Interactr Pro Review and Bonus


interactive logo smallproduct: Interactr Pro
kind: Cloud-based software
price: $ 147.00 to $ 197.00
Creator: Ryan Phillips
Activating app for creating interactive videos. Let your video viewers decide what to watch next. Segment your audience and show only relevant video fragments. Take your video marketing to the next level. Take advantage of the interactive power of hotspots, menus (chapters), pop-ups, timed triggers, and more.

Easy creation of interactive video funnels

Interactr Review and Bonus

Interactr Pro is the latest renewed version of Interactr (also known as Interactr 2.0). It is a web based software that lets you easily Create interactive videos,

What is an interactive video?

A video that lets you interact with your viewer in your video.

As the creator of the interactive video, you give your viewers the choice by asking a question or taking a survey in the video.

When you click on the selected answer, your viewer either sees a new video fragment, skips to another part of the video, gets redirected to any URL, or pops up.

Therefore, you as a video marketer Use dynamic response marketing to Deliver custom content to every video viewer.

You can turn any video into an interactive video and increase engagement and conversions, such as:

  • Ask questions and view specific content based on the unique behavior of your viewer.
  • Increase user engagement and show exactly what your viewer is interested in.
  • Segment your viewers and lead them to the perfect offer.
  • Use menus (such as book chapters) to easily jump to a particular fragment or section (ideal for tutorial videos).
  • Setting up complete video sales funnels.

Watch this short demo video to see how you can do it start a conversation in your video …

How does Interactr work?

  1. Create a new project and select a template, Or create your own design from a blank canvas.
  2. Upload your video assets to your media library and associate your video funnel with the drag-and-drop editor,
  3. Add your multi-layered interactive elements If the trigger is selected, you want to use the timeline at the right time.
  4. Preview your video, select your video settings, enter them, and save your project,


You can choose from 3 templates:

  • The Lazy Man method. a simple questionnaire.
  • Pattern interrupt
  • Content / Menu Template.

Or use the blank canvas to create your own video funnel.

Or as a simple and very fast application that you can use the chapter functions

Simply drag all your videos to the screen and select "Enable Chapter" (in the "Video Settings" section). Now your main Home video will display a menu in the right corner where the viewer can select any video fragments.

Perfect for video tutorials or to allow your audience to easily jump to relevant fragments. It's a kind of video playlist in your video!

video elements

Interactr Interactive Elements

There are 7 interactive elements that you can add to a (sub) video:

  • Hotspot. This is an invisible (resizable) rectangle that allows you to overlay a specific part of your video. For example, over a button or text box.
  • Button.
  • Text.
  • E-mail form.
  • Custom HTML code.
  • Picture.
  • Pop-up trigger.

Use the Timeline and Settings Bars to pinpoint when and where an item appears in your video.

multiple layers,
You can even place one element on top of each other and "stack" the elements (the element with the highest value is placed over the element with the lower number).

There are 5 triggers You can preset this after your viewer has clicked on an element:

    Interactive click behavior

  • Do nothing.
  • Game nodes. Now you can select the sub-video you want to play.
  • Open URL.
  • Jump at the moment.
  • Open popup.

Video settings and publishing

Interactr Pro release features

With the app, you can select your favorite video settings such as font, branding image, thumbnail view, and player settings (show autoplay, player search bar Y / N).

Once you have saved your project, you can embed the code in any webpage you manage (just like when embedding a YouTube video).

Or you can share the (automatically) created video URL link. This is a page where your video is hosted by the provider for you.

Other features of Interactr Pro:

  • Web based (SaaS). Thus, it can be accessed by any browser or device you want.
  • Flexible drag and drop canvas editor with timeline. Use a blank canvas, templates, or chapters.
  • Upload your own media and use them as pictures, videos, logos / watermarks or add custom HTML code to brand and customize your video.
  • Autoresponder integration for large ESPs or connection of your favorite autoresponder via HTML.
  • Scarcity features. Add a countdown timer or lock your content (and grant access only after social sharing).
  • Retargeting. Just add your tracking pixel to any desired project / campaign and use Remarket only for people who have seen a specific fragment of a given percentage of the video.
  • Basic viewer statistics as number of views. With Pro Club Upgrade, you get advanced statistics for user interactions, conversions, and storage.
  • Preview features for all your fragments and complete video.
  • Simple video settings such as font, brand image, thumbnail view, and player settings (auto play, show search bar for player Y / N).
  • Easy sharing via Embed Code or Share Page Link.

Watch this demo video to see what's possible with Interactr.

Are there any defects?

Because Interactr Pro creates an embed-code interactive video that you can place on a web page you manage, you can not easily publish it as a video on YouTube or on social media.

You can "only" share the URL of the video link or the webpage / blog entry in which you embedded your video.

Of course, you'll need to create and upload all your video fragments (or use existing fragments of yourself or another person) and connect and order them in the correct order.

So that seems to be a lot of work …

The good thing is that you can use an existing longer video and you do not have to cut it into separate parts because you can use the "Skip To Time" trigger.

Theoretically, you can record a long video with all the fragments you want to use. It does not matter in which order. You use Interactr and add nodes where you want to give the viewer the choice of what to show next.

Regarding the 2 licenses on the main frontend. With the Personal License, you can only create 3 interactive video projects at a time (and for personal use only). With the Commercial License, you can create unlimited video projects and use the created videos on behalf of your customers.

Since the prices are (relatively) close to each other, it is child's play to choose the commercial license.

Regarding the canvas templates. In the main frontend you will receive "only" 3 templates. However, since you can use the blank canvas or channel feature, this is not a real limitation and sufficient.

Even with the main frontend, you will not receive a popup template. You can also use the empty popup canvas.

As far as I can see, you can not add your own templates. However, you can reuse or copy an existing project!

If you want additional templates, you can upgrade and become a member Interactr Pro Club).

Overall, the app is very easy to use, contains clear video tutorials and I have found no major flaws or errors.

Why should you buy Interactr Pro?

With Interactr Pro, you can easily create interactive videos. It's the perfect tool to segment your audience and display only relevant video fragments. It will take your video marketing to the next level and increase engagement and conversions. Not only can you create complete video sales funnels, but you can also start a conversation in your video and keep your viewers on their toes.

I really like this app. And I do not know any other application with the same functions.

Even if you only add one menu (chapter) to your longer videos (eg a playlist in your video) with this app, the investment is definitely worth it as it gives your viewers the option of "irrelevant" parts skip.

And you can sell these videos for a lot of money to your local customers or to anyone interested in interactive videos (if you purchase the commercial front-end license).


You can get access Interactr Pro with commercial use and unlimited video projects for a one-time payment of 197.00 USD, You can also purchase the Personal Use License for $ 147.00 (but only for 3 video projects).

After this short introduction, you can only get access for a monthly fee. Do not wait too long.

The offer has one 14 days no questions money back guarantee,

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the ability to upgrade to the Interactr Pro Club ($ 37.00 per month or $ 147.00 per year). Now you get every month:

  • More unique videos.
  • More brand new popup templates.
  • Fuller interactive DFY video templates.
  • More video assets.
  • More button graphics.

As a second seller you get the Upgrade the Interactr Pro Agency Academy ($ 97.00 per year or $ 197.00 once).

This is the Agency (White Label) Edition, where you can offer Interactr services under your own brand and retain 100% of the profits. You can use your own logo and domain, add sub-users directly to your dashboard, and get all the tools and resources needed to provide your video services.

Therefore a unique new offer with high earning potential. If you offer local (video) marketing services, I highly recommend this opportunity.

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