Inboxr Review and Bonus


 Inboxr logoproduct: Inbox
kind: Cloud-based software
price: 37.00 USD +
Creator: Luke Maguire
Inboxr is a complete chatbot and automation tool for Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Create your FB Messenger (and email) lists and market them to your leads / customers with Chatbot messages. Easily create welcome, automatic answer, word answer, broadcast, or follow-up FB messages (dripfeed) with preset bots.

New chatbot for FB Messenger and Twitter

Inboxr Review and Bonus

What is Inbox?

inbox is the first Chatbot and automation tool for Facebook Messenger and Twitter,

What is special about Inboxr?

It's a complete suite for all kinds of automated (inter) actions and interactions that use bots intelligently.

So, what are these functions?

Immediate message or schedule

You can immediately send or schedule your message to people who have previously contacted you through comments, subscribed to your FB Messenger list, or are your fans / followers (old and new).

You can even select a specific group based on the subscription date.

Of course, you can create any desired message type (text, image, video post, etc.).

Contents of the drop supply

As with any email autoresponder, you can create automated news outcomes for new subscribers. A great way to create sales funnels or news series to stay in touch with your audience.

Reply immediately to comments or triggers

The seller calls this "if that's it then" messages. Now use a defined phrase to trigger a chatbot when a visitor comments on your posts (including enhanced posts or FB ads).

A great way to deliver giveaways and …

Automatically create your e-mail list

With Inboxr, you can retrieve the Facebook email addresses of all users without the user having to enter them. To receive the email addresses, a new lead only needs to respond to your post.

For example, to access your offer, coupon / discount, or free information, ask your Fanpage visitors to answer "yes" or a trigger word in your post. Inboxr automatically captures the user's email and adds it to your favorite email autoresponder.

So far the most exciting features … but you will also get:

Most important other features of Inboxr

  • Very easy-to-use dashboard / interface. Set system and forget.
  • Analytic Campaign Manager. Track your results, log in, find out which bots work best, and analyze when people get out.
  • Unlimited number of fan pages and bot messages.
  • Training Video Series & 24/7 Support.
  • 100% approved Facebook technology and SAAS. There is no danger that an FB account will be blocked.
  • (Optional) as the first upgrade you can access DFY chat bots Here you can access Luke's most powerful bot templates. These are DFY 1-click chatbots for all types of (marketing) purposes. Either to use yourself or to install on behalf of your customers (and to charge any fee you want).

Watch the short demo …

ManyChat vs. FuelChat vs. SegMateApp vs. Inboxr

Read my review about SegMateApp to compare these first 3 known apps.

As you can see, Inboxr has many of the same features as these 3 advanced FB Messenger apps …

However, Inboxr lacks some advanced features such as payment integration, A / B split test, live chat, button creator, overlay widgets, form and user input, tags / custom fields, Zapier integration.

That means … Inboxr offers a unique low price for unlimited messages and unlimited FB accounts. If you compare that with the other solutions. They all come with monthly recurring fees and higher pricing / fee schedules, the more accounts you use and the more messages you will send.

And Inboxr is the only app in which you can use the chatbots for Twitter.

Are there any defects?

This app is brand new and I played with the app for a while, but I did not have time to test all features.

But at first glance, the app does what it's supposed to do and is very easy to use and less complex than the above (more expensive and advanced) alternatives.

So far, I have found no major defects.

Especially when you start using FB messenger bots for the first time, Inboxr is a great app to start and try.

And most of you probably do not need all the extra features as in the other mentioned advanced apps.

Why should you buy Inboxr?

Because Inboxr is the perfect app for using chatbots and automation for Facebook Messenger and Twitter, allowing you to easily send and schedule messages, remove feed content, automatically respond to comments, set up messages, create chatbots, and create at the same time Your e-mail list. All from a user-friendly dashboard that anyone with no technical experience (or JSON technology knowledge) can use.

Prices & Coupon

During this special start you can get inbox for a one-time lifelong price of just $ 37.00 +

(The + means that the price rises every 12 hours)

And if you're lucky and it's still active, you can use it Coupon Code "bot2" to save $ 2.00.

After the start you probably have to pay monthly fees. In addition, you will not be able to access all 5 additional bonuses (see sales page).

So do not wait too long, as this offer will end soon.

The offer has one 14 Double refund policy if you do not receive results after 60 days of personal collaboration with Luke and the team.

Upsells and OTOs

As the first Upselling you get access to DFY chat bots ($ 37.00), where you get access to Luke's most powerful bot templates. These are DFY 1-click chatbots for all types of (marketing) purposes. Either to use yourself or to install on behalf of your customers (and charge any fee you wish).

As a secondary seller, you get access to Inboxr VIP training ($ 27.00 to $ 37.00). This is a walk-in video series created by Luke Maguire, in which he shows you every step of getting the most out of your inbox, setting up your FB accounts, getting leads, and setting up your bots for the best results.

As the third and last upselling, you get that Inboxr Whitelabel & Resell License (197.00 USD). Now you get 20 additional licenses that allow you to sell your products directly to your customers or offer them as services under your own brand name.

This is the perfect deal if you have local customers who definitely need your app to automate their FB Messenger (and Twitter) accounts via chat bots.

My Inboxr bonus offer

Of course, if you shop through my affiliate link, I'll give you a bonus.

First, get this 16 bonuses,

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