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You will see some important things here. First, Keysearch displays the search trends for the keyword you entered over a 12-month period. Second, right-related keywords are displayed, including volume, cost-per-click, and keyword difficulty level.

What we are really going to focus on is the data under the graph.

Here you can see Google results by rank for the given keyword. The important data here are the DA or "Domain Authority" in the second column.

The basic message here is this. If you see a list of very high domain permission sites on this list (the first page of Google results is displayed), it's very difficult to rank for that keyword if your site is new or unauthorized Has.

In general, at first I only look at the colors, with Pink the hardest (highest authority), followed by yellow (medium) and then green. If you see some green, you have a pretty good chance of ranking. Keep in mind that these are other variables, but this is a high level of research.

If you only see the ranking of high authority sites, just pick a different keyword, preferably a long tail, and see what the results show.

If you see a site with lower domain privileges next to high-privilege sites, look at the title and domain of that site. Does it exactly match the keyword? Do higher-level websites have a completely different URL and keyword? If you have Ahrefs, you should check the backlinks of the low authority site (for that particular page), as it may only contain a lot of backlinks, so it's one of the big guys. If not, it's the laser-driven title and URL, website relevance, and good on-page SEO. This means that you can probably also place a rank.

So I use Keysearch mainly for these purposes and I hope you can get something out of my mini keysearch tutorial.

Let's take a look at the other features of Keysearch.

Back links analysis

If you're comparing Keysearch and Ahrefs to backlinks, Ahrefs is still king because of the amount of reports you receive. With Keysearch, however, you get a basic review of the backlinks.

The problem is that Keysearch does not give you the full picture of backlinks. For those of you who have read somewhere that Keysearch is a substitute for ahrefs when it comes to looking for backlinks, it just is not that powerful.

However, if your research on backlinks is not too intense, it can still provide some useful data that you can look at. For the backlinks that you find with this tool, you will definitely find some websites that you can contact to receive a guest post. But more on that later, as they have a new tool extension!

I made a comparison between Ahrefs and Keysearch for the domain "" to keep up with the topic "chicken coop"

Here are the results of Keysearch:

… and here are the results of ahrefs

The same website has a large discrepancy in the total number of backlinks and referring domains. It's pretty drastic. However, you will still get some results and with this data you can spy on your competition. However, you do not get the entire picture, but only a percentage of the actual links they have.

rank tracking

This is a pretty cool feature if you want to track the ranking of your keywords. Just enter your keywords to track, and Keysearch automatically logs their placements on Google.

You can also click any keyword and view the gradient as a graph, as shown below. If desired, an e-mail notification function can also be set up for movements.

Youtube Search

If you're marketing on Youtube (which you should), this feature is helpful. Similar to the regular search for keywords, you can also use a keyword for Youtube.

The data you get for each video shown on Google's first page is the URL plus:

  1. Older
  4. dislikes
  5. Remarks
  6. Title match
  7. Description match

The title of the video is not displayed, but indicates if the title matches your search. Also included is the description if it matches. However, you must click on each URL to see the full title, which will be your main optimization factor.

content Finder

New in Keysearch is the Content Finder. Enter a keyword using this tool, and Keysearch displays the volume, contest factor, and must-have words, also known as LSI words. These are simply other words that are similar to the main keyword and can be used in your article.

It also lists a section of Google's top ranking pages. This can be useful if you just want to read what the top ranking sites are talking about without having to open the page themselves.

Opportunity Finder

Another cool tool that I did not even know existed until this test is the Opportunity Finder. Here you will find Guest contributions, blogs and forums in your niche.

If you have a "guest posts" searchWhen you enter a keyword or niche, the tool displays all results from sites that search for authors. The search is limited to "writing for us", so you will not get all but still get lots of results. For example, I entered "automotive" in the search and found 152 sites that accept guest posts for their site. Pretty cool!

If you have a Forum searchIn your niche you will find related forums where you can interact with other people and get backlinks for your website.

If you have a Blog SearchYou get all the blogs in your niche. I used "automotive" for this example and got back 248 blogs that are all related to this industry. You can also use this list to contact us.

If you go one step further Google will rank them. So you know who have the highest rank to the end. If you want to do White Hat Outreach, this feature alone is worth the cost of Keysearch!

This is what the output looks like when I choose the Guest Posts option.

Browser add-on

Another cool feature is the browser extension. With this add-on, you can view both the Search Metrix table and the keyword difficulty directly in your browser without having to open the tool. The data is limited to the chart that displays DA, PA, etc., and ranking URLs on the first page of Google.

All you have to do is create an API key in Keysearch, which takes 5 seconds, and enter it after installing the extension.

Keysearch tutorials

Complete training in video format is included in your subscription to Keysearch. Each available tool has a video that shows you exactly how to use it, so you'll never be left in the dark.

There is also an SEO crash course where you will learn the basics of SEO and the use of Keysearch to supplement your newfound knowledge. For a tool, the scope of the training is quite impressive.

Is Keysearch an alternative to Ahrefs?

The simple answer is: Yes and no, If you are setting up a website for the first time, have no experience, and just want to get started, you probably can only use Keysearch. I have both tools because they complement each other. As a power user managing many blogs, customers and Ecom stores, I just need both tools.

For someone just starting out, Keysearch should be alright. If you start making Cashola, you can buy Ahrefs later to truly scale your business.

Keysearch plans

There are two key search options. The Starter Plan or the Pro Plan. To start, you only need the starter plan. You have the option of paying monthly or saving annually. Remember, I get you 20% off this!

Last thoughts on my Keysearch review

I have been using this tool for more than a year and I love it. The only drawback that I find is that I sometimes reach my daily usage rate, but for the most part, it's pretty rare. For someone who wants to create a blog or website for affiliate commissions, this tool is really needed because competition in the affiliate world is your biggest hurdle.

This tool will definitely help you reach your goal faster. I'm not sure how anyone can give it up, to be honest.

It's absolutely worth it for only $ 17 a month, Especially when compared to Ahrefs for $ 99 a month. You also have the option to pay annually with another discount.

The best part is that I can give you a 20% discount if you save it today by entering the discount code after clicking the red box. You can cancel at any time because the payment is made from month to month. No stupid games or long-term commitments, so you have nothing to lose.

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