OptiMonk Review and Bonus


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OptiMonk is a SaaS app that lets you easily increase conversions with action-based messages (pop-ups / bars) based on visitor behavior on your website and knowledge of it. Show your popups whenever you want and just how you want them to appear on all devices. Finally, you can direct your visitors to the content they should see!

Great onsite retargeting (popup) app

OptiMonk Review and Bonus

What is OptiMonk?

OptiMonk is a SaaS app that lets you easily increase conversions with action-based messages (pop-ups / bars) based on visitor behavior on your website and knowledge of it.

For example, you can display pop-ups based on Recognizing Recurring Visitors, Shopping cart abandonment, Shopping cart value (or the total number of products in your shopping cart), engagement level (session duration, number of pages opened or URLs visited), and GEO location, and so much more …

With OptiMonk you can grab the attention of your visitors with all the desired content at the best time. Not just for lead recording or webinar registration (registration forms), but for everything you want to highlight or promote (such as special offers, discounts or voucher codes).

What makes OptiMonk so special?

OptiMonk is so much more than just a popup builder, and there's a reason why developers are talking about an "on-site retargeting platform" rather than a "pop-up builder."

On-site retargeting Monitors the behavior of your visitors. If their behavior indicates that they are ready for an additional message, they will see an automatic message, usually in the form of a popup overlay.

OptiMonk Onsite Retargeting Guide

To learn more about onsite retargeting, Download this onsite retargeting guide (PDF 107 pages).

When retargeting (or remarketing) you usually think about advertising (e.g. via Facebook or AdWords) especially for people who have previously visited your website.

However, why would you pay for advertising if you could engage your visitors again (i.e. get your attention back) before they intend to leave your website?

Or if you see how your visitors are behaving on your website but are now able to direct them to the content they should see?

With OptiMonk you have so many options Target your visitors based on their behavior on and knowledge of your website,

It's just incredible what's possible. Read on to learn more about these fantastic conversion boosting features.

How does OptiMonk work?

It is cloud based software. So you can create your campaigns from any browser and device. Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Choose your template and customize your design, Just choose one of the many pre-made stunning designs each with 10+ color versions per template. You can choose from these categories:

    • Redirect popups (full page redirection).
    • Micro Landing Pages (ie Regular Popup) like Y / N, Countdown and more.
    • List-forming popups.
    • Multi-step popups (also known as 2-step options).
    • Nano / Reminder Bars (also known as Sticky Notification Bars).
    • Responsive popups (for an optimized mobile experience).
    • Social media popups (dedicated popup for visitors who come from a specific social network).
    • E-commerce popups (display special offers based on the content and value of the shopping cart).
    • Custom popups. Advanced users can create fully customized campaigns using HTML, Javascript, and the built-in CSS editor.
  2. Set the trigger and targeting, The triggers are based on the actions of the visitors (see below).
  3. Save your campaign and copy the script code to your website (in the body tag).

Update (June 20, 2018): New editor

OptiMonk New editor

OptiMonk beamed new editor This includes drag-and-drop elements, dozens of new ways to use popups, and over 20 new templates.

It offers advanced settings and dozens of new popup templates that let you …

  • Get feedback from your customers,
  • Create surveys,
  • increase the number of video views,
  • increase the number of social followers,
  • create a messenger list,
  • Evaluate customer loyalty with NPS
  • show that you are GDPR compliant,
  • show a replacement offer …

… All with the same on-site retargeting technology.

And very cool, as one of the templates, you can opt for the Lumira template, a spinning-wheel pop-up template where you can set all kinds of discount coupons or giveaways that your visitors can win by turning the wheel. Very appealing and strong conversion boosting function.

OptiMonk Lumira template

What kind of triggers can you use?

  • On Exit Intend.
  • After a few seconds (time trigger).
  • On Scroll Percentage.
  • With a click.

OptiMonk Who should see your content example? Small(Click on the image to enlarge it – and the back button to return.)

What are the targeting options?

This is where OptiMonk beats all other popup builders!

You can aim at:

  • Recurring visitor recognition, Create different messages for returning and new visitors to maximize your conversions.
  • Page-level targeting, Segment your visitors by whether they have visited a particular page for at least "X" seconds.
  • Geo-Targeting, Show your popup only to visitors from a specific country.
  • Engagement-based targeting, Show your popups based on your visitor’s activity. Segment by session duration, number of pages opened, or URLs visited.
  • Campaign-based targeting, Show certain popups to visitors who have already seen, completed, or closed pop-ups from certain campaigns.
  • Cart Save Abandonment Recognition, The target group is visitors who are trying to leave their shopping cart.
  • Cart-value based targeting, Target your visitors based on the shopping cart value or the total number of products in your shopping cart. Encourage people to buy more or offer a free shipping coupon when a certain threshold is reached.
  • Cart content based targeting, Align your visitors based on the products and the number of different products in their shopping cart.
  • Custom variables and personalization, Contact different target group segments and you can even thank named persons when registering.

Autoresponder and eCommerce integration

OptiMonk autoresponder and eCommerce integration

Other features of OptiMonk

  • Series of stunning templates to choose from (see above).
  • Simple WYSIWYG editor Change text and colors.
  • campaign planning, Control how long your campaign is running and plan when to start and end your campaign.
  • Connect delay, This option allows you to set a number of seconds before the popup can not be closed.
  • Linked campaigns (Build campaigns on top of one another. Show certain popups to visitors who have already seen, filled in or closed pop-ups of certain campaigns.
  • Dynamic text replacement, Modify your pop-up's message based on a variable you choose and target it to any number of different audience segments.
  • Multi-page campaigns, Use multi-page overlays to maximize your conversions instead of putting all the information about your special offer in one popup.
  • Autoresponder integration with all major providers (see picture above).
  • E-commerce Integration, OptiMonk can be integrated into many popular e-commerce platforms, e.g. Shopify and BIGCommerce (see picture above).
  • Fully mobile addressable, Choose and edit your designs with just a few clicks especially for mobile phones. And target visitors based on their device.
  • Smart Analytics, Google Analytics and Split Testing, Analyze how your opt-ins and A / B tests work over time and determine where your most valuable (highest conversion) traffic comes from. And you can also integrate OptiMonk into your Google Analytics!
  • Fast loading with CDN and pre-loading, When someone visits your website, the popup will automatically load in the background. Plus OptiMonk uses a content delivery network to cache content worldwide on fast servers.
  • Works on ANY website or landing page You control (including WordPress).

Excellent support and free setup session

OptiMonk team

OptiMonk is developed by a dedicated team in Hungary that works every day to improve OptiMonk.

The team behind OptiMonk has created over 3,000 e-commerce sites, including several that are now market leaders. In addition, the team of experts has helped thousands of companies around the world improve their sales and earnings.

This is not "hit and run" software.

On the contrary, the team has been working on OptiMonk since 2014 and is determined to create the best "pop-up builder" on the market.

your The support is excellent and you can Chat with them directly in your application,

And all new customers are invited to make an appointment Free setup session with one of their customer success managers. They can help you set it up or provide you with ongoing optimization services.

Are there any defects?

As you understand, I am impressed with the OptiMonk services. So I have not found any bugs or bugs. The application works and should work.

Two little dots. Although there are enough templates to choose from, these templates are less flexible than other applications I've seen with real drag-and-drop editing features.

You can easily change the text and choose from a preset range of colors. However, you need to use additional CSS codes to change the fonts.

There are also no triggers for "On Page Load" and "On Exit".

However, you can set a time trigger in the first second that is close to an on page load.

I myself prefer Exit Intend Trigger over On Exit Trigger anyway.

So, no "deal breakers" for me, because I consider the excellent targeting functions to be much more important than displaying (annoying) popup boxes at the wrong moment.

Another point to consider: OptiMonk is a SaaS application. If you'd prefer a WordPress plugin, read my review about Leads thrive,

Why should you buy OptiMonk?

OptiMonk is probably the best tool for personalizing and creating pop-ups in the market today. It targets visitors and offers a perfectly coordinated message that can be customized for each visitor. You can create popups based on the actual behavior of your visitors on your website, the website they came from, and what you know about them. Every internet marketer needs a popup builder. Why settle for less and use a less effective tool instead?


There are different price plans. The Bronze Plan is the starter plan and costs $ 29.00 per month. If you choose one of the annual plans, you will receive a 20% discount!

You can start your free trial for 14 days (without providing your credit card details) to test if OptiMonk is really the perfect on-site retargeting app.

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But to be honest, OptiMonk outperforms any other application with the excellent Visitors Behavioral Targeting features.


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