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 MSGLock logoproduct: MSGLock
kind: Cloud-based software
price: 37.00 USD +
Creator: Brad Stephens
Summary: MSGLock is an all-in-one cloud-based app for creating e-mail lists and FB Messenger lists, forcing people to sign up to access additional content, if they're really interested ) Content for some time … and get an idea of ​​how valuable the rest of your content will be (ie more interested and targeted leads). With MSGLock, you can create four types of content lockers: View hidden text in your webpage / blog, unlock lead magnets (PDF reports or download pages / files), view hidden content in a PDF file, or view additional video content in a replayed one Show video.

Easily create your email and FB Messenger list

MsgLock functions

What is MSGLock?

MSGLock is a complete solution for creating your email or FB Messenger lists, forcing users to subscribe to your lists for additional content.

MSGLock has some unique features …

First, with MSGLock you can either use yours Email or your FB Messenger list, For each campaign, you simply choose your preference.

Second, you can create 4 types of lockers:

  • Show hidden text in your website / blog.
  • Unlock lead magnets (PDF reports or downloading pages / files).
  • Show hidden content in a PDF.
  • View additional video content in a played video.

And all these 4 guys have in common that you can grant access to the extra content once your potential leads are really interested …

while you already consume your (freely accessible) content for some time…

so that they get an idea of ​​how valuable the rest of your content will be.

That means more interested and targeted leads!

Compare this with other tools for creating lists that simply lock content before it's used by your potential customer (such as a sign-in page) or after you've used your content (as an exit pop-up).

Note: To show locked text, you can set it to count immediately, how much time is spent on the page, or how many percent scrolls.

Third, easy customization and quick setup:

With MSGLock you can customize the lock feature. You can choose your lock style (Normal or Hide) and customize everything like your lock script and the buttons (text, color).

Everything can be set up in a few minutes without technical experience.

How does MSGLock work?

Just enter a campaign name and follow it Simple 5-step process:

# 1. Log in to your dashboard and select your content type (4 types, see above).

# 2. Choose your lead type (Email or FB Messenger campaign).

# 3. Choose your lock style (normal or fade)

# 4. Adjust "opt-in experience" to your liking.

# 5. Place your lock script. Embed the code in your web page and place the hidden content between the short codes.

Watch the demo video to see it in action …

Main features of MSGLock:

  • 4 types of locks: Text, unlock lead magnets, in PDF, video.
  • 2 types of listbuilding: Earn Email Subscribers or FB Messenger Leads.
  • Easy adaptation of the registration experience: Choose your lock style, change / set the lock script, select Template and use custom colors.
  • Integrated with all major autoresponders (or use HTML form code) and GDPR-compliant (check box).
  • Integration with any FB Messenger / Bot third-party software,
  • Works with all websites, WordPress and Page Builders,
  • WP plugin Use MSGLock short codes.
  • Analytics, Analyze the number of views, leads, conversion rates and more …
  • Tutorials / Training,

Are there any defects?

Overall, the app is brand new and easy to use and you can quickly set up your lockers.

I found no bugs or major flaws during my review.

Of course, there are many other apps and ways to collect leads. You may already have a pop-up or landing page builder that lets you openly display your lead forms as lead forms on your web pages, or you may use pop-ups / sliders that appear at preset times, such as page load times Percentage, exit (intended), etc …

So the question is: are you satisfied with your current lead generation? OR, can you benefit from using a locker to collect leads?

And can you offer "valuable" content that is worth giving away to someone else in exchange for the email or FB Messenger subscription?

However, I'm sure you can use MSGLock in many ways to increase your lead conversions.

Why should you buy MSGLock?

Since MSGLock is the most advanced app I know because you can create both your email and Facebook Messenger lists, you can use 4 types of content lockers, place those lockers anywhere (by yourself controlled websites) and display the lockers during the actual consumption of your content.

All this leads to subscriptions from people who have consumed your content and want to learn more about their topic. Hence laser-driven and interested subscribers (and probably less fake subscriptions).


During this special launch you can access MsgLock for a one-time fee of 37.00 USD +, (The + means that the price goes up every X hours.)

However, this start ends soon!

So do not wait too long and watch the timers.

This offer has a full money back guarantee of 30 days.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility of an upgrade to MSGLock Pro (67.00 USD). Now you can create high-quality, unique content for your MSGLock campaigns in Auto-Pilot by simply copying any URL (the app imports the text and twists the content and makes it unique for SEO purposes).

As a second sale you can upgrade to MSGLock Agency (67.00 USD). Now you can sell MSGLock as a service to your customers. With MSGLock, you can run campaigns for them and easily show them a direct increase in leads and sales.

As a third upselling you can sign up for one of the MSGLock White Label licenses ($ 197.00- $ 297.00). Now you can sell MSGLock directly to your customers under your own brand name, set up new customers in the MSGLock management area, and charge any fee you want.

(Take a look at my overview page about others Software with white label and / or resale rights)

My MSGLock bonus

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And you get that 11 bonuses

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