advertising!)
  • Fully mobile optimized, LeadIcon images can be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Web-based, Thus reachable from every browser and on all devices.
  • Easy embedding and iframe functionality, Place your IconLead images anywhere.

Some ideas for using IconLead

  • Create dynamic and attractive e-commerce stores. Select the product properties with HotSpots.
  • Increase sales of sales pages with on-page engagement.
  • Create responsive e-mail lists.
  • Increase your user engagement on your blogs and websites.
  • Direct cheap Facebook ads directly to highly converting Facebook apps.
  • PayPerCall leads to local customers via Tap2Call HotSpots.

Watch the demo of Lee Pennington, the creator, for yourself:

I am sure you will find other great ideas to get the most out of IconLeads.

Are there any defects?

Although IconLead images are appealing on mobile devices and can be viewed on mobile devices, I noticed that the size of the HotSpot icon changes with the image size. The icons are smaller when the screen is smaller. The icons also have a minimum size. (Otherwise it would be difficult to click on a small (mobile) screen!). So far, so good.

However, the size of the icon is not always changed to exactly the same percentage as the image changes. For most users this is not a problem. However, if you have the perfect view on a desktop screen, it is possible that the proportions on a mobile device are not right.

Overall, I love this new software. It's easy to add your HotSpots and all functions work as intended.

With the main product (front end), your icons are only one size and one color (red).

Of course, you can upgrade to the IconLead Pro version. Now you get the developer license and your icon is fully customizable (size and colors). Take a look at all the differences between the main version and the pro version:

IconLead Main vs Pro

Why should you buy IconLead?

Because there is no other inexpensive and user-friendly tool with which you can add HotSpots to your images as with IconLead. With the simple embedding function (HTML and iframe script) you can place your dynamic and interactive images anywhere within minutes.

A great tool to expand your arsenal. Especially if you have the unique and small …


You can buy IconLead for a one-time payment of only $ 47.00.

The offer has one 60 Day no questions money back guarantee time.

Upsell or OTO?

The first upsell is the one mentioned above Icon Lead Pro (67.00 USD). Check the comparison chart above for any differences. With the upgrade you get:

  • GoTo Webinar integration
  • Play MP3s
  • Global analytics
  • image analysis
  • developer License
  • Unlimited number of symbol-lead images
  • 10 x DoneForYou Facebook templates (fully editable)
  • 10 x DoneForYou browser templates (fully editable)
  • DoneForYou Mock Ups
  • Different symbol sizes
  • Unlimited color choices for your icons

For me a breeze to take that Pro version, (Note: you need to buy the major version first before you can buy the upgrade.)

The second OTO is Icon lead mastermind (97,00 USD). Here are the benefits of accessing the Icon Lead Mastermind Group:

  • Lifetime membership – No monthly fees
  • Best practices to be successful with Icon Lead
  • One to one support
  • Case studies of what works and what doesn't
  • The latest techniques that current members use to bank
  • Advice on the best possible use of the software
  • Regular competitions within the group
  • Reviews of all icon lead images you have created

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