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Play Traffic logoproduct: Playtraffic Elite
kind: Deskstop software
price: $ 37.00 a year
CreatorCyril Gupta (Jeet)

Playtraffic is a new YouTube playlist automation tool that allows you to market and rate your YouTube videos and channels with playlists. You can find the best videos for each keyword / phrase, put those videos together with your own videos in a playlist, and upload or schedule the playlist by clicking on one or more YouTube channels. A very handy and easy to use tool (for both beginners and experienced video marketers).

New YouTube Playlists Automation Tool

Playtraffic Review and Bonus

What is Playtraffic?

Playtraffic is new Windows desktop app that helps you easily Create and upload video playlists to YouTube, It allows you to Find the best videos for each keyword / phraseand to Add / select these videos along with your own videos to a playlist, and Upload or Plan the playlist with one click to one or more YouTube channels,

Playtraffic comes with video tutorials that explain how to use the software to get the most out of this software.

The idea behind this is that if you combine your own videos with high quality and most watched videos from others in your new playlist, you will not only benefit from better rankings for your videos and channels in the regular (homepage) search on YouTube, but also also in the separate search area for playlists from YouTube.

It's just as if you want to classify your blog articles by combining the articles with other regulatory content in RSS feeds (and sending those feeds to search engines).

How does Playtraffic work?

Playtraffic Dashboard

After signing in, giving your campaign a name, and adding your YouTube channel, follow these three steps:

Step 1: Find the right keyword (phrase) and videos

Simply enter your search term and press the green search key. Now you will get a list of all related keywords (LSI). Click on a keyword and the software will now show all the top videos on YouTube for that keyword.

For each video, all statistics are displayed as the number of likes, dislikes, comments and views. Click on the thumbnail of the video to watch the video.

You can also search the "Search Videos" tab if you want to be behind the videos with the highest rank.

In both cases, the idea is to pick a number of relevant videos and add them to your pick list.

Step 2: Create your playlist

After that, you can click on the "Action" button for each keyword (still on the Search Keywords tab) to create your playlist (with the option to add a description and tags for your playlist immediately).

Now you can view / open your playlist on the right side of the menu on the "Play Lists" tab and from there you can add your own videos to the playlist and sort them as you like.

Step 3: Publish your playlist

The Publish tab will find all your playlists and lets you instantly publish your playlist or schedule the upload later. Both options allow you to publish on one or more channels at the same time.

The Scheduled tab lists all of your scheduled playlists (which you can delete if you want to cancel).

Watch the demo video (by the manufacturer itself):

On the Settings tab, you can add 5 channels and do a maximum of 3 campaigns. With the Per upgradeYou can use 20 channels and 25 campaigns.

As you can see, very easy to use software.

A short summary of all functions:

Play Traffic functions

How to use the software?

First, with Playtraffic, you can easily create playlists only with your own videos. This saves you time with the software, and YouTube now knows which videos are related and displays your related videos on the right side more often (in the Related Videos section). In addition, your playlists (and videos) will now be found by people searching YouTube for playlist search.

The other possibility, of course, is to use the ranking of other people's videos. If you combine your videos with these high-level videos in your playlists, you can piggyback their authority / ranking.

As a result, your videos will be displayed more frequently on the right-hand side and in keyword searches (both regular video / channel search and playlist search).

And if you want to buy the third Upsell, Tuberank Jeet 3 ProYou can also optimize your titles, descriptions and tags. (Based again on what the highest rated videos currently use as titles, descriptions, and tags.)

Now you're improving your chance to take on an even higher rank, either as an associated video to the right of the top videos and / or for keyword search. Not just on YouTube, but often on Google or other search engines.

Are there any defects?

Playtraffic is very easy to use and loads fast (since it's a desktop version and connects to the internet, it depends on your own internet up and download speed, of course).

I particularly like the simple keyword finder with all the associated top ranking videos. Just enter a keyword and repeat the process for each proposed keyword. This saves a lot of time and you do not even need to open YouTube in your browser.

Of course, there are other ranking factors such as the number of views, the level of engagement (likes, dislikes, comments), the video retention rate, the number of backlinks, and so on.

However, uploading playlists is highly appreciated by both your viewers and YouTube (of course, by adding relevant videos to each other).

So that's not a forbidden ranking strategy. The software uses Google's official API. Therefore, there is no risk of banning or losing your leaderboard. This software can only improve your ranking (or worse, you will not see any effects).

If you've already optimized your playlists and you do not need to save time on automation, it may not be for you. But for anyone else who likes the concept of improving their placement with playlists, this is great new software, the first of its kind. As far as I know, there are no other software on the market with these features.

So, no real flaws noticed by me.

Why should you buy Playtraffic?

Because it's an easy-to-use desktop software tool that lets you market and rate your YouTube videos and channels with playlists. Easily create playlists by finding the best videos for each keyword / phrase. After combining these videos with your own videos, you can upload or schedule your playlist by clicking on one or more YouTube channels. It is just a very handy and easy to use tool (for both beginners and experienced video marketers).

Even if you do not accept this offer, get the third upgrade (see below) TubeRankJeet 3 Pro + Tube Tracker ($ 47.00) with a discount of $ 94.00 (regular price $ 141.00)!

Price & Coupon Code

You can buy Playtraffic Elite for $ 37.00 a year.

But for a limited time you can use Coupon code & # 39; playdiscount & # 39; Get $ 5.00 off.

The offer has a 30-day return guarantee without questions.

Upsell or OTO?

Note: You may only buy these upsells if you first remove the main frontend, i. H. The Playtraffic Elite version, bought.

The first upsell is Playtraffic Pro (67.00 USD). Now you get these extra features:

  • Full automation mode. Just turn it on and Playtraffic will publish playlists on your channels without you having to click a button.
  • Playlist Manager. Now you can load the existing Playlists on any channel and change them (change, delete, add new videos) or delete playlists.
  • Manage more campaigns with an extended limit of 25 (instead of 3).
  • Manage more channels with an extended limit of 20 (instead of 5).
  • 3 PC licenses (instead of 1). Install the software on 2 other computers or give your partner a copy.
  • Free updates for 2 years. Protect yourself from changes to the YouTube API.
  • Additional Niche XPloit Software ($ 47.00) to research everything for your niche.

The second upsell is the opportunity to get that Playtraffic Agency (97,00 USD). Now you can use Playtraffic on behalf of your customer and offer "playlist services".

As a third upselling you have the opportunity to buy TubeRankJeet 3 Pro + Tube Tracker (47,00 USD) with a discount of 94,00 USD (regular price 141,00 USD).

The first software allows you to find the best keywords you can rank by, and create the right video description and tags based on the activities of your top competitors. Plus it comes with easy one-click upload feature on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion (read my full review).

While Tube Tracker allows you to monitor your YouTube rankings.

Therefore, both great software tools that every serious video marketer should have. Highly recommended.

The fourth upsell is YouTube marketing roadmap ($ 27.00). This is an additional video training (beyond the less advanced training as part of the main frontend) to use Playtraffic for maximum results.

As fifth and last upselling you get that Playtraffic Reseller ($ 67.00) or White Label Rights (297.00 USD).

With reseller rights, you simply send traffic (as a partner) to the main front-end offer and you receive 100% commission plus 50% over the other products in the funnel. (You can start selling from February 3, after this start is finished.)

With the white label rights, you must brand this product, create your own sales funnel / sales pages, and sell both the main front end and the pro upgrade at any price you choose.

A great opportunity for the advanced marketer with a customer base. Visit my page for more Software products with resale and / or white label rights,

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