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Partnership for Success Logo Smallproduct: Partnership for success
kind: Video training
price: $ 1.00 trial for 14 days. After that 12x $ 197.00 p / m
Creator: John Thornhill
John Thornhill has put together the most robust, dynamic, and easy-to-follow training to make your own product (guaranteed) and become a champion in Internet marketing. It is a 12-month mentor program and a mastermind training. And above all, you get the three things you need to succeed in an online business: PRODUCTS + TRAFFIC + LEADERSHIP.

Training Coaching Program by John Thornhill.

Partnership for success - John Thornhill

John Thornhill has put together the most robust, dynamic, and easy-to-follow training you could wish for.

Most importantly, you get the three things you absolutely need to be successful in the online business EVERY way.


Do you have enough of all the shiny objects and gurus who never tell the whole story, how you can really succeed and sell your own products online?

Now you have to take action and make the right choice.

John Thornhill's 12-month mentoring program and mastermind training consists of:

  • Weekly live webinars to stay up-to-date and get the on-going help you need to succeed.
  • Weekly live webinars on John's own behind-the-scene business (Mastermind training)
  • All webinars are recorded and can be viewed at any time.
  • Direct access to John Thornhill on a personal level by phone and e-mail.
  • Guarantees successful product creation of your own product.
  • Comprehensive promotion of your new product in John's complete database of loyal subscribers (at least 3 broadcast emails).
  • Full introduction to John's army of partners (+2,000) and personal contacts.
  • Full access to all previous and upcoming John products.
  • Free access to the private forum and the Facebook group.

Why is John Thornhill the right mentor for you?


John has earned over 5 million dollars online. He knows what he's talking about and has proven to help others become successful (eg, Omar Martin and Richard Legg).

I have visited several mastermind programs and webinars from John. John is a really good teacher and mentor. He is heterosexual, self-made and no BS type. John shows in an open and honest way what works for him. He will be there to hold your hand and help you every step of the way.

Remember, this training is like a marketing master's degree at a university, but it's even better because you can access John Thornhill himself by e-mail and mobile!

Any shortcomings?

Of course, it depends on your current experience and knowledge whether this program is suitable for you. This is not a "fast, rich scheme". You must follow the steps, work hard and have the necessary dedication and spirit to succeed.

That means you get all the support and tools to succeed.

Stop hesitating. Follow a proven plan and be supported by someone who has been successful, and introduce your network of buyers, sellers, and affiliates.


This mentoring program has been sold for $ 5,000 a year in the past. But today you get a special trial offer and a huge discount.

After a 14-day trial period of $ 1.00, you'll pay $ 12 and $ 197 in monthly payments You can cancel your program at any time!

No OTOs. No gimmicks. No catch. No nothing.

And yes, there is a 60-day warranty without questions!

Are there any further costs?

Apart from the usual costs for web hosting, an autoresponder and some basic plugins / software, there are no additional costs. (Other costs total, as expected by John, about $ 300 to $ 400 per year.)

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How do I get my bonuses?
Just send in your purchase data (Email protected) and I will activate your bonus points and send your bonuses within 24 hours. Read more about my Guidelines and FAQ on bonuses,

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Can I get updates when you write a new review?
I have Multiple e-mail lists and other notification lists that you can subscribe. You can choose from Email, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Notifications and Browser Alerts. I've divided my email lists into four main topics: New Reviews, New Hacks, New Product Launches, and New Software White Label Launches. Just select your favorite topics and get notified.

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