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letSetCom logoproduct: LetSetCom
kind: Cloud-based app
price: 67.00 USD
Creator: Team LetX
(All-in-One Sales Boosting Suite) Increase your marketing pages with these smart traffic, sales, and conversion boosters, such as browser tab messaging, video auto-play (which disables Chrome disabling), Welcome Mats, Promo / Hi-Bars, Scarce Timers, Quit Popups / Mats, Bonus Popups, Review Boxes, Testimonial Boxes, Link Masking (to avoid the restrictions on social media links) and more …

Increase your sales and conversions


What is LetSetCom?

LetSetCom is the latest addition to Team LetX. Three months ago, the team introduced themselves LetMailBox, a suite of 24 tools to increase clickthrough rates and convert emails …

Now they use the same “concept” for websites …

But with a rather “strange name”, LetSetCom. A better and more meaningful name could be LetPageBoosters.

LetSetCom is one All-in-one toolbox to increase conversions and sales for websites and landing pages that you can manage no matter what type of Page Builder or CMS you use. Just add a line of code to your pages (works for WordPress sites too).

What kind of boosting tools were included in the suite?

You can create any of the following campaign types:

  • Tab messaging, Restore data loss by enabling the tab message feature on your website. (Sound, favicon and attention-grabbing text when someone opens another browser tab)
  • Bonus PopUp, Easily add bonuses that attract attention and make your users curious to discover more.
  • 1-Click Page Creation (Bonus), Get more out of your affiliate promotions by creating a high conversion bonus page right in your dashboard.
  • Check box, Turn more visitors into sales by displaying user ratings.
  • Testimonial boxes, Boost conversions with eye-catching, customizable testimonial boxes.
  • Central timer with multiple timer templates. Create urgent and time-limited quotes with highly customizable timers.
  • Exit Intent & Exit Mats, Prevent your users from leaving your website / page by displaying an Exit Intent Mat or a pop-up.
  • Hello / promo bar with CTA. Add an interactive promo bar to increase the engagement and conversions of your visitors.
  • Hello / promo bar with timer and CTA. Complete your advertising bar with scarcity.
  • Link-masking, Deeplink masking, personalization, shrinking, camouflage, tracking, organizing and managing your links. (Deeplink Masking: Put your links on Google, Facebook, or anywhere without being banned.)
  • Back navigation, Control where your visitors go when they click the Back button (forward them to any URL).
  • Play video automatically, As you know, Chrome has disabled video auto-play. With LetSetCom, you can still put a video on your web page that plays automatically.

LetSetCom features

All these features are clearly explained on the sales page with demos. So I will not discuss them in detail.

Plus LetSetCom comes with these extra features:

  • Advanced URL targeting, F. E. Choose where your campaign should appear based on where your visitors come from, or choose which pages to exclude.
  • Extended campaign management, Edit, archive, pause, or activate your campaign with just one click.
  • Detailed reports and statistics, Analyze your campaigns and see where and when your visitors come from!
  • WordPress plugin Use LetSetCom in WordPress.
  • LetSetCom Shopify app for Shopify users.
  • Seamless integration with 10 apps.
  • Nothing to install or hostEverything done in the cloud.
  • (Only during startup) Commercial license included. Carry out the customer campaign on your LetSetCom dashboard without restrictions.
  • (Per upgrade feature) Add a whitelabel domain.
  • (Per upgrade feature) Removable branding.
  • (Per upgrade feature) Advanced link masking with white label branding.
  • (Per upgrade feature) Add any retargeting pixel.
  • (Pro upgrade feature) Advanced Photo Editor.
  • (Per upgrade feature) Premium URL targeting. Set up (complex) rules with a simple click to display an item or a popup for visitors based on their behavior.
  • (Pro upgrade feature) Advanced and personalized customization of all sales boosters with real-time preview.
  • (Pro upgrade feature) Fully integrates with other apps, such as payment processors, partner platforms, email service providers, ecommerce platforms, page builders, and Zapier.
  • (Pro upgrade feature) Full commercial / agency rights.

Watch the demo video to see all the features in action …

How does LetSetCom work?

Step 1 Install the LetSetCom code on your website or website

First enter your domain URL and then copy a single line of code into the header of your website. Or use the WordPress plugin. You only have to do this once.

Step 2 Create a new campaign and choose any sales / growth tool

Step 3 Adjust the booster and press Save

That's it.

Are you not satisfied with your settings?

Just edit your settings again. You do not have to replace the code on your website if you change your campaign settings!

What makes LetSetCom so special?

Now you can create (and monitor / manage) all of your Conversion and Sales Boosting webpage elements through a single dashboard that you can access from any device.

Therefore, you no longer need special software for timers, (bonus) popups, welcome mats, exit-intent mats, promo bars, review / testimonial boxes, automatic video playback tools, or stealth / link masking tools.

And you have a number of elements to choose from. With just a few clicks (ie settings in your dashboard), you can optimize your squeeze, sales and bonus pages exactly as you wish.

In addition, you only need to create one boost element once and reuse it on other pages (ie campaigns).

In addition, you'll only need to add a single line of code to your website (s), and any changes to your campaigns will automatically be reflected on your pages (you do not need to replace the code).

These last two functions save a lot of time.

Finally, the 1-Click Page Creator is awesome. You simply select all the items you want to use, and you can create your bonus / squeeze page in minutes.

Do you already have a Page or Popup Builder?

I know most of you will probably already have a page (and / or popup) builder …

Why do I still recommend you to buy LetSetCom?

First, because not all page and / or popup builders have all the boosting elements you can use.

Besides, I do not know you … but I use different WordPress themes and plugins on my websites (as Thrive themes / architect), different page creators (like WP Profit Builder. InstaBuilderand various “total solutions” (like Kartra and Kyvio), or I use simple HTML (bonus) pages, and what else do you have?

With LetSetCom you can now f.e. Create a promo bar, quit the pop-up or welcome mat, and use it for various page creators or HTML pages.

You only need to add one line of code to this page. And your boosting element works everywhere!

For example, I can now easily personalize any standard HTML bonus page (created by the vendor to use for its affiliates) …

Think about adding a timer, bar, or extra bonuses to this page!

And yes, you can reuse these elements on other (bonus) pages in the future.

Are there any defects?

The main front end contains two versions: the Commercial Plan ($ 37.00) and the Agency Platinum Plan ($ 67.00).

Of course, the Platinum version has more features, more integrations, the WordPress plugin, the Shopify app, additional webinars, agency rights and premium support.

I would definitely opt for the Agency Platinum Plan.

(And also buy the first OTO, the Pro version, to get all the Pro features, read on to see how to get the Agency Platinum Plan with Pro Upgrade for just $ 67.00 can.)

But maybe you do not need these extras or have a small budget.

For your information, I only have access to all functions. So I do not know what the team LetX branding looks like and if it sucks or not.

However, this should be taken into account if you do not opt ​​for the Pro version.

Additionally, because the code is created in the LetSetCom.com domain, you must ensure the functionality (and trustworthiness) of that domain. However, there is an option to use white-label domains, but this is a pro-upgrade feature.

What about the boosting elements?

Well, they all work as intended, but since it's a set of tools, you should not expect every tool to have the best features and customization options as stand-alone, high-priced solutions.

But overall I like this application and it is very easy to use.

I bought LetSetCom myself and use it and can only recommend this tool suite.

Why should you buy LetSetCom?

Because LetSetCom is an easy-to-use app that lets you add any kind of sales and revenue-enhancing element to any webpage (which you can manage). Because LetSetCom can be used for HTML pages, any CMS, or any Page Builder, you can use the boosting elements anywhere. You do not need to learn code or buy expensive page and / or popup builders (with monthly fees).

No, you only have to insert one line of code in the header of a page and can reuse all elements on different web pages (campaigns).

Prices & discount

On the regular sales page, you can access the main front-end of LetSetCom for a monthly fee of $ 27.00 or an annual fee of $ 197.00

Since I own the rights to resell LetSetCom Agency Platinum with Pro Upgrade (OTO1), I can offer you one special offer,

Instead of paying a $ 27.00 (Agency Platinum) monthly fee and an additional one-off fee for the Platinum Pro upgrade, you can receive both for a fee One time payment and only pay $ 67.00

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