PayDrill Review and Bonus


PayDrill logoproduct: PayDrill
kind: Desktop software
price: $ 37.00- $ 47.00
Creator: Ankur Shukla & Vivek Nanda
Desktop software (Windows / Mac) to manage your PayPal transactions (sales). Get all the necessary statistics and find all customer data and refunds easily via the dashboard without having to log in to PayPal. Must have a tool for sellers who use PayPal as their payment processor.

Improved PayPal management software

PayDrill Review and Bonus

What is PayDrill?

PayDrill 2.0 is the renewed and updated version of PayDrill, a Desktop software too easy Manage and analyze your PayPal transactions,

PayDrill displays your relevant key figures and offers you all information about your income, sales, customers and products from PayPal. It also finds transactions and you can issue a refund within the software.

Why not just use PayPal?

PayPal is great for sending and receiving payments and for selling your products and services. The problem, however, is that PayPal is NOT telling you that …

– What is your average value per customer? (or lifetime value)
– How many customers are buying from you again? (Regular)
– Do you know what time of day you spend most of your sales?
– How often do you make sales from your online business?
– Which countries do you get the most sales / refunds from?
– What are your most profitable products and which are losers?

With PayDrill you can answer these questions!

Key features of PayDrill

PayDrill works directly from your desktop and downloads all data from PayPal to your computer. So you do not have to be online to find something or report.

The front-end product has 4 different dashboards:

  • Summary dashboard, An immediate and complete overview of your online business.
  • Transaction Dashboard, Filter, find and analyze details about your recent transactions. You also get instant access to customer information.
  • Sales Dashboard, Monitor your sales performance and get customer data for every sale.
  • Payment Dashboard, Keep track of your spending and payments, find, search and sort your payments instantly.

On the sales page you can watch the demo video for each of these modules.

Here are some examples of information you can get with PayDrill:

– Average value per customer
– Average order duration, order frequency
– Main order time
– Most refunded goods
– Mostly reimbursable geography
– Paypal fees paid
– who are your most loyal customers (repeat buyers)
– How many sales do you make daily?

You can not only get information …

You can also carry out these actions directly in the PayDrill software:

– Download transactions with 1-CLICK.
– Export customer data (including emails) with 1-CLICK.
– Send money or issue refunds with 1-CLICK.

PayDrill will track and analyze the last 5,000 transactions in the regular version.

And if you have a company with more volume, you can upgrade to the PRO version (20,000 transactions).

In addition, the statistics as buyer and seller are displayed differently, so that you can monitor your online income and expenditure via PayPal.

Are there any defects?

With the standard front-end main product, you can install PayDrill on a PC or laptop and download and analyze your last 5,000 transactions only for a PayPal account (company account).

Probably enough for most of you to start. However, you can upgrade (see upsells below).

You will also receive 4 main dashboards (see above) and 4 additional dashboards when purchasing the Pro version (customer, product, advanced search and reporting dashboard).

I want to see the customer dashboard in the main frontend. But it is the way it is. At least you know what you are getting and what to expect in the upgrade offer to make your decision.

PayDrill is also particularly interesting for product sellers who use PayPal as a payment platform.

Of course, if you're an affiliate, you can see your commissions, but these payments are paid out by the seller. Therefore you will not find any customer data, only product seller data.

(If you are a partner on the JVZoo platform, check this Partner Trax (only $ 19.00 via GeorgesDeals) where you can see and analyze all of your partner sales and customer data)

This is the second and updated version. The previous version was sold to and used by over 2,000 satisfied active users (low refund rates).

Therefore, this software has proven itself and there are no start errors or defects.

Overall, PayDrill is very easy to set up and use. It has easy to understand but useful statistics, nice graphics and a simple and professional user interface.

Why should you buy PayDrill?

Because PayDrill is a great solution for easy analysis and management of all your PayPal transactions. After a (one-time) simple installation, you get instant access to PayPal's important sales, customer, expenditure and other data without logging into PayPal. Information that was previously unavailable or difficult to obtain through PayPal. And that can be monitored and analyzed in 4 user-friendly dashboards for different purposes.

Just the thing for marketers, product developers, partners or anyone who uses PayPal in their business!


During the special start you can use the PayDrill Lifetime License For only 47.00 USD (The price starts at $ 39.00 and increases during the launch).

After the end of the special presentation, the price increases.

This offer has a full money back guarantee of 30 days.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the ability to upgrade to the PayDrill Pro Version (67.00 USD). With this upgrade, you get four additional dashboards (up to 20,000 instead of 5,000). The four dashboards are:

  • Customer Dashboard. Find every customer and every transaction immediately.
  • Product Dashboard. Shows you analysis of product sales, fees, refunds and other key dates for your sales.
  • Advanced Search Dashboard. Find something quickly in your PayPal account.
  • Reporting dashboard. With the function to export PayPal reports with one click.

Therefore some great additional functions. However, only purchase this upgrade if you really need these additional features.

You can buy them as a second sale PāуDrіll business Edition ($ 97.00). Now you can connect up to 5 PayPal accounts with the software.

As a last upsell, you can buy one of the products PayDrill Reseller Licenses ($ 197.00- $ 397.00). This reseller license gives you the right to sell PayDrill and keep all of your income yourself.

My PayDrill bonus

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