BuilderAll : Is it worth it to create a website, a funnel and a landing page builder?


One of the main problems faced by new entrepreneurs is creating an attractive website, landing and sales pages, setting up an email campaign, and so on.

Builderall is a complete solution that fixes this problem. It is now in version 3.0 and is quite a improvement over its predecessor.

It's supposed to be the last marketing tool you'll ever need. It is inexpensive compared to similar manufacturers like Clickfunnels.

I'll probably make a comparison between the two at some point, but the main difference is that Clickfunnels mainly focuses on sales funnels, while Builderall can create a blog, a website, sales funnels, apps, videos, and more. Starting at $ 29.90 a month will save you about $ 70 a month if you compare both. But is it still worth it and is it for you? That's the focus of my review today.

What is Builderall?

The platform has been around since 2011, so it's not exactly new and was created by Erick Salgado, the current CEO.

You call this software a “Platform for online business and digital marketing“and address it to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

What this product really is is just a platform that includes tools to make life easier for you as a marketer. After that, you do not have to buy another tool to launch fully automated campaigns for your business.

It contains an e-mail platform called “Mailingboss”, which is essentially a basic autoresponder similar to products like GetResponse, AWeber and so on. However, it is not as robust as these programs.

The main purpose of the software is to help you Create landing pages, sales pages, and funnels with minimal effort.

What do you get with this platform?

I checked them a few years ago and was not really impressed with what they had to offer. It seems that they have improved their game now and have even added some additional add-ons that are included. On July 27, 2018, Builderall 3.0 was released.

When you log in to the platform, you can customize your back office by deciding which tools to add to your profile. You can add all or some, whichever you want to access easily.

I've decided to add them all to get a full picture of what you get. It is really a lot!

The tools are divided into different categories:

  • All tools
  • builders
  • MailingBoss autoresponder
  • Social Media & Engagement
  • design
  • traffic control

All tools

Clicking on this section displays all the tools that you have selected for your back office.


Here are all the builders available on the platform.

Pixel Perfect Builder

This is essentially a management tool that lets you make changes to all connected sites in one window. You can make changes, eg. For example, change the title, category, and description of a site.

You can also connect your domain here, disable or enable SSL, and set up email accounts based on the domain you work on. You can also use this interface to transfer the site to another Builderall user and publish and unpublish your sites.

Canvas funnel builder

This is the “Signature Digital Funnel Builder” where all your tools are displayed in a flow chart format. Get a visual representation of all your tools, including landing pages, upsells, emails, sales pages, and more.

I've created a model below, and although it looks very busy, you can extend this on your own. I've put it together to make it easier for this page.


With this tool you can use Magento to create your own eCommerce site. You just need to add your domain or use a subdomain. NEVER go to the subdomain route because your site will look like this – That does not create trust!

If you choose the e-commerce route, I definitely recommend Shopify. They are the ecom guides and you will have MUCH more options for customization.

However, I have created a model of what the website will look like, and this is what came out:

It's not a dreadful design, but if you want to get into eCommerce, you should use a stand-alone platform like Shopify, as I mentioned earlier. E-commerce is a lot of work and should not be viewed as a “tool” like the others available in Builderall.

If you are serious about ecommerce and dropshipping, read my review of my best rated dropshipping courses.


Webinars can bring in a lot of money if done properly. Would you like to include your own webinar? Here you can create an interactive webinar with screen sharing, streaming options, webinar recording and other options.

I did not test the webinar, to be honest. So I'm not sure how well it works. As far as I know, it has similar features to WebinarJam and there is a possibility that you have already participated in a webinar with this platform.

Watch this video to better explain how Webinar works.


With this tool you can create an unlimited number of courses. You can add teachers and students and record test results. The courses can then be embedded in any website.

App creators

If you want to create an app for your business, you no longer need to hire a developer to create an app for you. Full disclosure, I have not tested this app creator yet, so can not vouch for it. If anyone has tried, let me know in the comments below if it works well.

Once your app is created, you can either upload it to the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or the Amazon App Store.

MailingBoss autoresponder

MailingBoss is Builderall's answer to email programs like GetResponse, AWeber, and more. Creating an email campaign is an essential part of your business. When people come to your website, funnel or blog, you want to capture it and add value. Something that can help them with a specific problem.

There is no better way than by e-mail. Today, autoresponders are very intelligent in the sense that they can be customized based on the action of your readers. For example, if you do not open an e-mail, the e-mail tool notifies you (if this action was triggered) and receives a customized e-mail that other users would not receive – those who opened that e-mail ,

With MailingBoss, it is good to see that they have integrated these workflows (as it calls GetResponse and how I use them) into their e-mail program.

With Builderall you can count 10,000 subscribers, which takes some time, unless you're a rock star. Some autoresponders charge extra for these automation tools (like GetResponse), but they are included with MailingBoss.

With MailingBoss you can:

1. Allow trigger actions

When a link in your email is clicked, the following can be allowed:

  • Switch to another list
  • Present a new email campaign
  • Switch to another list
  • Insert tag

2. Add rules

You have the option to remove a subscriber from a list he previously found and a new list that he has subscribed to.

3. If the link or links in the e-mail were not clicked

  • Copy to another list
  • Present a new email campaign
  • Switch to another list
  • Change a field name

This entire process can be confusing, but the best way to do that is to plan it in advance. I had an issue where subscribers came to my list and my sequences were not complete, I had missing emails, etc. Plan in advance by literally writing them on a piece of paper. It's so much easier!


In the tests I did myself, all were inboxing. If your domain is already on the blacklist, it probably does not matter which e-mail responder you use. They are marked as spam. When you start over, you will not have a problem. Avoid only spam subject lines and content. Google this and you get a big list of what to avoid.

Social Media & Engagement

This is a huge success and you probably will not use it all. Here are all the tools available for this section:

Now let's talk about these social tools and what you can do with them.

Facebook chatbot – Use this tool to send automated messages when you receive comments about your posts. With this tool you can also communicate on Facebook with your followers. This tool is similar Many chat what I used before. At Manychat, however, you are limited to what you can do with the free plan.

Share Locker – This is an old-fashioned tactic that keeps people from your content until they like or approve your page.

Social proofHave you ever seen these pop-ups, usually at the bottom left of a website that says something like “Jeff M just bought …”, and so on? With this tool you can configure something similar on your website or in your blog.

Sitebot – With this tool, you can create a custom chat bot on your website that can disturb your visitors. This is great for those who would rather have a bot to get the job done than to engage with their customers on Facebook as the primary means. I also have one on my side. Bottom right – check it out!

Here is a screenshot of the backend of the bot builder. It's pretty much drag and drop and very easy to use. It's not nearly as complex as the one I'm using, so you should learn it quickly – training is offered.

Auto Post – With this tool you can “automatically publish” content from your website or blog on a predefined Facebook page. Basically, this is just the laziest way to post on Facebook when you get new content on your blog. It's handy so you do not have to do any manual actions. I love automation!

Roulette – You may have already seen this tool on an e-commerce website. Basically, people make you play a game of turning a roulette wheel. The roulette wheel has “prices” or discounts with different ranges.

The idea is to offer a discount, and it's also a form of lead generation because it allows you to collect emails. Of course, you can only use this for your own products, so this does not apply to the affiliate marketing model.

Browser notifications – With this app you can send notifications to your customers/visitors to your website, if they have decided to accept them. You may have noticed this yourself before being prompted to receive notifications in your browser or not when you visit a website.

You can customize the appearance of the notification. You can check statistics that contain the total number of subscribers and sort them by month or week.

This is what the backend looks like when you send a notification to your subscribers. You will insert a title, a message and a URL. You can also add an icon.

Instagram Autoresponder – With this recently added tool, you can automatically reply to your followers' comments on your Instagram posts. For example, if you give away a free eBook and someone answers, like “I want it,” the autoresponder automatically responds with a link. You do not have to do the work manually, leaving more time for other tasks. Did I already tell you that I love automation? 🙂

WhatsApp Messaging & SMS Messaging With this tool, you can send WhatsApp bulk messages and SMS with your own number. This feature works well if you have an urgent message or a big sale or promotion that you want to promote.

CRM – Here you can manage all your customers. You can keep sales activities and contact information in one place.

Script Generator – This tool is designed to assist you in creating sales text. After reviewing it, you can probably get some inspiration, but I probably would not literally copy and paste what this tool generates. You also have to be careful with certain words like “act now” or “make money” when doing email marketing. This can easily trigger a spam event.


Below you will find all the design elements that you can integrate into your marketing.

Magazine Editor – With this tool you can create a digital magazine. It has a flip action creation tool that makes it easy to create. Many templates are available. Here is an example of the tool and a sample magazine that I started.

Mockup Studio – With this tool, you can do a variety of things. You can create e-book covers, info products, and Facebook posts that look and attract attention.

I made a model by taking a screenshot of my website and uploading it to one of the many different template options. I even compressed this image so the original is much clearer. I'm pretty impressed with this tool, though my only complaint was that it was a bit flawed. The result, however, was good and there are many templates that you can use.

Compare the picture below, which is wrong compared to a real one I've made with mine About me Page and you will see how close this is to being real. My laptop is a lot uglier too lol.

I've seen Fiverr gigs in the process, so maybe you could easily make some money back and more by offering an appearance on to do the same. I'm just saying?

Photo Studio – With this tool you can create attractive looking photos, social media graphics and logos. It's not exactly Photoshop, but not a bad image editing and graphic design software. It has basic functions like light & color, effects, text, watermarks, background, resizing, etc. It's fine to do things like the ones above, where you can edit the background, size, shape, and so on ,

Animated Videos – With this tool you can create animated videos including sales videos. You can design your own characters including expressions. You also have the option to choose from a library of different characters.

You can use pictures in the animations if you want. There are similar tools like this that are a bit more robust. However, if you do not have to pay for one, you can create some decent animated videos.

This is what the backend looks like and you have an idea of ​​what the animated characters look like:

Floating Videos – I do not see so much anymore, but do you remember that on websites you saw a pending video talking to someone on the site? If this is something you want to include, it must have a greenscreen background for it to work in the tool.

A picture describes it best, as you can see below:

Presentation Studio – With this tool you can create professional presentations for slideshows. It's a bit like Powerpoint, but with a bit more features. Anyway, if you need it, it's there. There is also a full training offered.

Video Wrapper – With this tool you can create short and fast sales videos. You must either provide your own content or find some short free videos on and similar sites. The tool lets you import these videos and insert text tailored to your business or offer.

Video tag – This tool allows you to tag your videos that users can click to view or visit a web page or email.

traffic control

Do not worry, that's short. Here you can find out what's in traffic management.

SEO Report – I know a bit about SEO, so I was curious to see how this tool works and what results it would show.

I ran a test on one of the keywords that put me in first place on Google to see what would happen. My URL was rated A Conclusion – the tool does Understand what on-page SEO needs to be present. Off-page, however, is another story that will not help you here.

This is a very basic tool for on-page SEO. Although I do not agree with all the statements contained therein, it is a decent policy that must be followed.

What you do not see in the report below are the individual results and suggestions for your page. This is displayed when you run the tool yourself, so you can only follow these suggestions.

Click Map – This is a tool that does pretty much the same thing as HotJar. If you've ever experimented with this tool, you can see where users are clicking on your webpages. The goal is to understand which links / images you click to help you better optimize your pages.

Below is an example of what it would look like to run the tool. Not the “heatmap” areas – people click there most often. This is of course a model, but you will get the idea.

Thoughts on all these tools

Undoubtedly, this platform contains many tools. Some of them, most of them may never be used. It's not a bad thing to have them just in case.

Training is provided for all these tools and support. Many of them are already online, but some are already paid. Essentially, you get some tools for free without having to pay for them. Whether you need it or not is another story.

What I think of Builderall 3.0

No doubt, it is much better than its predecessor. However, I will say that I feel they are really trying to impress you with so many tools that most people do not need.

I sometimes found the training a little lackluster. Some of the trainers are great, others just seem to check the application rather than actually providing a good explanation or training. It's a hit and miss.

The good thing is that this will save you money because you do not need other things like autoresponders, video / image tools, editors, webinar software, and so on.

If you are looking for one cost-effective complete solution, then I would definitely say, give it a try. In any case, they pay a small fee from month to month and are not bound by any contract. You can cancel at any time if it is not for you.

Is it as good as Clickfunnels?

Probably not. Clickfunnels is still the king when it comes to building funnels. In a way, Builderall does not really compete with clickfunnels if you think about it. Builderall offers so many more tools and an all-in-one solution, but Clickfunnels does not.

As for an all-in-one marketing solution, I give Builderall 3.0 a passport. Especially because of the low monthly costs associated with a variety of tools, you will not receive any additional fees.



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