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Welcome to my review of Rocktomic, a company that allows you to label your own nutritional supplements and nutritional products as your own products. What is special about these types is that when dealing with white label products you usually need to order a large quantity, store them and then send them to your customers.

In this business model, Rocktomic combines white lettering and dropshipping in one. This means that you create your own brand and logo. When someone orders in your online store, he will ship your product as with the traditional drop shipping method. Basically, you will have your own branded products that you will never see or stock.

product Categories

They are limited to their products and I can imagine that they will expand in the future. Currently, they have a collection of around 120 different nutritional supplements and supplements. Here are the categories of products that are available to you to mark and sell:

  • weight loss
  • General health
  • Men's health
  • women's Health
  • Sports Nutrition
  • nootropics
  • Supplements for pets
  • beard trimming
  • Woman hair, skin, beauty

For weight lossThere are currently 17 different types of drops and tablets available. Some of them are African Mango Ultra Capsules, Keto Drops, CLA, white kidney bean extract and more.

Iin the category General HealthThere are about 22 different products, mostly in pill form. Things like saffron pure, liver support, moringa leaf, ultra-blood sugar support, fish oil, etc. are available for you as a white label.

For the health of men, five different products are available in prostate support, male sexual support (I hope these are not penis growth pills, lol) and Horny Goat Weed. Interesting.

women's Health Receives 3 Hormone Support Products, Prenatal Multivitamins and Ultra-Multivitamin.

Sports Nutrition receives about 14 different products. Some are vitamins, others powder for shakes. In this offer you will find creatine, glutamine powder, PCT and others.

I think you now have a general idea of ​​what you can tag yourself as a dropship, so you do not have to go through the list. If you want to see the rest of the product details, click here.

What is included when you sign up for Rocktomic Private Label Dropshipping?

Apparently your business model will include a monthly fee of $ 99, but if you're one of the early adopters, you'll be waived this fee, so no monthly fees for you.

What I like is that they make the logo for you and claim it's worth $ 2,500. I can imagine that this is not Fiverr quality. However, I think the quality just has to be good, because the more you sell, the more you will get as you order all the products from Rocktomic, the manufacturer.

Marketing includes templates that you can customize along with funnels that seem to be converted to 37% equivalent. This is an arbitrary number at this point as it all depends on the audience for whom you are marketing.

They also receive monthly trend reports and dedicated support staff. You have a VIP Mastermind that you can join to interact with like-minded members.

The cost of Rocktomic is a Flat fee of 997 USD.

What I think of the Rocktomic business model

I think the concept is great for a start. Before you can get your own white label products, you must either ask the manufacturer to make the products, or use your own products to attach your label. This is very common in Amazon business models, such as contacting companies on Alibaba to create a white label product.

Remember, although the concept is not exactly new, it's a relatively new addition to the niche. For example, there are dropshipers who print on demand for a range of products and ship them to their customers using the traditional dropshipping method. It's a bit the same, but not exactly.

With Rocktomic, you not only get your own white label, but you can also ship those products via Drop-Ship. There is no minimum order quantity. If your customer orders only one or 10 bottles, you will receive them from the manufacturer.

The only downside I see here is this. There has to be a lot of trust when it comes to dietary supplements. I mean, you put this stuff in your body. If you have never heard of the company, how can you trust it? So your biggest challenge will be building your brand and building trust.

If you are ready to put the time and money into your brand, you can handle this business quite well. Your main hurdle will be to build trust with your potential customers. This means a lot of retargeting ads, good sales and the ability to convince your customers that your product is the best.

The good thing is that Rocktomic has your interests in mind. Because the more you sell, the more you earn. It's a win-win situation for both parties.

Alternatives to rocktomic & this business model

If you want to get into e-commerce and consider this business model the next best thing, remember that you can only sell supplements and nutritional products.

If you are not interested in this category, you might want to consider something else. Also keep in mind that there are massive companies in this niche that you will face. These companies invest millions in their marketing campaigns. Something to think about.

When dropshipping addresses you and not necessarily selling supplements, how about selling a plethora of different products with less competition?

In that case you need to learn dropshipping and I recommend a course called Ecom Elites. It was created by Franklin Hatchett, a Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club winner and a 7-digit earner in the field. He manages his own stores and shares his intense knowledge with you for a fraction of what Rocktomic demands.

His course has two options: $ 197 or $ 297. That's all you have to spend to learn everything you need to know about dropshipping. It is perfect for beginners or advanced. Read my review here and see what the course is all about. I am a member myself and get you inside so you can see everything you will get.

Contact me with any questions you may have by commenting below or on my contact page.

~ Drew

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