Pat Flynn Course Always worth the trip?


You probably know who Pat Flynn is, but maybe not much about his course called 123 Affiliate Marketing. Today I will review this course to see if it suits you.

It's not a new course and has been around for a while, but it seems to be updated – I hope!

It's not cheap either. What's the price? It will pay you back $ 699. That's a big change for someone just starting out with limited resources.

About Pat Flynn

You probably know Pat Flynn from his blog – I have great respect for the guy, as he is clearly legitimate (so it seems!) And offers a lot of value on his website.

What sets him apart from many others is the fact that he shares his income reports right on his side. A quick whois search shows you that he started using the website in 2008 and has since done banking over 3.5 million of affiliate commissions.

I heard about the guy for the first time, because I found out that he is a big promoter of Bluehost, with whom he earns most of his income. Coincidentally, I do that now and have even arranged a special discount with Bluehost for you if you take it from me! (Shameless plug)

Pat is active at Youtube where he shares a variety of topics, including how to drive passive income. He is the author of other courses like “Start over” where he teaches how to find a successful business idea “Build Your Brand”, “Power-Up Podcasting” and more.

Anyway, enough about Pat Flynn …

To make the transition easier, you have to

Let us immerse ourselves in the 123 Affiliate Marketing Review

As you know, the course costs $ 699. It is hosted on the teachable platform so you can clearly and easily view the content on any device.

One thing you need to understand is that this course is NOT for beginners, do not you believe me? Take a look at the sales page, where he explains how to provide you with the tools you need for the market in which you already are.

Most of my readers are just starting out and are not even active in a market that advertises. So the chances are good, This course is not for you. But do not despair, you can always join wealthy affiliate.

The modules

Here are the course modules and what you can expect to learn:

  • Welcome, students!
  • What you need to know before you start
  • Step 1: Choose the right product
  • Step 2: Passive Advertising Strategies
  • Step 3: Active Advertising Strategies
  • The recipe book for affiliate marketing

The course begins with a video introduction by Pat of your typical welcome and introductory topics. You also have access to the course downloads.

In the “What to Know Before You Begin” section, you'll receive a video on Affiliate Marketing 101, some binding rules for your long-term success, and the use of the course.

Step 1: Choosing the right product

In this section, you will receive 9 videos explaining topics such as how products work best, choosing a “focus” product, and explaining affiliate links (usage, sources, etc. – basic information).

You will also learn how to deal with affiliates and what you need to do before you promote them.

This section got me a little confused, because although Pat says that this course is for people who are already in the market, but then teach a few basic things like “what is an affiliate link”?

You probably already know this crap that you can find with a quick google search! WTF lol.

Step 2: Passive Advertising Strategies

Here's an explanation of what that is. There are some basic things to add links to.

Then, learn how to set up your most profitable page along with conversion strategies on this page. You also get an example of a powerful page and how you should model your own.

There is also a section about email autoresponders. As a side note, Pat says you should already have an email list of at least 500 people, Do not you have that? Then do not buy this course because it will not help you!

Step 3: Active Advertising Strategies

In this section you will learn what active advertising strategies are. Essentially, you will learn about tools and how to create demos that show users how to use a particular product, how to proceed step by step, and how to interview the creator of a product and an email broadcast.

Does that sound interesting to you? For some maybe, but much of it just seems to be too much “out there”.

The recipe book for affiliate marketing

Get PDFs to track a sequence of events that must happen for promotions.

Things like books, software and online courses are included. The process is the same one Pat uses in his promotions.

The most shocking revelation

Well, I do not know anything about you, but I've never seen any really paid ads from Pat Flynn advertising his stuff.

That's because most of Pat's traffic comes from organic search. He is very well placed in the search engines. Just check his organic traffic every month. That's a lot of visits to his site, which he gets for free!

Why does not he teach how he can channel so much traffic into his site in his class? It is completely missing. So no SEO training for you. I find it strange that he does not teach you how to build your site / blog like his. Should not this be the focus of his education?

I imagine many people like to know how he makes all the money, right? It's from organic search, people – not the methods he teaches in his course. Well, maybe some, but I would say 90% are biological.

Last thoughts on the course

Much respect for Pat Flynn and what he has achieved, but if you do not already have SEO skills, an email list, and an active business, this course will NOT help you.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for people who wants to start seriously with affiliate marketing.

Not only they don't force you to use expensive overpriced hosting like Bluehost in order to make 110USD affiliate commission for you, Wealthy Affiliate also offer free webhosting SiteRubix and free keyword research tool Jaaxy.

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